Major changes could be looming for Giants

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The Giants won’t be firing coach Ben McAdoo, for now. If/when they do, McAdoo may not be alone.

Bob Glauber of Newsday explains that, when the dust settles on a disastrous 2017 season, the Giants could be looking for a new coach and a new General Manager, with McAdoo joined by Jerry Reese as former employees of the franchise.

Glauber notes that such moves, coupled with the possibility of replacing quarterback Eli Manning, would be the most significant changes for the team since 1978, when they fired coach John McVay and G.M. Andy Robustelli and eventually got rid of quarterback Joe Pisarcik.

While McAdoo could still save himself and, in turn, Reese, the odds are stacked squarely against them. Six of the final seven games come against viable playoff contenders, starting with the Chiefs and then a short-week, Thanksgiving night trip to Washington.

A strong kick could make a difference. Fans and media have short memories, and if the Giants can close out the year with strong showings against two or three of their NFC East rivals (they play each of them over the final four weeks of the year), maybe the Giants can be justified in staying the course .

Maybe, but far from likely. And it really will be a big deal if ownership presses the reset button. Since 1947, the Giants have had only five General Managers, and Reese already has served longer than two of them.

Which means that, in an offseason where many expected the Jets to be in the mix for a new coach and G.M., it could simply be a case of right stadium, wrong locker room.

39 responses to “Major changes could be looming for Giants

  1. Giants fans need to make their opinion known – by not showing up to home games.

    or maybe deliberately showing up late.

    Empty seats don’t look good…

    That’s how you send a message to the ownership – make them hurt through the PR lens.

    McAdoo is a horrible HC. And Reese’s track record as GM is not too good.

  2. Why wait? Even if the Giants miraculously turn things around and win out, it’s still going to be considered a disastrous season. And a turnaround at the end of the season in no way guarantees a good season next year. Fire them both; Reese has been done for years and he’s not suddenly going to get better. Do it now, get it over with.

  3. Look – Reese should have been fired years ago. His incompetence shows on the field – an atrocious offensive line, no linebacker help – and he spent all of this money last offseason to cover up his brutal drafting – and look how that has played out? Janoris Jackson – talented on a good team, cancer on a poor team. A decent coach would have struggled this year.

    Then you combine it with Ray Handley Jr – who is so in over his head, it is scary. He may have difficulty finding a job as a coordinator after this dreadful season.

    There is no one in the organization that can serve as the next head coach – so there is no reason to fire McAdont at this point. Embrace the losing – get a phenomenal draft pick – and move on.

  4. I think the Giants should get Jon Gruden. Giants ‘old’ conservative thinking has to go. Gruden would pump the fight back into the franchise and fast. Remember…it’s New Yawk!

  5. Mara got rid of the wrong guy at the end of 2015. The worst thing this team can do for long term success is start winning in the short term. Take the 1-15, clean house, and bring in strong outside people. The inside people aren’t getting it done.

  6. What about the cowardly overpaid players, that quit against San Fran. These guys are still being paid.You would never see these players in New England Pittsburg or Seattle. Giants and their fans are a total JOKE.

  7. They just lost to a team that was winless after nine games and this reporter is talking about “if they finish the season strong”. The Giants are done for this season. Imminent coaching/GM changes or not, the right thing to do is to get the young guys in there so the team can evaluate what players are worth keeping in the future. That philosophy probably won’t lead to more wins, though.

  8. Players need to play and be held accountable but when you are a coach that doesn’t treat everyone equal, when things go bad this is what happens

    Calling out Eli I get it when he makes mistakes but then you need to call out Eli Apple for his poor effort
    Jenkins for his poor effort
    JPP for lining up offsides twice on the same drive a few weeks ago
    Erik flowers fornhis poor play
    Hart for his poor play

    Either call them all out individually or never call out individually

    Then Reese did a nice job last free agency but again trusted 2 Tackles tat have struggled and refused to get an impact player at LB

  9. Firing McAdoodle alone isn’t going to get it done Reese is a disaster. Lombardi and Belichick together couldn’t win with that roster. Reese stood pat with that line because he didn’t believe there was ‘help out there’ smdh.

  10. You shouldn’t want that, TB12#BLITZFOR6. Better chance of them getting their next franchise quarterback.

  11. The Giants are one of the few stable franchises that could lure Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels there. I think if those two aren’t hired this offseason, it’s a pretty clear indication Bill is retiring in the next couple years and those two have been told they’ll be his successors if they stay.

  12. You shouldn’t want that, TB12#BLITZFOR6. Better chance of them getting their next franchise quarterback.



    They can have it!!! Nothing worse then going through a season winning one game other then being winless!!! Browns have a better team then them…The Browns don’t QUIT!!! Besides as long as Reese is there they can draft whatever ..HES TERRIBLE

  13. Reese should have been shown the door the same day Coughlin was. He was as much, maybe more, of the problem for the team he had put together

  14. Season is done.
    Dump Macdoodle and Reese.
    Find/get the best pair they can find.
    Do it now to let them get their act together for next season.
    Too much down time in the offseason.

    This is not Eli’s fault, though he is old enough to where they should find their future QB and let Eli work with him for the next 2-3 years. Two as a backup and maybe Eli as the backup for the 3rd.

    Bite the bullet and get ‘er done.

  15. Look on the bright side…at least you don’t have to play dem Saints this year…that, would be very, very ugly.

  16. “The Giants are one of the few stable franchises that could lure Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels there”

    There have been rumblings in the Boston homer press that the Giants are a possible destination for McDaniels. Not big rumblings but the occasional speculation.

  17. McAdoo seems in over his head in every facet of being a head coach, but this team has virtually zero talent. That falls squarely on the GM.

    They have one of the worst offensive lines I’ve ever seen. Eli is going to get killed back there and Jim Brown couldn’t run behind that line.

  18. I always wonder why owners wait so long in making their decisions. The current coach has definitely lost the team, get rid of him now. This allows for a good vetting period of the next person and time for this person to start assembling his coaching staff.

  19. McAdoo lost the locker room a while when he decided to throw Eli under the bus, but he was probably well on his way to losing it before then. I expect the Giants to make a strong push for McDaniels and Garropolo. They need an actual RB as well. The flotsam and jetsam that they have been trotting out there is embarrassing.

  20. wib22 says:
    November 14, 2017 at 12:05 pm
    Eli beat brady twice in the big game, can’t get rid of him


    Your team hasn’t been relevant since 1972 Chippy… mad bro?

  21. futures44 says:
    November 14, 2017 at 10:45 am
    What about the cowardly overpaid players, that quit against San Fran. These guys are still being paid.You would never see these players in New England Pittsburg or Seattle. Giants and their fans are a total JOKE.


    OK, so…. why are the fans being lumped into this comment? We didn’t coach the players, nor draft them. Not picking up what you’re putting down, sorry.

  22. Ive had so many arguments over the last 4 years with my fellow Giants fans who thought Reese was never the problem and finally people are seeing the fire through the smoke. No Reese did not win us 2 SBs in 5 years….two very mediocre teams were COACHED to 2 SB wins. Reese gave us 9-7 and 10-6 rosters. In 2011 our defense was ranked 27th during the regular season. He’s had a few hits and so many misses it’s hard to keep track in the last 10 years (2012 draft for example) . Coughlin being gone and not being the scapegoat has finally woken people up to the real problem! McAdoo was a horrible pick for coach…he was clearly not ready and it has been exposed on every level. The seats in the stands need to be either empty or filled with all the opposing team colors and maybe ownership will wake up. I hope personally hope the stands are empty the rest of the year.

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