Marvin Lewis doesn’t believe officials are provoking Vontaze Burfict

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Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was ejected from Sunday’s loss to the Titans for making contact with an official and one of his teammates believes that it wasn’t a coincidence that Burfict found himself in that position.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that an unnamed Bengals player believes officials have provoked Burfict at least three times in recent weeks. Those provocations allegedly include officials cursing at Burfict and, per Schefter, multiple instances of officials coming into contact with the Bengals linebacker. This has reportedly left Burfict feeling as if he’s being singled out.

An NFL spokesman said there was nothing unusual about that as players and officials coming into contact inadvertently in the course of games. Coach Marvin Lewis also rejected the idea that officials are provoking incidents with Burfict.

“Officials have a job to do, and I’ve explained this to Vontaze, and he understands that,” Lewis said. “They have a job to do and they are going to separate players, and players are in a situation where they are there. That’s not what this is about, where the NFL should be. So, get back to the huddle and get going, and that’s the most important thing. We don’t need to jaw with anyone after the play, any of the players, so that’s important. It would shock me if those things occur. I know on occasions supposedly they have, but again, that would shock me.”

Burfict is not going to be suspended as a result of pushing an official’s arm away, but a repeat would probably draw a different reaction from a league office that has scrutinized Burfict’s on-field behavior for several years.

23 responses to “Marvin Lewis doesn’t believe officials are provoking Vontaze Burfict

  1. Maybe the player is creating his own problems, oh wait players can’t take responsibility because they don’t own anything league related.

  2. Burfict is provoked the second he walks onto the field, when is he going to realize that he is hurting his team?

  3. While Burfict does not make a sympathetic figure, this is hardly a surprise. The suspension at the beginning of the year was a fraud, as is the league office.

  4. Guy brings a lot of it on himself, but it was still bizarre to see him get ejected for contacting an official when the ref literally initiated the contact.

  5. Not a fan of this guys usual antics – but this was a big of a weak call in my opinion. Wish this guy would put his head down and play football; he has a lot of talent. Perennial Pro Bowler talent in my opinion. He just gets wrapped up in all the crap he doesn’t need to worry about.

  6. It wasn’t a flagrant foul in anyway, but he did contact an official. Burfict has to understand, with his lengthy history and his continued antics he is going to get zero leniency from refs. No one is provoking him, he is simply unstable. There are clips of him doing stupid and flag-able things literally every week now. He can’t make it through a game without losing his cool.

  7. Burfict did nothing more than ANY other player has done in this league. The fact that he got thrown out of the game Sunday was a joke. He got flagged for incidental contact out-of-bounds where he clearly pulled up and tried to avoid contact. Then, an official puts his hands on him in a crowd of people and he get ejected… absolute Joke!… we’ve all seen much worse with no penalty

  8. viperstournaments says:
    November 14, 2017 at 10:29 am
    Every other team in the league would take this guy in a second!
    That’s a ridiculous statement, you keep telling yourself that though.

  9. lightcleric says:
    November 14, 2017 at 9:05 am
    Guy brings a lot of it on himself, but it was still bizarre to see him get ejected for contacting an official when the ref literally initiated the contact.

    Let’s put aside for a second the fact that this guy consistently seems to go out of his way to be a flag magnet. The ref on Sunday was actually trying to prevent Burfict from being Burfict. So when Burfict used his arm to throw the official’s arm off of him he crossed the line. He goes out of his way to present as a punk and deserves to be treated as such. Let’s not even get into the number of times he delivered helmet shots to other players. Clearly he doesn’t care who or how he injures others.

    But these are the times in which we live where the troublemaker always has a cadre of minions wailing that he’s the victim.

  10. Wait, the coach had to explain to a player that “Officials have a job to do”? Thank God “he understands that”. Wish all other coaches were as proactive.

  11. He got away with a kick to the face mask of the Steelers FB in the 1QTR of that game.
    If they were targeting him, they wouldn’t have allowed him to get away with that.

  12. This guy has been nothing but trouble, never takes reasonability and it is always the other guy. We all have caught a Bungals game and he is just plain dirty, I don’t care how good he may be he is an embarrassment to the coaching staff and should be the Fans of Cinn.

  13. Vontaze plays hard in a very rough game.No doubt he has cost his team at times and he should know that they are putting a microscope on him but he’s a football player giving it all he has. I wish the rest of the players were the same.I don’t understand all the talk about the hood or him killing someone.Hes playing football like all the greats that have been immortalized by playing the way he does.

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