Report: Curtis Samuel out for year with ligament damage in ankle

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The Panthers’ worst fears were confirmed with additional medical tests on Curtis Samuel‘s injured left ankle Tuesday. The rookie will miss the rest of the season, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, after being diagnosed with ligament damage.

The Panthers have only four other receivers on their active roster – Devin Funchess, Russell Shepard, Kaelin Clay and Brenton Bersin — but Damiere Byrd is eligible to come off injured reserve for the team’s game against the Saints on Dec. 3. Byrd broke his forearm in Week 4.

Samuel had a chance to catch a Cam Newton pass in the end zone early in the third quarter Monday night, and Dolphins safety Reshad Jones rolled over Samuel’s ankle as he was diving for the interception.

Samuel, a second-round pick, twisted his right ankle in the preseason. He missed Thursday’s practice after tweaking it.

He ends his season with 15 catches for 115 yards and four carries for 64 yards.

21 responses to “Report: Curtis Samuel out for year with ligament damage in ankle

  1. This is why you don’t make trade an asset like Benjamin when your in the playoff hunt unless it improves your team instantly or you receiving return value. The Panthers did not improve themselves after the trade and now this happens. So now you’ve don’t have two of your starting receivers for different reasons. Not a smart decision by Panther’s management.

  2. I know: Let’s trade away our #1 receiver because you want to get even with the GM who replaced you. Please don’e give me the ‘speed’ issue. Hopkins is the best WR in football who has never had a QB outside of a few weeks with a rookie.(Jones, Holmes, Green, ODB all had at least decent QB’s).

    Hopkins is not fast enough to be a CB. Neither was Burress. Neither was a lot of great WR’s.

  3. If you don’t think the Panthers have improved since trading KB away then you have not watched the lasst two Panther games. Losing Samuel is a blow but he was not a big performer in the O either before or after KB was traded. Clay is a speedster and so is Byrd so either can do what Samuel was doing.
    I don’t claim to completely understand why (unlike most other armchair QBs) but I do know the running game is a ton better and the Panthers are moving the ball better since the trade of KB.

  4. It probably doesn’t matter. Samuel couldn’t catch the ball when he was healthy. #stonehands

  5. Scramble-man Cam-I-am was lucky to dance his way through the Miami (cheap)shot Machine with his Titanic head still on his shoulders and without this sort of season-ending injury.

    And even if they didn’t suffer from dropsy I’m not sure if Scramble-man Cam-I-am knows what a receiver is anyhow, let alone how to throw without every pass becoming a jump-ball. But every scramble or designed QB-run from Sept onwards is full-speed into a sea of icebergs waiting to gash clean through all his ligaments below the waterline, or knock his top-funnel right off into the deep blue protocol tent – and sink his and the Panthers’ season (and the season after that). Good luck.

  6. Basically, the Panthers are hinging their hopes now on no more WR injuries and the return of Damiere Byrd. He has the ability to be what Samuel was the past few games, I think.

    But it does underscore the ridiculous nature of the Benjamin trade. The fact of the matter is that there was no rule that said that Benjamin and Funchess both had to be on the field every play. You could have taken Benjamin out and put the “speed” in the game at any point and accomplished the same thing. Oh and by the way, you would still have Benjamin now.

  7. .
    When Carolina is in the red zone with the playoffs on the line , let them throw a fade to pick #90 in next year’s draft.

  8. @ streetyson

    1. Troll
    2. You obviously don’t know much about the Panthers, Cam or maybe even football in general. Cam was a league MVP. The Panthers offense is MUCH better when he runs. It’s better just because of the threat of him running.
    3. You obviously don’t like Cam. I get it. He’s young, wealthy, good looking and one hell of an athlete and QB. It’s okay if you don’t like him. But you sure as heck should respect his ability on the field.
    4. Ask Billy B. how good Cam is as a player/QB.
    5. Again…Troll.

  9. For all the Cam doubters just remember he is 2-0 against Brady. How many current QBs have a winning record against Brady?

  10. The guy pretended to be hurt all season to get out of practice. Dropped a TD and got hurt for real.. bust? Injuries are part of it. 100$ says he misses the hitting part of training camp next year.

  11. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    November 14, 2017 at 5:19 pm
    For all the Cam doubters just remember he is 2-0 against Brady. How many current QBs have a winning record against Brady?
    When I say Russell… say….Wilson!

  12. It was a certainty that the Cam haters would show up, no matter how he or the team performed on MNF. He ran through the Dolphins and picked them apart through the air. Would have been even more dazzling without the drops by the WR’s. Cam is doing just fine.

  13. Trading KB was a very good thing this offence has opened up since he’s been gone those who have been watching know this besides Samuels will be back next yr better than before & Panthers will still win the division

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