Seahawks will talk to NFL officials Wednesday in concussion protocol investigation

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The Seahawks will talk to NFL officials Wednesday as part of the league’s investigation into how the team handled concussion protocol with Russell Wilson.

Referee Walt Anderson sent the Seahawks quarterback to the sideline after Arizona’s Karlos Dansby hit Wilson in the chin in the third quarter of last week’s game. Wilson missed only one play, raising questions about whether the team followed concussion protocol.

The league said Friday it would have a “thorough” review of what transpired, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he expects a decision in the next few days.

“We are cooperating with them, and there is some stuff again tomorrow, and we are just doing the work we need to get all the information,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Carroll wouldn’t go into detail, citing the ongoing investigation.

“I need to see what they think about that,” Carroll said when asked if the team properly evaluated Wilson. “I just know what I was told during the game, and we are going to unveil all of that and talk our way through it and [with the] referee and all that and figure it out. So I really can’t give you any details right now. But we should know more in a couple days I think.”

Wilson said after the game he was not concussed and quickly proved it. He added that doctors checked him again after the series, which was two more plays.

7 responses to “Seahawks will talk to NFL officials Wednesday in concussion protocol investigation

  1. It is more probable than not that the Seahawks, Russell, and doctors, etc. And this team has a documented history or skirting the rules. Time to drop the hammer. Russell should be suspended 4 games. Loss of a 1st round pick. $500k in fines…

  2. Lol…of course. Please take some draft picks and fine them too. It’s what you do NFL. We should take quarterbacks out after every hit just for their safety. Ridiculous. Wilson gets murdered every time he slides when running. Where are the refs then? Clay Matthews nearly decapitated him after an interception. But it’s the Seahawks. Go get those draft picks. Keep em down. Par for the course.

  3. Since Walt Anderson, the buffoon that is also the supervisor of the Big 12 officials, was presiding over that game, it should come as no surprise. Most of the Big 12 officials are not competent enough to call Pop Warner or middle school games, as well as being corrupt enough to advance their own agendas during games.
    Walt should do the sport of football a favor and step down from all his association with it

  4. “I promise that Pete Carroll would never intentionally fail to disclose a player injury,” said Richard Sherman.

  5. Let’s see. No other team has ever suffered any punishment whatsoever for not following the concussion protocol–and there have been several instances of it occurring on other teams–so yes, by all means, let’s bring down the hammer on the Seahawks with fines, suspensions, loss of draft picks. Yes, that makes sense.

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