Sean McDermott doesn’t think Marcell Dareus trade related to poor run defense


Whether by trade or through free agency, the Bills let several prominent players go in their first months with head coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane.

Their 5-2 start to the year offered support for their approach to building the roster, but the last two weeks have not gone well. The Bills have been outscored 81-31 and given up 492 rushing yards in losses to the Jets and Saints.

Those losses have both come after the most recent veteran was exiled. The Bills traded defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the Jaguars and coach Sean McDermott was asked Monday if the team’s awful run defense was related to Dareus’ departure.

“No, we played good run defense even when Marcell was in the building and not on the field,” McDermott said, via the team’s website. “We’ve played good run defense and I expect us to do that going forward.”

McDermott stressed fundamentals as the key to getting back on track defensively and mentioned that staying on the field for 41 minutes against New Orleans wore the unit down. Some of that’s on an offense that hasn’t done well in either game, of course, but the Bills’ issues cropped up early in each game so it remains on the defense, including Dareus’ chief replacement Adolphus Washington, to find a way to turn things around.

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  1. The Bills problems are not totally defensive related. Their QB can not throw the ball downfield.. a major problem when it comes to resting your defense, don’t you think?

  2. I’m just going to leave this right here


    nfella says:
    October 5, 2017 at 8:49 am
    Every season there is always a team by week 4-5 that has a winning record that wasn’t suppose to have one. And every season by week 10 the wheels have come off and that team ends up where they belonged.

    This year, that team is probably the Bills.

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  3. In the two games since the Dareus trade, the Bills have given up 492 yards rushing. Meanwhile, the Jaguars have given up only 166 yards.

    Probably just a coincidence, right?

  4. It was panic time in Buffalo yesterday but it’s Tuesday now, they’ll be talking Super Bowl again today.

  5. There has to be some fallback after losing Marcel… but that’s ok because this move was made for the future. He’s not a bad dude in terms of say pacman jones but he just didn’t take football as his profession as serious as he could have..sometimes you have to get rid of good players who don’t fit what you are trying to do…it will hurt on some level jn the short term but getting someone to replace him can be done with 5 picks in first 3 rounds… take the hit now for long term good of the team

  6. Interesting. Marcell has been a top 3 run defender in the league for the past two weeks for the Jaguars…

  7. He’s absolutely right. Dareus played roughly 25% of the snaps while he was here. If you really think he would have helped, put on the film of Jay Ajayi and Leveon Bell putting up 600 total rushing yards against Mr. Big stuff. They need a run stuffer, but it wasn’t Dareus.

  8. Adulphis Washington was getting blown off the line of scrimmage and pushed out of his gap almost every play starting in the first quarter. I think Dareus was doing a lot more than most realize since he wasn’t showing up on the stat sheet.

  9. The Bills whole defense has become a mystery, but a good draft will help. More so, where did the rushing offense go? Is it the New O’line coach? Zone blocking? Miller out of the starting line up?

  10. Dareus would be a help right now for sure…but make no mistake, he’s not THE difference. They traded him 3 weeks ago, but the Raiders didn’t run down their throats. Dareus only played 30% of the snaps or so and wasn’t exactly a monster when on the field. No doubt being traded lit a fire under his ass…had he lit that fire himself about 4 months ago, he’d still be a Bill. As it stood, he wasn’t earning even half of his ridiculous salary so the Bills were looking to get out from under it any way they could. Honestly, I’m shocked they found someone to take on that contract, much less give up an asset for it, as minor as it may have been. But sure, their run D would be better right now with him. The team wouldn’t exactly be good right now as a result, but their run D would be some sort of better.

  11. If Dareus magically started playing like the player we know he could be, then yes it has a lot to do with that. However, reality is he got paid and became a slacker and trading away that contract for any draft pick was a stroke of genius. There was a time when he was a dominant force in the middle who made the others around him better, but there just wasn’t enough of that play. I hope he recaptures some of that as I liked who he was before that contract. Should be one of those trades that both teams benefit from.

  12. Of course he doesn’t. If he did, he’d have to admit that he’s a complete moron who cares more about how well and how often he gets saluted by the players than he does about the talent on the field.

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