Ben McAdoo awaits “greatest opportunity of my life”

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Ben McAdoo has essentially received the Glengarry Glen Ross threat to his ongoing employment, and McAdoo appears determined to at least go home with a set of steak knives.

Addressing the media two days after ownership made it clear that they’ll make a decision about his future after the 1-8 Giants conclude their 16-game regular season, McAdoo showed the kind of resolve his players recently haven’t.

“It’s probably the greatest opportunity of my life, these next 7 weeks,” McAdoo said. “A lot of doubt out there, whether it’s in the building or not, but there’s doubt definitely on the outside. So we have a chance to flip the script the last seven weeks.”

Yes, Coach. There’s a lot of doubt on the outside. Because, in a season with presumption of postseason play, you’ve lost eight of nine games. And because your team seemingly quit on you, both against the Rams and against the 49ers. The doubt on the outside has been earned.

McAdoo also said that the team had a “long, hard honest meeting” on Wednesday morning, including “open conversations, some hard talk, some plain talk, some simple talk,” along with film review and “brutal” honesty.

That honest could lead to different players playing.

“There’s a possibility there’ll be some changes,” McAdoo said regarding the lineup. “I want us to play better. Our desire to finish has to improve.”

McAdoo claims to have a strong desire to finish the season better than it started. The first opportunity comes Sunday, against the Chiefs, who happen to be one of the better teams in the league.

16 responses to “Ben McAdoo awaits “greatest opportunity of my life”

  1. I get being upbeat and positive and calling everything an “opportunity”, but come on. It plain does not fit here – he had his opportunity.

  2. The first thing Belichick does with each new team is call them all in and show a bunch of game clips where he can criticize Brady in front of everyone. Brady sits there and takes it, and the rest of the team knows to fall in line or else. There are rumors that another team tried that this year, and a star player stood up and screamed at the coach. I think that was the Giants.

  3. When you’re 1-8 it means you have bad players. That’s on the GM. If your players quit on the team, that means your GM signed a bunch of players with character issues. If you hired a bad coach, that’s on the GM. I don’t know if the Giants need a new coach or not, but it’s pretty obvious they need a new GM.

  4. Coach McAdoo is a ”dead man walking”…………….he is the wrong man for the job, he is with the wrong team, and the NY Giants need to clean house by firing him AND the GM….AND they need to re-evaluate the whole team and get rid of the dead wood and malcontents….

  5. There are rumors that another team tried that this year, and a star player stood up and screamed at the coach. I think that was the Giants.


    Odell Butthead for sure would do that and then go in a corner and cry.

  6. To quote the late and great Casey Stengel, “Can anybody here play this game?” Or coach it or Generally Manage it? This is getting as bad as the ticket burning days.

  7. It’s been reported he’s been reading self help books, you really have to feel sorry for him. But Reese, who saw coughlin out the door, and now he’s trying to blame this helpless kid. Well he’s a real piece of work. Jerry, Lombardi could prepare the team you put on the field and with the turnstiles you had at both tackles to start the season, and no running game to speak of to protect an old and slow quarterback, what in the world were you thinking. You don’t have to be an expert to see that. It must have been nerve racking for you to pretend you knew what you were doing all these years, when you clearly didn’t.

  8. “There are rumors that another team tried that this year, and a star player stood up and screamed at the coach. I think that was the Giants.”

    Lets pretend this is true, Belichick earned his respect. McAdoo hasn’t. McAdoo should of never had the job in the first place either though and the players know it. Remember, they’re in the building with these people when the cameras aren’t. Just because the OC is given a better position, doesn’t mean he’s going to be respected anymore by the people that already know him.

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