Cam Newton is the NFC offensive player of the week

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The NFC’s top offensive performance of Week 10 came in the final game of the week.

That’s when Panthers quarterback Cam Newton went off against the Dolphins in a 45-21 Carolina win. Newton was 21-of-35 for 254 yards and four touchdowns through the air and added five carries for 95 yards, including a 69-yard gain that was his longest run from scrimmage since the 2012 season.

That 69-yard sprint pushed Newton past 4,000 rushing yards for his career, making him the fourth quarterback in league history to pass that milestone. He’s 237 yards behind Steve Young for third place in rushing yards by a quarterback.

All of that left Newton as the league’s choice for the NFC offensive player of the week. It is the ninth time that Newton has been so honored and that’s the most in Panthers history.

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  1. Hands down, the most unlikable player in the NFL. Pouts when he loses, showboats when he’s winning. Grow up, man.

  2. Man I can’t stand this guy. Definitely an above average player, but i hate his attitude. I don’t know of an NFL player who wants attention more when things are going well than this guy. And when times are tough, he shuts down and throws tantrums. When celebrating its all about him. Most players celebrate with teammates but not this guy. He’ll signal the camera man over to him so he can have more attention for his own personal limelight. I didn’t see much celebrating from him after that eagles game though! Matter of fact he didn’t even talk to the media.

  3. Well deserved! What a performance! But here come the stories about a laptop in college or a fumble 2 years ago. Three … two … one ….

  4. I would have given it to the Saints Offensive Line. Anytime a team runs for 300 yards the offensive line is doing one excellent job. Not too often we see 300 rushing yards in a game.

  5. Keenum got robbed. More yards and same TD’s against a stronger defense. NFL at it again. It’s the Vikes against the world. Better to not have won a SB and gotten robbed versus having the league in your back pocket and winning one.

  6. So the butthead won’t be pouting and walk off in his pressers this week. I saw Dak act like a man and face all the questions last Sun. Cam should take notes. I don’t like Dallas either so not a homer comparison.

  7. He pouted, show boated and didnt dive for a fumble and yet is the NFC Offensive Player of the Week a record for the Panthers btw HATERS!!!!! Congrats Cam!! He thrives off criticisms as most havent yet quite grasp!! They’re complaining and yet keep watching you!!!! Doing something right!!! LOL

  8. Case Keenum = robbed.

    304 passing yards, 4 TDs, 10.5 yards per attempt, and converted 8/10 3rd downs.

    Go pout somewhere, Cam..

  9. Enjoy the limelight for a week, Cam. I know you love the media when it’s all about you. But, after a loss, not so much.

    I suspect he’ll be ducking out of interviews the next two weeks after he actually plays good teams..

  10. He takes on a demeanor uncommon to a quarterback, so to me as a traditionalist who expects him to run back to the bench after throwing a big TD, it was hard to like at first (plus he went to Auburn which a huge personality flaw). However his performances are dazzling, his leadership is evident, and he is outright great.

  11. His 2017 %INT is the highest it’s ever been, and YPA is the lowest it’s ever been, and is on track to post his 2nd lowest yardage in 7 seasons. Yeah, he’s really progressing.

  12. To the guy who said Cam’s stats are bad, 7-3 is the stat Panthers fans care about, not completion percentage.

    To the guy who said he was the most unlike-able player in the league, how many times has Cam been suspended in his career? That would be zero. How many times has he been accused of domestic violence? Zero. How many times has he made up stories about police racially profiling him? Zero. He’s not a choir boy, but most unlike-able, that’s ridiculous.

  13. Case Keenum = robbed.

    304 passing yards, 4 TDs, 10.5 yards per attempt, and converted 8/10 3rd downs.

    Go pout somewhere, Cam..


    254 Passing
    95 Rushing
    11-14 on 3rd down

    Better stats – sounds like you are pouting – not Cam

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