Dak Prescott: If we want to win division, we have to win Sunday

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The Cowboys head into Sunday night’s game against the Eagles with a winning record, but the gap between them and their NFC East rivals from Philadelphia is a sizable one.

The Eagles are three games up on Dallas heading into their first matchup of the year, which made it pretty easy for Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to answer a question about whether or not he considered the game a must-win for his team.

“If we want to make a run at winning this division, giving ourselves a chance to play late into the season, it’s a game that we have to win,” Prescott said on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Winning the division won’t be easy for the Cowboys even if they do beat the Eagles this weekend, but the realities of the NFC right now is that the team needs wins to challenge for a playoff spot of any kind. They are one of four 5-4 teams looking up at the Panthers and Seahawks in the race for Wild Card entering Week 11 and there are two teams at 4-5 that would like to muddy the waters even more.

That’s not an ideal spot for the Cowboys to find themselves with running back Ezekiel Elliott out of the lineup, linebacker Sean Lee likely to sit out and left tackle Tyron Smith‘s status very much up in the air, but it is their spot all the same.

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  1. Cowboys aren’t winning the Division – frankly even if Wentz got a season-ending injury this week and Cowboys could somehow split the Eagles’ games, and play better the rest of the season too, the Cowboys would still now finish the season 2 games behind the Nick Foles-led Eagles.

  2. Dak is suffering from trickle-down delusion. They’ll be lucky to draw a wild card. Division is out of reach.

  3. Yeah, you will have to win out and hope that the Eagles drop a couple of other games. Neither of those things is happening.

  4. Cowboys would have to win out and Philly would have to Lose 3 of these games.
    @Cowboys, Bears, @Seahwaks, @Rams, @Giants Raiders and Cowboys. Dak which 3 do you think they will lose? They might lose @Rams and if Seahawks weren’t so beat up I would say maybe that game but that’s it.

  5. As a Cowboys fan all I can say is that without Sean Lee they have no chance. When he isn’t on the field the defense just rolls over and quits.

  6. I don’t care what anyone thinks the Cowboys are not done with anything, including the division and all options therafter. NFL is a week to week operation, not a half-way done through the season, so we might as well get some projections up type of operation. This isn’t being a homer, it is reality, an undefeated patriots team got beat in the super bowl by a giants team that went 8-8 in the regular season and snuck in the wild card, don’t ever forget that.

  7. Dak and the Cowboys need to get it through there head that they are not going to win the NFC East and may not make the playoffs at all. They will be fighting for a wild card spot at best with the (Redskins, Seahawks, Falcons, Panthers,Lions and Packers.The Eagles are fighting for Home Field Advantage throughout the NFC Playoffs so they can play all of the playoff games at the Linc and hopefully get a bye. The Linc has become one of the best home field advantages in the NFL (Behind the Chiefs and Seahawks)so this is a very important for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles will also be entering a tough stretch in there schedule as well with road games coming up at the Rams and Seattle so this game is very important!!

  8. “Cowboys would have to win out and Philly would have to Lose 3 of these games.
    @Cowboys, Bears, @Seahwaks, @Rams, @Giants Raiders and Cowboys. Dak which 3 do you think they will lose? They might lose @Rams and if Seahawks weren’t so beat up I would say maybe that game but that’s it.”

    You realize if the Cowboys win out, that’s two of the losses the Eagles would need, right? If they lose two to the Cowboys and one to anyone else, the Eagles would have 4 losses the same as Dallas, and Dallas would have the tiebreaker. Very unlikely, but possible.

  9. I mean it does suck to have a good RB (Darren Sproles) a Good LB (Jordan Hicks) and an All Pro Left Tackle (Jason Peters) out for the game. I feel bad for the Cowboys.

  10. I stand corrected. But sentiment is the same, that ny team was doa halfway through the regular season and instead turned the season around to achieve what may be the biggest upset in football history (and I hate to admit that as a Cowboys fan). No one concedes the division, halfway through, no matter the odds, anything can happen, until the numbers say they cant.

  11. Gotta love Eagles fans. They have a great team but you know what the Eagles and I have in common? That’s right, we’ve both won the same number of Super Bowls. ZERO. They are going to finish great, win the division, have home field through out the playoffs and still find a way to NOT win the SB.

  12. So if dallas loses, can we put an end to this talk about them fighting for division? Or even slow down with this playoff talk? They can lose 3 in a row and then get 1 big win over a poor team and Monday morning we see all these articles about a “statement win.” And yes, Sean Lee is a big loss. But I’m tired of cowboy fans using that as an excuse. They lost him for the entire 2014 season but Romo n Murray carried them to the playoffs with a poor defense. Dak gets too much of a pass when things aren’t going well. If hes a leader he’d be carrying that team.

  13. It’s going to be hard for Dallas to win the division without a sweep of Philly, and some help from other teams. But, don’t rule it out. Philly’s schedule is getting ready to get extremely tough, and we haven’t seen them react to a tough stretch yet. They could go 2-5 or 3-4 for the rest of the season, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  14. imsomeguy says:
    “The NFC East doesn’t do repeat Division winners anymore… last time it was done 2004”

    And the last team to repeat, as div winner… yepper, the eagles.
    Those great Jim Johnson Defense days made it easier to always be in the hunt, every season.
    RIP JJ….

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