League’s top doc defends Colts handling of Jacoby Brissett’s concussion

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The Colts insisted they followed the proper protocols in dealing with quarterback Jacoby Brissett‘s concussion.

Then again, Colts owner Jim Irsay said Andrew Luck was going to be fine to play this year, so it’s reasonable to not give them the same benefit of the doubt as we may have in the past.

So the NFL’s chief medical officer is going to bat for them now, saying all the boxes were checked off when Brissett was allowed to return to the game after a hit to the back of his head, and reported symptoms after the game.

All of our protocols were followed,” Dr. Allen Sills said, via Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com.

Sills said that Brissett passed three separate concussion tests, two during the game and one after, and that he “had no symptoms” until after the game. That can happen, but cases like Brissett’s and Russell Wilson‘s invite scrutiny of the process.

Sills said that Brissett’s “mild” symptoms turned up 20 to 30 minutes after the game, and at that point he was placed in the protocol “Out of an abundance of caution.”

“It’s part of the frustration of us as medical practitioners trying to care for [concussions],” Sills said. “We recognize that concussion is not one injury. It’s a spectrum of injuries that are going to have a lot of different presentations. And it is still part of what we, as a medical profession, must better understand this injury so that we can better categorize it and continue our efforts to diagnose it.”

Sills didn’t comment on the Wilson case, since the league’s investigation of that one is ongoing.

9 responses to “League’s top doc defends Colts handling of Jacoby Brissett’s concussion

  1. I can believe that Brissett’s symptoms did not show up immediately since swelling does not always happen quickly, but Wilson refused to be evaluated when his team should have ordered him to be evaluated. He simply walked away. They are not the same situation at all, and Seattle should pay the price.

  2. .
    Colts fans owe the Patriots a debt of gratitude for sending Brissett their way. Although it isn’t necessarily reflected in the Colts won-loss record, Brissett has taken a season that could have been a total disaster and has, at least, provided some exciting, competitive football.

  3. seeing Jacoby Brissett on his knees, bent over holding his head, squinting in pain after being hit in the head a SECOND time, after his return from the first blow……. I don’t know what it takes for a doctor to assess.

    The precautionary principle ought to be guiding, but health continues to be sacrificed so that “the show must go on!”

  4. If Irsay can fall down his McMansion steps everyday in a stupor, there’s no reason Brisset can’t play qb.

  5. 6 days later and Russell Wilson is still fine.

    All this guy said is they followed the protocols. Nobody has bothered to wonder if the protocols are insufficient, or just not applicable…or whether said doctor had a hand in creating them and might therefore lean towards defending them.

  6. We need to protect our QBs. We need to be careful of concussions. We also need to keep the game moving. But what if it’s the fourth quarter in a very close playoff game, and some official forces a QB to leave the game for concussion tests. He returns 4 plays later, showing no signs of a concussion, but the backup QB threw a key interception, and the whole season is lost. Every team is watching. Every QB will do what Russell Wilson did. What the NFL needs to do is call a quick official time out. Let the QB get checked out very quickly. If he’s cleared to play, let him back in immediately.

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