Marvin Lewis says John Ross let the team down

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Bengals receiver John Ross has been perhaps the NFL’s most disappointing rookie this season: He was the ninth overall pick in the draft and he still hasn’t caught a pass. And now Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is letting Ross know he needs to step up his game.

Lewis said today that the whole team was disappointed when quarterback Andy Dalton threw a deep ball to Ross on Sunday, only to have Ross slow down while running the route and fail to get to the ball.

“For Andy, against that coverage to throw him that football, he should understand how the quarterback feels about him. That he expects him to be where he needs to be. He let his teammates down. He let me down. He let Andy down,” Lewis said of Ross.

The speedy Ross has the potential to break out and make some big plays for the Bengals down the stretch. But only if the Bengals trust him enough to throw him the ball. And so far he has failed to earn that trust.

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  1. Wow, Lewis has been throwing a lot of players players under the bus lately. It’s almost like watching someone leave the Trump administration…including the fact that the boss will probably be gone within the year…

  2. Marvin Lewis who drafted John Ross 9th overall, with a history of knee injuries and a limited skillset beyond “speed”, let his team down.

  3. Wow. The body count is getting high up there. It’s almost like Lewis knows he has no chance of keeping his job after this year and is just going to say whatever he wants, coach-speak be damned. Which is all well and good, unless you consider the fact that any potential future employers are also listening

  4. The days of a Marvin Lewis led Bengals team losing on Wildcard Weekend are officially over. His Bengals team can’t lose if he isn’t the coach anymore. Leave the memories alone.

  5. He throws Vontaze under the bus because that’s probably the best way to get thru to him, but throwing a rookie under the bus that has a grand total of 17 snaps this year isn’t going to build up his confidence. What has happened is that for months the media has been asking Marvin why his first round pick hasn’t been playing, or why he was benched after one carry for a fumble (convenient comparison-Kareem Hunt fumbled on his first carry, and then torched New England for the rest of the game). He’s in Marvin’s dog house and now Marvin is trying to justify why, rather than let him play his way out of it and actually help the team.

  6. For a coach who demands that his players “do it the right way” and “get better” he sure has had the same issues managing players, game situations, game clocks and adjusting to game as it evolves. Such a hypocrit.

  7. Marvin reminds me of a guy in one of those HR produced videos on leadership. He’s the terrible leader that the whole class laughs at and then discusses how it should have been handled.

  8. Let me correct the statement: “The speedy Ross has the potential to make some plays for a team that had a plan for his talents when they picked him, and that team does not seem to be the Bengals.”

  9. @azcardsfan3 I think you need context to make your statement. If he was asked “why did you lose that game?” Your statement stands. If he was asked how he felt about Ross your kind of way out in left field.

  10. Marvin Lewis reminds me of Coach “Fish” (Jeff Fisher): just SO FULL of himself lol
    Does Mike Brown (Bengals Owner) even have the guts to send Lewis packing? (rolling eyes)

  11. This week I have lost a lot of respect for Marvin Lewis. Lewis has been complacent when Buffict acts out because he understood he couldn’t alienate his best defensive player but this is just bad. First he complains about his running back, and now this.

    This behavior by Lewis tells me he knows his time in Cincinnati is coming to an end and if he wants to continue his coaching career then he needs this to be the narrative, the players didn’t do their jobs but I did mine.

  12. same people who wanted to draft this guy also made sure to give burfict a load of cash and an extension.
    yeah its the rookie WR and Jeremy Hill’s fault……

  13. Ross was the same player in college and their expectations for him are misguided and unreasonable. He is absolutely extremely fast, but the rest of his game is average at best. Anyone who watched him in college should have been able to see this clearly, except for the Bengals of course ….

  14. Desperate people take desperate measures! You have a QB that can’t throw an accurate deep ball so what good does speed have to do with Ross btw how many targets does he have? Screw you Marvin you’ve been letting the players AND how bout letting us the fans down! Please just resign now!

  15. Marv,this team has been a dumpster fire since you became the head coach. Now you’re going to throw a rookie WR under the bus and blame it on him? That is so weak. You should have been fired long ago.

  16. Marvin needs to SELF-assess. He is out coached week in and week out. Look at his record after bye week 14 days to prepare (1-13), not to mention the playoffs. Can’t manage clock (terrible challenges, penalties galore (6 on 3rd down last week!), makes no half time adjustments, takes no accountability, never prepared for “big” games, and has no clue how predictable he is. He can’t see the obvious problems every casual football fan can see (OL, can’t cover TE’s, can’t get ball to playmakers, let every decent player leave in FA, run same pass route every down (down and out for 3 yds), etc….) Any time the Bengals win it is in spite of his poor coaching. As a long time Bengal fan (36 years), I can say this guy has no understanding of NFL football and has always held the team back. Please go away before you do anymore damage

  17. He should be ashamed of himself for throwing a 21 yr old rookie under the bus. They went into that draft needing Oline help and secondary help. Then drafted a small WR because he ran a 4.24 at the combine. Now your defense is a sieve and you have 2 turnstiles for offensive tackles but you blame the rookie for slowing down on a route when we all know Dalton has a limp noodle for an arm. Pathetic. I supported you from afar because I remember when Cincy was horrible for 20 years so they were content just making the playoffs. Now they’re expectations. They need a new leadership.

  18. It felt like saying goodbye to all, ironic blaming a player he drafted, I wonder if he ever considered taking Mahomes or Watson, we might never know.

  19. I did watch him in college and he has exceptional hands and runs complete rounds. His speed makes people think he is like others in the past who can’t run a route tree but he did run a route tree in Washington not just go routes

  20. I’m a big John Ross fan and the guy is going to get his chance one day but I’m starting to think Marvin Lewis wants to just get fired ASAP. How is it possible he has coached them since 2003 and has won 0 playoff games? That seems statistically impossible or maybe his best impression of the Seattle Mariners…

  21. Rumour has it Lewis didn’t want to draft Ross and he has been in no hurry to cut the kid a break. Marvin Lewis has a lot of nerve calling anyone out for being a dissapointment. It is going to get real ugly in Cincy before the season is over.

  22. Marvin is now a problem he needs to go. I was a supporter of his but he has really turned me off with his arrogance this year. Obvious that they need new coaching and many other changes. They won’t do this but they need to see what they have with McCarron before they decide to let him go. My prediction is they will have Dalton as the starter next season but they will draft someone. And they need to draft o line because Obueghi and Fisher don’t even belong in the NFL. Obueghi is an embarrassment.

    I don’t get this though John Ross has played only a handful of snaps this year and he gets yanked when he makes rookie mistakes like others do let the guy play he has to learn. Marv is just killing his confidence.

  23. Funny Marv should say that because he’s been letting down the fans since 2010, especially in the playoffs. I can think of several vets and coaches who have been way more disappointing than Ross….

    1. Marvin Lewis
    2. Paul Alexander
    3. PacMan Jones(annual arrest, timely penalities)
    4. Vontaze
    5. Andy Dalton(in every playoff game he’s ever played in)
    6. Mike Brown( for being the worst owner in the NFL, not re-signing Witworth, etc…)
    7. The entire offensive line

    A rookie WR that was hurt during the offseason is the last guy who has let the Marvin Lewis led (lol) Bengals down this season…

    As a fan of the Bengals I hope they lose out so it clear they must replace this ineffective and incompentent HC to move forward.

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