Owners warn Jerry Jones that his “antics” could be “conduct detrimental” to NFL

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As the public spat between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his partners over Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension dies down (for now), the battle continues privately, via correspondence written by high-priced lawyers.

Via Ken Belson of the New York Times, Jones received a letter from fellow owners advising him that his “antics” amount to “conduct detrimental to the league’s best interests.” The letter specifically was addressed to lawyer David Boies, whom Jones hired to consider potential litigation.

It’s a classic sign of creating a record that would eventually justify action to be taken against Jones. By reducing warnings to clear, unambiguous writings, there can be no doubt that Jones knew the consequences of ongoing misconduct, if it continues.

The league, PFT has been told multiple times, has no quarrel with Jones’ position regarding Goodell’s contract. However, the other owners object to the manner in which he has addressed the issue, taking it public, leaking damaging (and perhaps false) information to the media, instigating Papa John’s to disparage NFL leadership, and threatening to sue the league and its teams.

Owners previously have warned Jones that fines, forfeiture of draft picks, and a suspension could occur if the behavior doesn’t end. PFT reported over the weekend that multiple owners have discussed a provision in Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws that allows a franchise to be forfeited in the event of conduct detrimental to the league. While the chances of that happening remain remote, the question of whether an effort ever commences depends directly on whether Jones complies with the expectations of his partners.

106 responses to “Owners warn Jerry Jones that his “antics” could be “conduct detrimental” to NFL

  1. BS, He is the only owner that knows what the hell is going on in the NFL. The NFL is sinking fast. Why? Because RG doesn’t have the balls to put an end to the Anti American scum bags.Go Jerry!!!

  2. Jerry is all about Jerry- which is why Cowboys will never get to SB. Dude wanted to draft Johnny Manzel and his son had to talk him out of it.

  3. NFL civil war! These guys are too dumb to figure out why MNF was down 20% from last year so they decide to fight each other. great!

  4. This is a rigged game and is looking more and more like the Democrat Party Primaries.

    Roger is not worth $50MIL/year when there are thousands of better candidates that would do the job for that money and without his baggage and history of ineptitude.

    They should buy Jerry out — he would be selling near the top because an NFL under Roger’s leadership is one going down, down, down.

  5. I truly believe that Jones was so pissed about Zeke, he called his good buddy Trump and asked him for a little bit of help. Trump takes his shots at the league, the league and teams show one week of total unity. The next week issues his stand or be benched to his team. A team where not one player has kneeled. Jones is going to lose his players and then his team.

  6. how is anyone surprised that Jerrah is an egomaniacal enabler of women beaters? assuming they can help the Cowboys, of course

  7. As a Giants fan its hard for me to believe that I am now a Jerry Jones fan, but it is what it is. If Jones is ever forced to forfeit the boys than I will forfeit being a fan of the NFL.

  8. As I see it, there’s NO WAY the other owners actually even attempt forcing J.J. to sell. No matter what happens. It’s the classic, “Keep your friends close & enemies closer.” If J.J. was forced to sell, he’d be on every tv network, website, newspaper etc. daily. Every move the league made after that would be reported & followed by the, “What does Jerry think?” report.

  9. Well Jerry Jones sure isn’t Al Davis but someone has got to call out these guys once in awhile. These owners are so rich they live in a fantasy world and haven’t got a clue. The quick and easy solution to this dilemma would be to terminate Goodell and appoint an independent counsel to conduct a search for a new commissioner. Can we all get back to the game now?

  10. The other owners lack of common sense is detrimental to the league. Jones may have been influenced by the Zeke Elliott suspension after Goodell told him there would be no suspension and the NFL investigator said there shouldn’t be a suspension but he is still correct. Why are the other owners in such a hurry to extend Goodell at the rate of 50 million per year when he still has 2 years left on his contract? That makes no sense. Especially given how chaotic the last year or so has been. Let it play out and see if Goodell continues to led the league astray. His leadership skills are lacking.

  11. Here’s hoping his fellow owners will suspend him—indefinitely. Not sure Stephen would be better, but it has been a LONG 22 years and counting since the last SB that was won with Jimmy’s players.

  12. I say they let Goodell test the market for his services so that the owners can get a good idea of his worth. I bet no one would even offer him 1/2 of what he is making now. If they extend him he will be cut a few years into his new contract for declining ratings and the owners will be on the hook for over $100,000,000.

  13. Any action taken against Jones and the league will be happy if it is as much litigation as they went through with Brady and Zeke.
    Jones will drag them through court for years just because he can afford to.

  14. I say. Go for it, NFL. Try to go after Jerry Jones and lets see how this plays out. If you think going after one of the highest profile owners will not have ramifications for the league’s popularity, you are mistaken. You already are losing fans left and right. You will either fix the NFL by ousting Jones. Or you will fracture the league irreparably. Take the chance and see what happens.

  15. Rich on Rich crime is all it appears to amount to.
    Goodell does, in fact, need to move on and Mr. Jones needs to take a breath before creating something that actually could be considered ‘detrimental to the league’. In the end all he’ll be accomplishing is providing a 3rd and 4th home the high priced lawyers that are and will be shoulder-deep in the NFL’s and Jerry’s pockets.

  16. You know who’s gotta be loving all this? Jimmy Johnson. As time goes on, and we all see how ignorant Jerry Jones really is. Jimmy just keeps looking smarter and smarter. Now it’s pretty obvious that those super bowls were all Jimmy Johnson.

  17. …..Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws that allows a franchise to be forfeited in the event of conduct detrimental to the league.
    And Jimmy Haslam is still an owner???!!?

  18. So his conduct could be detrimental to the NFL but these silly “protests”, which have been proven to decrease ratings, aren’t? Got it. Side note… I can’t stand Jerry.

  19. unfortunately- from a legal perspective, the other owners are on shaky ground…egg shells.

    Jerry Jones and every owner – has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for the financial well-being of the league.

    By any definition, raising concerns about paying a non player 2x what any of its athletes make…plus free access to a private plane for life?! Is Insane and worthy of an explanation

  20. The Cowboys were valued at $4.2 Billion in July by Forbes. Which of the owners is willing to pony up their share, or is the league as a whole going to pay? What if Jones decides that 4.2 billion isn’t enough, and takes the league to court to get his price for the team? This is all just posturing, it is too dangerous for all the owners to open up this slippery slope.

  21. Oh I love my fan boys. They are so knowledged about lawsuits and being an owner or commissioner of the most most powerfull sports league on the planet. Keep it up guys, you are adorable!

  22. If the NFL really wanted to make a statement that puts a end to all of this…..hire
    Condelezza Rice as the new commissionaire
    A very strong women of color that put a end to this kneeling and domestic violence who happens to be a brilliant lawyer in her own right
    This has nothing to do with political sides but rather a very qualified person who could restore some sanity to the NFL

  23. JJ should have sued the other owners for collusion a couple of years back for the Salary Cap penalties imposed on the Redskins and Cowboys. He had quite the case

  24. Please don’t take the franchise from Jerrah. As long as he’s in charge it’s one team no one has to worry about winning a Super Bowl. Egotistical clown thinking he knew more than Jimmy.

  25. Hmm. So Jones is supposed to kneel and kiss the ring of the dictator? I think Goodell is the one who needs to cease and desist. As a matter of fact, he needs to have his butt fired immediately. He has run the NFL into the ground.

  26. It’s just a matter of whether Goodell gets his new deal sooner or later, and he’ll get one, while The Jerry is getting put in his place! He’s an influential owner but he doesn’t control the NFL regardless of whether he and any other uninformed person think he does. And The Jerry is about Jerry way more than he is about what’s best for the league. Anyone who doesn’t know that shouldn’t even comment about this issue and remain ignorant.

  27. Here is a novel idea. The NFL should take a straw poll of fans in all 32 NFL teams metro areas. The poll should consist of a simple question. It should read as such; Should the NFL owners renew Roger Goodell’s contract several months before it is due to expire??

    When the answers of YES or NO are provided, the fans in each teams area will have spoken as to keep the guy in charge who has ruined the NFL forever or to dump him like a hot rock.

    Then & only then can the owners make a thought out decision instead of paying Goodell $50 million and giving free air service around the globe.



  28. in the NBA, the clippers owner was removed for racial remarks. In the NFL, an owner responsible for the revival of an historic franchise could have his ownership revoked because he throws a hissy fit and pisses off other owners? REALLY?!

    I am a pats fan, so i get rubbish all the time, but am i understanding this correctly? An owner goes against the grain because he hates what happened to his player in terms of a ridiculous CBA agreement over arbitrary power. How come Mr Kraft didnt get these threats after how pissed he was at the Fuhrer for his fake deflated ball scandal?!

  29. It’s crazy how sidetracked the NFL has gotten with all this backroom drama. Investigations, lawsuits, allegations…is this football, or is it a soap opera about a bunch of rich guys fighting over a corporate lawyer’s contract extension?

    People watch football to see talented players and an entertaining game. They don’t tune in to see wrinkly old Jerry Jones celebrating in a skybox with his rich friends or Roger Goodell conduct a boring press conference at a courthouse.

    The owners need to make themselves — and their commissioner — invisible.

  30. Jones is a SMART Man that Finally sees Goodell for what he is an EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR DICTATOR. I find it Ironic that “People” are saying “Jerry’s conduct is Detrimental to the League”, when all Goodell needs to do is to look no further than HIS OWN mirror to see the “Person” that IS AND HAS BEEN “Detrimental” to the League. Spygate, Bountygate, Deflategate, The handling of the Ray Rice “Situation”,the Concussion Issues the Blatant, CONTINUING Disrespect of Our Flag, Veterans, and Our Country’s Finest Men and Women that Defend our Freedoms every second of every day. These are TRUE examples of the 43 Million Dollar Man systematically Destroying the game as we know right before our Very eyes. The NFL has been FAR TOO REACTIVE, INSTEAD OF PROACTIVE when addressing these issues HEAD ON. Add to that the FACT that their “Face” of the League is Heartily BOOED each and every time that he makes a Public Appearance or opens his mouth and the Steady decline of Attendance and the Public “Boycotts” of the league and its sponsors is, in my opinion, CRYSTAL CLEAR EXAMPLES of “Detriments” to the SHIELD. Goodell MUST GO NOW. I don’t always agree with Jerry, but in this case, i AGREE WITH HIM 1,000,000 %

  31. “Jerry is all about Jerry- which is why Cowboys will never get to SB.”

    Um…says the fan of a team who has never won a SB. You Eagle fans really should refrain from bringing up another teams SB chances until your team actually wins one.

  32. The NFL owners are starting to remind me of the US government. The moment someone goes outside of the establishment, then it’s all chaos and the “this is not how we do things”. Well, it’s time to drain the swamp, as someone once said, and it should start with Goodell.

  33. Jerrah didn’t say a word during the deflategate fiasco. Can’t have it both ways.

    CBA gives Goodell final authority and if he ever loses any power it will have to be bargained for, which is great for the owners.

    Roger isn’t going anywhere. For once Jerrah didn’t get his way and is throwing a stink, but I don’t feel bad for a billionaire. He was probably knocking down Roger’s door to get Brady maximum punishment. Karma lol

  34. Extending the contract of the worst commissioner in the history of American sport is the very definition of “conduct detrimental to the league’s best interests.”

    The league would be far better off if the 31 stooges that want to extend the lying stuffed suit of a commissioner that has mishandled every major controversy he’s faced, were forced to sell their teams to owners with half the courage of Jerry Jones.

  35. The chickens have come home to roost jerrah! Should have fought this hard when Goodell was botching Deflate-gate and maybe you wouldn’t be in this position. you reap what you sow.

  36. Never a big jones fan but sure am after he stood up and said the players should stand for the anthen and honor the vets and the flag. The other owners are hiding under their desks until it time to go to the bank and cash those huge checks they get from TV rights.

  37. …..when Kraft wrote to the league office about retracting old and inaccurate information, Pash refused to retract the false information that lead to the frenzy of activity that became Deflategate, which could safely fall under the label of “conduct detrimental”.

    This letter to Jones is classic Pash, but now apparently inaccurate information is not to the advantage of the league office so it is “conduct detrimental”. Pash is there to make up a story and blame someone for something. If the owners are ever going to fix anything, it needs to start with Pash. He is the architect of the enforcement manipulation that Roger calls a “process” (which is what the NFLPA is referring to in the public comment about withdrawing the Elliot appeal today).

    Kraft is silent??

  38. Isn’t this rich. I am far from a Cowboys or Jerry Jones fan, but these other clowns can’t be serious, can they? So Jerry has built a beautiful Stadium and practice facility for his players and fans and by all accounts is not just financially invested, but emotionally as well. And disagreements with other owners after he has a change of heart over the “suitability” of Goodell makes him “detrimental to the league”? Wow, so then Haslam running a purely inept organization, clearly just collecting checks at the expense of his fellow owners, not to mention his very public legal issues with his business make him less than “detrimental to the league”? Or what about Jim Irsay? Nobody needs to even outline what he has contributed to the detriment of the league. If I started here, we might be around awhile. And what about Jed York? What about the Wilfs and their real estate issues? Pick an owner and you will most likely find a bunch more who have not only pissed off their fan base, but have failed to be loyal to the cities they once knew. All the while disingenuously leading people on. Do the media folks and the league actually think that the average fan is that inept that we don’t see how asenine and childish this is?

  39. However, the other owners object to the manner in which he has addressed the issue, taking it public, leaking damaging (and perhaps false) information to the media,

    So basically deflategate? 11 of 12? That kind of leaked false information? You were informed thusly.

  40. We can read into it all we want but the nfl has spoken, and the have only one thing to say….shut up

  41. Theres a reason the NFL wants to give Goodell an extension, and it has nothing to do with competition.

    It’s about cost control. He will be more expensive to extend in 2 years, period. And the owners are NOT even going to look for his replacement @this time.

    I am quite sure in their mind there isn’t even another choice.

    This is solely about Jerry making Goodell cost more in the long run, period. The league compensation committee doesn’t envision negotiating against themselves to extend Goodell in 2 years.

    Goodell is cheaper to extend now then he will be in 2 years when his contract runs out.

    Period. That is all they care about.

    Regardless of his popularity, he is their guy. And as such – $50M a year off a $3B league is a disgustingly low amount to pay some A hole to be hated for the rest of his life.

    I mean…keep running Goodell down, but I already know who the owners would replace him with…

    Marvin Lewis

    Jus saying,,

  42. That sneaky Jerry Jones leaking information to the press! So how exactly did we find out about this letter from the owners…oh, that’s right…the owners leaked the letter to the press…

    And after all those leaks of biased, incorrect information during Deflategate, the NFL front office are experts at using leaks as propaganda to further their own agenda.

  43. Steve, first, there is no way Goodell ever told Jones there would be no suspension. The lead investigator gave her opinion that the victim’s version of events were not credible. However, expert and medical evidence proved that her injuries were in fact consistent with her version of events. Kia Roberts was proven wrong. So the Commissioner was supposed to take Roberts opinion over the medical evidence? Over the witness who did not see the injuries before but saw them after? Zeke has not produced anything that clears him.

  44. I can’t stand Goodell nor Jones. Both have been behind the unethical side of the NFL: coverup of CTE; looting of local treasuries to cover stadium costs; a distorted collective bargaining agreement that generates conflict; inflated ticket, tv, concession and merchandise pricing; and punative fines and suspensions often based on faulty evidence.

    Jones stands for all of the above but is now on an extended rant because his super bowl expectations went poof with Zeke’s suspension; Kraft has far surpassed him as a winner and an influence on other owners, and is gaining on him from a franchise value perspective; and because a simple gesture of kneeling was more powerful than his having the president’s ear and being able to talk Papa Johns into shiving the NFL (they have since given a mea culpa because it blew up in their face).

    Goodell is not good fir fans or players but narcissistic egomaniacs like Jones are even worse.

  45. I’m thinking Jerry Jones has enough dirt on the league itself over the last 28yrs to single handedly sink the league himself. I seriously doubt the league really wants it to get that far with JJ.

    If the league were to actually oust Jones….. He’d spend his last days destroying the league. It would be pretty entertaining Im sure….

  46. The Full 32 minus Jerry have a group think mentality believing solidarity solves every problem. Wake up you old fools. The NFL is damaged goods not because one owner dares not toe the line but because 31 owners blindly support the culprit responsible for most of the league’s woes.

  47. To the many of you who think Goodell runs the show I have one question: Are you nuts? He is an obedient servant. Jones was Goodell’s largest backer until Goodell’s service conflicted with Jerry’s wants and needs. Kraft was a huge Goodell supporter until Deflategate. The owners use Goodell as a heat shield. He also plays the bad guy with players and individual owners. That’s what they pay him for and, no, you couldn’t do his job. The billionaires, star athletes, agents and media would eat you alive.

  48. Jerry Jones should put his energy elsewhere. One of the most important things he could do for the game is at the next CBA negotiations, make sure Article 46 is revised to insure that all appeals go to an independent arbitrator, and not one appointed by the league. Let the commissioner decide the initial verdict/penalty, but the appeal is done independently. That puts check and balances on the commissioner….and maybe whomever that is will start judging fairly and stop ruining the sport.

  49. Jones needs to realize that he and the other owners created this mess when they went after Brady and the Patriots. I their quest to punish the Patriots because of their jealousy, they only gave Goddell absolute power to do as he wanted. No court will ever decide with the player again as long as this CBA is valid. So when Jerry’s out there kicking and screaming he only has himself to blame.

  50. Goodell might want to get this figured out before the 2018 Draft which will be held at JerryWorld in Dallas. It could escalate beyond boos, it would probably be in his best interest to just not attend. It really is time for Goodell to go, better candidates with fresh ideas would be a good thing for the NFL right now.

  51. Fans warn owners that their antics ARE considered conduct detrimental to the league and they need to fire goodell and revert all the rule changes since his WWNFL reign began!

    And Stand The Hell Up or Get out of the Damn Country!

  52. sceaglesfan says:
    November 15, 2017 at 8:28 pm
    Jerry is all about Jerry- which is why Cowboys will never get to SB. Dude wanted to draft Johnny Manzel and his son had to talk him out of it..

    At least Jerry has won a SUperbowl.

  53. Where’s your proof Jones instigated Papa Johns? Must advertisers bend the knee to declining viewership/exposure/sales revenue? Bend the knee to National Anthem protests, pig socks and Fidel Castro t-shirts?
    Rather you like it or not, Jones is defending his investment and making an effort for the rest of the league to realize any success the NFL has had, has been in SPITE of Goddell. His effect has been negative, and his actions and inactions are one failure after another. It’s finally taking a toll. Something much change here.

  54. Baloney! It’s the Spanos/Fabriani “Mob” that has done the most damage to the league by Goodell and owners approving the catastrophic relocation of the Chargers which has damaged the entire NFL! The owners don’t get it!

  55. Oooohhh, I am sure Jerry is shaking in his boots! Such cowards. Roger Goddell is overpaid and lacks some common sense as in this ridiculous 6 game suspension based on something the courts threw out that HAPPENED WAY BEFORE ZEKE WAS EVEN A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER!!!!

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    dsigrey says:
    November 16, 2017 at 9:11 am
    Jones needs to realize that he and the other owners created this mess when they went after Brady and the Patriots. I their quest to punish the Patriots because of their jealousy, they only gave Goddell absolute power to do as he wanted. No court will ever decide with the player again as long as this CBA is valid. So when Jerry’s out there kicking and screaming he only has himself to blame.
    Stop with the deflate gate comparisons. You people would have had no problem with it if it were anybody except Tom Brady. It was the right thing to do given Tom “threw away his phone-conveniently!”. And the Patriots actions directly impacted the integrity of the game if true (and we all know, “A dog does not chase a parked car!”. And this happened while TB was in the NFL not in college. PLEASE STOP WITH THE STUPID COMPARISONS.

  57. Detrimental to the League…

    Like covering up CTE for over 20 years?

    Like leaving the 5th largest US market… for LAS VEGAS??

    Like allowing a broke fool to abandon the 17th largest market for an area that won’t support him?

    .. pathetic.

  58. forthegoodofthegame says:
    November 16, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Where is Kraft??? The combination of Kraft and Jones could probably sway a majority on cleaning up the Goodell mess. Yet Kraft remains silent.

    Kraft and Hunt, two owners who have ample reason to want to see Goodell take a hair cut at the very least, are on the committee that hasn’t managed to achieve a contract extension in 6 months. Executive committees have one public voice, the chair and that is Blank. That in 6 months the deal hasn’t gotten done more than implies both Kraft and Hunt may be saying plenty behind closed doors where business really gets done.

  59. Yes. All the other BS, distractions and conduct are positive for the NFL. This though? This is detrimental. Yeah right…

  60. dcpatfan says:
    November 16, 2017 at 7:35 am
    Oh my!

    The conflicts that Kaep “the Snowflake” hath wrought!

    I love it!!

    Ck’s protest was manufactured out of whole cloth when his original reason for sitting was discovered. But thank you for continuing to show us who the most prejudiced in this country really are.

  61. regaliaimagewear says:
    November 16, 2017 at 10:40 am
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    Stop with the deflate gate comparisons. You people would have had no problem with it if it were anybody except Tom Brady. It was the right thing to do given Tom “threw away his phone-conveniently!”. And the Patriots actions directly impacted the integrity of the game if true (and we all know, “A dog does not chase a parked car!”. And this happened while TB was in the NFL not in college. PLEASE STOP WITH THE STUPID COMPARISONS.

    There’s no comparison. Just a fact that had they not pursued Brady to the highest court and won, Elliot would have a chance at winning his appeal. The fact is all of these owners wanted it pursued, so they (and Jones) are responsible for the power of article 46 and that’s all good until it effects their team.

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