Richard Sherman has surgery in Green Bay

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman underwent surgery Wednesday to repair his ruptured Achilles, he texted ESPN’s Josina Anderson. Dr. Bob Anderson, the renowned foot and ankle specialist, operated on the All-Pro player in Green Bay.

Sherman’s season ended last Thursday, several weeks after he initially injured his Achilles. He said it began nagging him in the team’s Oct. 8 game against the Rams.

Sherman has never missed a game since entering the league in 2011, so the Seahawks might find it strange Monday night to take the field without him.

He finished with two interceptions and 31 tackles this season.

17 responses to “Richard Sherman has surgery in Green Bay

  1. Every citizen of Green Bay owns stock in Dr. Anderson’s practise. Now they all have a stake in Sherman. Look for him to sign with the Packers in the off-season.

  2. Whether you like Dick Sherman or not, statistically the best corner since entering the league as a starter almost 100 games ago. Stanford grad, masters degree in 4 years and made it from the streets of Compton. He’ll have a long career doing something useful after football is over. ‘hawks will miss you and hope you have a complete recovery. Would love to see you continue your career.

  3. He asked Martellus Bennett for a recommendation, so he’d know the opposite was the best thing to do.

  4. People may not like his mouth but his skill set is outstanding. Quarterbacks won’t throw to his side of the field and yet he still leads the NFL in INTs since he joined the league. We hope you heal quickly and well.

  5. Top 16 ORTHOPEDIC FOOT AND ANKLE SURGEONS IN NORTH AMERICA includes Bruce Sangeorzan, M.D. – right in Seattle.

    Yet Sherman goes to the Packers team surgeon in Green Bay.

    Dr. Anderson is not even on the list of the top 16 ankles surgeons, FWIW…

  6. Get right #25! Lucky to have watched you each week. I hope there’s a way to make it work next season. Don’t want your last game to have been wearing neon green.

  7. In 7 NFL seasons Richard Sherman has won the respect of his peers. Whether he plays again or not I think Richard would be an excellent candidate to lead the NFLPA after he retires. He’s someone who would look out for the interest of players.

    It’s been a privilege watching you for 7 years Richard. Get well soon!

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