Tom Brady named AFC offensive player of the week

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The Patriots didn’t need Tom Brady to be great Sunday night, but he was anyway.

The veteran quarterback won yet another AFC offensive player of the week award, after his efficient night against the Broncos.

He had plenty of assist from his special teams (more on that later), but Brady was still 25-of-34 for 266 yards and three touchdowns, as they cruised to an easy win. He completed passes to nine different receivers along the way.

It’s his 30th such award, more than any other player. It’s also the fifth time he’s won the weekly award at least three times in a season.

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    Brady has a chance to repeat the honor next week as the Patriots go up against a Raiders secondary that has been woeful all season.

  2. Not saying much considering the mediocre team he played against. Then again he also got the same award after playing the atrocious Saints defense in week 2.

  3. picksix401 says:
    November 15, 2017 at 10:17 am
    Don’t tell Scott Kacsmar… that shill’s been using All Pro awards to disparage Brady lately


    When you run out of everything else I guess that’s all you have left. Kacsmar has been a Brady hater from day one. Years ago I sent him an argument regarding why Brady was better than Montana when Brady only had 3 Super Bowls. My argument was that at the time they had both been to an equal number of title games if you count if you add up Super Bowls and Conf Championship games and they had the same record in those games. Also, I argued that 4-0 in Super Bowls was a terrible stat, as the NFC Championship was the real Super Bowl in those years and Montana didn’t win all his attempts there. What ever NFC team showed up to the Super Bowl won every year except 1 in Montana’s era.

    He shot me down with illogical arguments about how Montana played in a different era when it was harder and his competition was better.

    Fun argument, but he was not considering the Steelers, Colts, Ravens and Chargers which were great teams with great players in the Brady era.

    Then after that he jumped on the Manning bandwagon.

    Ultimately he will just keep hating on Brady and finding more obscure ways to avoid calling him the best. Sure, Manning won more All Pros. Great. I respect that. He was great. But all the other things that Brady has done far outweigh that difference.

  4. jetsmmt says:
    November 15, 2017 at 10:40 am
    Not saying much considering the mediocre team he played against. Then again he also got the same award after playing the atrocious Saints defense in week 2.

    You mean the 7 – 2 AFC South leading Saints? Somehow that atrocious defense was good enough to beat 7 other teams after losing to the Pats.

  5. The pea brains will now tell us how awful Brady is, that the Pats are “finished” and even though Tom is top 3 in the league this year and was 2nd last year in completions of 20+ yards in the air that he can’t throw the ball more than 2 yards.

    I feel sorry for the cacophony of of fools at this point.

  6. patsfan1820 says:
    November 15, 2017 at 12:11 pm
    Brady had more time to throw whenever he has time he is unstoppable. Denver’s pass rush just wasn’t quick enough.

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    It’s the combo of Gronk and the RBs, confusing the LBs in coverage. You pick your poison and the other group will be availanble to receive the pass, usually wide open.

    McDaniels is doing a much better job with the playcalling all of a sudden as well. And, Brady is not holding it to long staring down Cooks over and over. Or. Hogan. The return of Burkhead clearly had a lot to do with this as well, as he can run in bewteen the Tackles, get outside, and a smooth receiver, so Ds can’t tee off on WHAT play is being called if he’s out there.

    Even as a decoy, in a 2 back set, he has great value. Also, nice to see Develin be targeted in the air as well. Long, long overdue from McDaniels and Brady.

    The stats will be less for Brady, but the offense is way smoother this way.

    I have been waiting for years and years for an RB that can do all of these things, but it’s hard to get it in the draft and FA, the latter being way too expensive in the BB economic cap model he uses.

    The Raiders also have trouble with TEs and Rbs in coverage, so I expect another 30+ pt output on Sunday afternoon.

    If Oakland goes to zone, they’ll also get smoked.

  7. I wonder if Hogan being out might not have been a good thing. McDaniels has been using him wrong this year, most likely because of the Edelman injury, but it seems forced when they put him on the inside or do shallow crossing routes. He’s is not a physical receiver at all, and doesn’t have the range to catch balls that go from shoe top to jump balls the way Amendola and Cooks seem to do. When you look at Hogan’s best receptions they are all shoulder and hands high affairs.

    Certainly these last 2 weeks when Burkehead gets in there it seems to jumpstart the O.

    Should open things up a bit for Cooks, and the Raiders defensive match-ups might be a game where Cooks sees a lot more targets.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Hogan, but sometimes the injury shakeups can turn out to show a side of things coordinators hadn’t though of.

  8. It’s his 30th such award, more than any other player.
    Makes sense; he’s by far the greatest to ever play the game. But only Bowls count to TB, and he has more of them than anyone too.

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