Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald close to one-year contract extension

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The Cardinals and receiver Larry Fitzgerald are closing in on a new deal that would ensure Fitzgerald plays the 2018 season in Arizona.

A league source tells PFT that the Cardinals and Fitzgerald are near an agreement on a one-year extension for the 2018 season.

The Cardinals took Fitzgerald with the third overall pick in the 2004 draft and he’s become one of the best players in franchise history. His 1,185 catches, 15,066 receiving yards and 107 receiving touchdowns are all franchise records and rank third, sixth and eighth, respectively, in NFL history.

This season the 34-year-old Fitzgerald has 60 catches for 677 yards and three touchdowns.

28 responses to “Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald close to one-year contract extension

  1. In a few months from now all the scouts will be in Indianapolis at the combine, watching the players run and jump. Then they’ll be conducting interviews trying to judge the guys’ character. I really think it’s more complicated than judging their physical talent. It would be nice to go back and try to get recordings of the Larry Fitzgerald interviews, and show them to your scouts. Tell them this is the guy you’re looking for.

  2. Was hoping he’d get a year with the Vikings. Ball boy turned HOF returns home. Hope they can turn around AZ and get this guy a ring next year.

  3. Good for him. Class act all around.

    Also worth noting:

    He’s 869 yards from 2nd place all time in Yards,
    140 catches away from 2nd place all time
    Also 50 touchdowns away from 2nd all time, but he’s unlikely to hit that in a season.

    The other 2 are definitely attainable for him. He’d have to play a few more years to catch Rice, but 2nd all time is awesome. Moreso when you think back to some of the poor Cards teams he’s been a part of.

  4. I like fitz and how he’s loyal to Arizona. Don’t see that too often. Too bad they have a blowhard for a coach. Good thing Arians is gone after this year.

  5. He learned how to prepare to play from Carter and Moss as a high school kid. He’s our homeboy from MN and everyone was hoping he’d play for the Vikings at some point. AZ was smart to keep him paid and I’m glad he has had a great career there. The whole league likes the guy and he has another year left in him for sure.

  6. Such a class act. Even as a fan for a rival team I can’t wish against him (except when he plays my team). This guy is what every player should strive to be and what most of us regular men should strive to be.

  7. The guy still strong hands the Seahawks for 100+ every game. Glad he’s coming back~ Now come on AZ get a QB and make this the top division in football once again. We can all kick Clara around next year.

  8. Would have liked to see him go home and play for the Vikings, especially since it looks like they are a QB away from being Super Bowl favorites. That being said it’s nice to see a guy stay with one team.

    Fitz is the second best WR I ever saw play and he always killed my eagles like no other WR in the nfl. The 08 championship game still hurts.

  9. red says:
    November 16, 2017 at 7:26 pm
    Ball boy turned HOF returns home

    Fitz is a borderline HOF’er. Lets not get carried away.


    Uh, what planet are you on? Top 3 in all-time receptions, top 20 in TDs (all positions), top 6 in receiving yards and he’s still playing.

    I’m calling it —- definitely a Packers fan response.

  10. Best option in Cards’ playbook:

    1.. Larry Fitzgerald gets the snap, then throws the ball.
    2. Larry FItzgerald catches the ball.
    3. Larry Fitzgerald throws a block to spring the route.
    4. Larry Fitzgerald runs it in.
    5. Et cetera.

  11. If I myself as not only a fan of another team but a fan of a divisional rival which Fitz plays for, yet still loves and respects the heck out of Fitz doesn’t say anything about how awesome Fitz is, then you don’t know football, competion, sportsmanship, respect, and the love for the game.

    First ballot HOF…no questions or debate! Hope he plays for another 3-5. He’s good for the league, fans, and the kids looking up to learn how it’s done right.

  12. Larry could close the gap the Steelers still have to the Pats.
    Or virtually crown the Eagles already, maybe even for a repeat.
    Or play 5 more years carefully rotated by Pats and get close to sticky Rice.
    But he’s loyal to the Cards even though they’ll never put a ring on his finger.
    Uber cool, or total fool? Dude, rings retire you a legend instead of a legendary stat.

  13. Or he could stay with the Cardinals, where he only lead the entire NFL in receptions last season. That’s more receptions than any WR on the other teams mentioned above.

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