Sheldon Richardson calls fine for low hit on Drew Stanton “extortion”

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Seahawks defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson is adamant his hit on Drew Stanton was not illegal, calling the NFL fine he received for it “extortion.”

He has appealed the $18,231 fine for what the league deemed a low hit on the Cardinals quarterback. Richardson said he lost his balance when he was pushed by Arizona left tackle Jared Veldheer.

“It’s kind of just extortion really,’’ Richardson said Friday, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “Guy pushes you in the back and trips you on the play and you are catching your balance the whole time and then you just happen, I don’t know. They said ‘avoid him,’ but he still has the ball. It’s like what do you do?’’

Officials penalized Richardson for roughing the passer. Stanton sprained a knee on the play but stayed in the game. He will miss Sunday’s game because of the injury.

“There is no way you should be taking any of my money because it wasn’t a dirty hit,’’ Richardson said. “I didn’t try to hit him in the legs or nothing, and once again, people fail to realize it’s still football. Pretty sure they are just fining guys for every personal foul and not even looking at the film and not even making the consideration of did I try to avoid the guy.’’

21 responses to “Sheldon Richardson calls fine for low hit on Drew Stanton “extortion”

  1. He’s right that the hit was not dirty as he was pushed/knocked down as he was attempting to rush the passer and was still able to sack the man. It should not have been a penalty. BS call.

  2. this and the stupid ticky tack flags are why the nfl is losing fans the no hitting in practice and training camp is making most games unwatchable,bad football is agonizing to watch

  3. They took my money, extortion!

    Reminds me of when people throw around words like “fascism” or “socialism” when they clearly have no idea what those words actually mean, they just use them as bad words to call people

  4. Yes the 32 billionaires that own all NFL teams and contribute to Trump’s campaign are liberals.

    Get off the computer, put down the social media, turn off the Tv.

    Get out of your house more often, and interact with other human beings. It will do you good.

  5. I’m sure it was accidental each of the three times he did it. I’m sure he’ll be cool with it when it happens to Lil Russ too.

  6. Defensive players in the NFL should demand an extra $100,000 a year to cover these “fines” “Fines” that are meant to show that the league is trying to make the game safer

  7. If only there was a way to prevent posters and their opinion from posting who truthfully didn’t even see the play.

    It wasn’t dirty and sure as heck not worth an $18k+ fine.

  8. Was clearly dirty, you can make a takle without doin it the way he did, seen it many times from ppl pushed in the back.

  9. I agree Sheldon. Goodell and his BS is ruining the game I used to love. And this BS is another reason people are losing intterest in the NFL. Game changing penalties for playing what I thought was football. I have no problem handing out fines after the games over and the tape clearly shows dirty intent. But most of these penalties and fines are called on defenders simply making a tackle. The defender goes low first and then the runner drops his head after the fact and their heads collide. 15 yards and a first down against the defender after a third or fourth down stop. Rediculous! The defender had right of way if that makes sense. You can see when someone targets the head with dirty intent on tape after the game. Fine them them then. And sometimes you can see dirty intent in during the game, so call the penalty. But stop doing it every time heads collide. Sometimes it’s not intent but the nature of the game. It’s football. So the next time a defender grazes Tom Brady’s helmet after swinging his arm trying to hit the ball out of Brady’s hand, and Brady steps back into the swing, don’t call it. It it wasnt with intent… was football.

  10. Sheldon Richardson is a beast. I wouldn’t want to make him mad. Seattle is a team to look out for. I have a feeling Richardson is going to get the last laugh. Pete Carroll knows how to relate to these guys, and they got a steal when they acquired Richardson.

  11. No sympathy as the union agreed to it. Better question, why does the union continue to allow the quarterback to earn an unlimited amount which leaves a smiller pie for the other 51 players? Especially considering a quarterback can play until age 40.

    LeBron might be underpaid, but the other players on the team are making more. It is weird that a league that at most has 64 players playing one position has designed the compensation structure to benefit this small group. Shorten rookie contracts for RBs so the player can hit real free agency before 30. Lengthen Qb rookie comtracts. I don’t know about the other players.

  12. Extortion is what fans have to pay to watch a game of spoiled kids. He knows the rules right or wrong as if the fine really hurt is Christmas shopping. Just demonstrate that will make it all fine.

  13. Pushed,then took extra steps and dove at the knees. The rare situation where both sides are correct.

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