Sunday’s date with the Giants begins a very easy late-season schedule for the Chiefs

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The Chiefs have lost three of their last four games after starting the season 5-0, but there’s good news in Kansas City: The schedule is ridiculously easy the rest of the way.

On Sunday the Chiefs play the 1-8 Giants, and the schedule is only a little bit harder after that: The Chiefs’ next game is at home against the Bills, who are reeling and just benched their quarterback, and the Buffalo game is Kansas City’s only game remaining against a team with a winning record.

According to, the Chiefs have the easiest schedule in the NFL over the final seven weeks of the season. And even that probably understates how easy the Chiefs’ schedule is, because those ratings are based only on the quality of future opponents, not on home-field advantage, and the Chiefs play more home games than road games the rest of the way.

Given that the Chiefs have a two-game lead over the Raiders and a three-game lead over the Chargers and Broncos, it’s almost impossible to envision them failing to win the AFC West. The Chiefs’ recent swoon doesn’t change the fact that they’re going to win the division.

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  1. There’s so many bad teams in the league that virtually every team has an “easy” schedule. There isn’t an AFC team outside of KC, Pittsburgh or New England that any decent team would be consider a tough opponent.

  2. Their first part of their schedule was brutal and they came out of that good. Now if they can just take care of business they should be in good shape for a playoff push. Time to build some momentum.

  3. Winning the division isn’t good enough. If they don’t figure out what happened to the running game & fix the pathetic defense it will be and done in the playoffs.

  4. .
    The Patriots can gain top seed in the AFC either by winning out or hoping that Pittsburgh or KC forget to show up one Sunday.

  5. The Chiefs will use these last seven weeks to fine tune, reduce penalties, get healthy, tweak the defense and get ready for a run to the Super Bowl

  6. Any given Sunday.On paper they should win most of these games. However i could see them losing to any team. Giants destroyed denver and they are capable of winning again Sunday. As a completely frustrated chiefs fan, i wouldn’t be surprised.

  7. Playoff as Div winners but it might not be a cake walk if they can’t regain that sharpness:-
    @Denver – where Brock and Broncos might have figured it out,
    vRaiders – who beat them 31-30 last month,
    vMiami game – could be a trap with their good D if Cutler has a good game too.
    So 6-3 now could easily be 10-6 and a tougher playoff path.

  8. There is some good for me as a Giants fan this year….

    I don’t have to be stuck in watching the game every Sunday…

    I can sleep the night after a loss…as a matter of fact I enjoy my entire week after a loss…

    I can listen to sports radio without wanting to puke…

    It really hasn’t been all bad….losing makes you numb…

  9. I can’t stand it.

    There is no such thing as a “trap” game in the NFL.

    I can almost guarantee no player or coach has ever used that phrase or thinks that way.

  10. The whole NFL is bi-polar. Counting playoff teams and ease of schedule now will be much different in weeks 15-17.

    KC looked unstoppable and Hunt looked to be an all time great. Now they can’t stop anyone and after putting up 189, 185 and 168 yard rushing in 3 of the first 5 games not are averaging 67.25 YPG over the last 4.

    It’s not picking on KC, it’s the league. Any given Sunday happens 2-3 times every Sunday now.

  11. Pats play the Steelers in the regular season assuming that game doesn’t end in a tie the winner will have the best record in the AFC.If the Steelers lose that game they will still be ahead of KC do to head to head.All 3 with the exception of that one game should be favored to win remaining games.

  12. Without a fluke loss to the Norther Mexico Raiders, and a close loss but winnable game against Pitt, the team would easily be 8-1.
    So lets just not get carried away and think Denver or raiders have any shot

  13. But they will fail… As this is Andy Reid’s mantra towards his life and work…you’d have to be a fool to think otherwise… Dudes made a fortune, being the most inept boss ever…

  14. It’s hard to imagine the Chiefs in the Super Bowl in any year. They will never beat the Steelers and the Patriots, who started the season probably with more new faces than any champion in history, have figured things out.

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