Baker Mayfield apologizes for actions during Kansas game

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With Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen getting all of the 2018 quarterback class attention during the USC-UCLA showdown on Saturday night, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield found a way to get people to notice him, too. Only not in a good way.

Mayfield issued an apology on Twitter after Saturday’s win over Kansas, which featured Mayfield repeatedly grabbing his crotch and mouthing “f–k you” at the Jayhawks while prowling the Sooners’ sideline.

“I am extremely sorry for how I carried myself today,” Mayfield said. “I am sorry to the Kansas fans, coaches and players for disrespecting them. I am sorry to Sooner fans for not representing our University the way I should. I am sorry to any parent that had their kid(s) watching… I was not the good and inspiring role model that I aspire to be.

“What I did was unacceptable and in turn it has taken the attention off of our team. Not to mention my solo act reflects poorly on my team/program… Which is the opposite of what I want to do. I want my teammates and coaches to get all the attention and credit for working hard and having success. I am sorry to my brothers and coaches as well. I am an extremely competitive player once on the field, but that does not excuse and never will excuse my actions today. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.”

Recently, 49ers G.M. John Lynch compared Mayfield to Johnny Manziel during a visit to the Haberman & Middlekauff podcast. In the good way.

“He’s got some special qualities to him. He reminds a lot of people of Manziel and kind of has those qualities, he’s a good football player,” Lynch said. “I see a little Favre in him, I think the passion he played the game with. You always get yourself in trouble when you say ‘I see a lot of Favre in him.’ No, he’s not Brett Favre yet but that guy loves the game of football, people seem to gravitate towards him so he’s got that special skill set both the tangible things he can do — he throws the football extremely well, he can move around — but he also, there’s something special about that kid, you can see it.”

Mayfield will now draw some bad-way comparisons to Manziel, whose competitiveness morphed into obscene gestures during his first nationally-televised performance in the 2014 preseason, against Washington. Mayfield surely hopes to undo any short-term or long-term damage to his football career with his lay-it-on-thick/say-all-the-right-things apology.

The incident and the aftermath nevertheless will become a red flag for Mayfield during the pre-draft process, since any team that rolls the dice on Mayfield and in turn sees him do the kind of things he did on Saturday won’t be able to say they didn’t know he might act that way.

A separate question is whether anyone should care if Mayfield does what he did again; many surely won’t. The fact, however, that Mayfield felt compelled to issue a lengthy apology indicates that Mayfield or someone close to him believes that what he did was wrong, and that many would indeed find it troubling.

43 responses to “Baker Mayfield apologizes for actions during Kansas game

  1. He probably cost himself the Heisman, but nobody really cares about that anymore. The kid is tremendously competitive and can get past this. His history is not like Manziel’s, but he’ll have questions to answer.

  2. Being competitive isn’t everything. He’s a tool. When you watch him on the sideline after a scoring play his behavior screams “I think I am awesome” but Baker’s self-impression far exceeds everyone else’s – including his teammates. I wouldn’t dare draft him.

  3. Well, as a possible first round pick, he simply has the earning potential to have some lawyer compose such regret …

  4. Keep in mind that this is the same d bag who planted the Oklahoma flag in the middle of OSU’s field. He’s obviously very immature and has very poor impulse control and decision making skills. Hopefully teams will now realize this and his draft position will slide

  5. Kansas started the whole thing by not shaking hands for the coin toss, and didn’t Mayfield get a cheap shot right before this?

    This is much ado about nothing

  6. If Tom Brady grabbed his crotch and yelled at the other team, I’d want him as my QB.

    If a UDFA bench warmer did that, I’d cut him and announce “we don’t stand for that kind of behavior”.

    Not a big deal, learn from your mistakes and move on.
    Its not like he was groping or getting into bar fights.

  7. Umm…yea. NFL execs want their QB to act like Carson Wentz or Matt Stafford, not Johnny Manziel or Cam Newton, to name just a couple. You listen to guy’s like Wentz or Stafford, it’s always about the team, they make zero noise off the field, they give credit to teammates and never throw them under the bus, they never publicly question coaches or front office, etc. QB is face of the franchise and he’s gotta represent it. Clearly someone smart enough to realize that is in Mayfield’s ear producing this statement.

  8. Just the fact that Mayfield has it in him to act that way is worrisome fake apology or no fake apology. You can let your play show your competitiveness on the field. I think he’s shown who he really is,and it’s not good. If I had a Heisman vote,he wouldn’t get it.

  9. Nope. The reason he apologized is that it is what has become required, in this day and age, for anything. I am sure in the next week or so someone will publicly apologize for putting ketchup on a steak or eating a Twix without breaking it into individual bars.

  10. Let’s see the reaction of the Oklahoma head coach, AD, and even the president. Do any of them have the guts to say that he embarrassed the university and should sit for a game while the team is making their playoff run? I’m guessing that this institution of higher learning will pass on actually teaching him and the football team something valuable.

  11. Apologize accepted, to and Kansas did not have to do the same. The classless act of the sportsman of Kansas not shaking hand at coin flip in front of two kids involved in pregame, the cheep hit on Mayfield by Kansas, Kansas got what they deserved the actions on and off the field as they got their butts kicked.

  12. Not condoning Mayfields actions but this all started when the Kansas players refused to shake hands with Oklahoma’s captains Mayfield included when they met on the field for the coin toss . Don’t know the reason behind the Kansas players actions but not a good look for Kansas coach David Beaty when he’s looks for a new job after getting fired by Kansas for only winning 3 games in 3 years at the end of the year .

  13. The Kansas players should be apologizing too. There were little kids with them on the field who got to see how NOT to act….starting with the Kansas players and continuing with Manziel 2.0.

  14. This is nothing more than damage control. He’s a putz and he continues to show that time after time. He’s a classless tool who doesn’t want people to hold his actions against him. How you react in the heat of the moment shows what kind of person you are. We now have many incidents that show us exactly what kind of person Mayfield is. A punk.

  15. This is the same guy that got in trouble earlier this year for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing. Just another successful Big 12 quarterback that will fail like the rest of them in the NFL

  16. This dude is immature as hell, is a good college QB, but won’t make it at the next level. Maybe he should focus on being a respectable human being!

  17. Ugh. This has Browns written all over it. They are gonna pass on everyone else and trade back for this D bag. It seems inevitable.

    He actually would make sense going to the Dolphins. He can sit behind tannehill for a little while and his style would be embraced in Miami.

  18. Refused to shake his hand, layed on him for 30 seconds after each time he was tackled, rolled him multiple times, multiple unflagged late hits on him as well. Taunting and mooning from Kansas fans to top it off. ALL THAT before his crotch grab. Had the refs taken control of this game it wouldn’t have gotten to that point. He was wrong and he apologized for his roll but nobody is telling the entire story. They set out from the coin toss to get in Bakers head by any means necesssary. And I’m not for certain the refs weren’t in on it either. Kansas coaches know they are gone, Players know the team stinks with their one win and they played inexcusably

  19. Mayfield is the closest thing to Johnny Maziel on the field. I’m not even talking about the extra curricular stuff. I don’t know enough about what these guys do off the field to comment. But there’s plenty of tape of the two guys playing college football. Both were very exciting, awesome college players. They both use their athleticism to make plays, and also mix in some decent throws. But they both showed signs of having problems against a tough defense when they were under pressure. Since it rarely happened to them in college, you have to look at a lot of tape. Mayfield and Manziel are solid backup NFL types. My biggest questions would be whether or not they’d be happy playing second fiddle. I’d have reservations about that, so I wouldn’t want either one. Are they jerks too? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you this guy is not a top NFL prospect.

  20. Mayfield was targeted by Kansas all afternoon. One of the DBs had a late hit on him – it was targeted directly at his throwing shoulder – watch the replay. It was a targeting hit with malicious intent to injure Mayfield. Why that hit is not being talked about is beyond me. Mayfield’s teammates play hard for him and respond to him, Oklahoma fans love him because he plays hard and plays for them.

    Kansas was trying to injure Mayfield so he responded right back to them.

  21. Baker Mayfield and the University of Oklahoma are a perfect storm of douchiness and a complete and utter lack of class or accountability for behavior. Joe Mixon and DDede Westbrook both beat up girls with Oklahoma ‘s full knowledge to absolutely zero punishment- and no Sooner fan, redshirting Mixon was not punishment.

    No one has mentioned yet his off season arrest and attempt to run from the police. The flag planting and now this show that Mayfield is inclined to act lIke a little brat

  22. Kansas players wouldn’t shake hands with him, a traditional handshake, are they being scrutinized and critisized-hell no! I’ll take Baker Mayfield anytime!!!

  23. People watch testosterone filled football games and then get upset when alpha testosterone filled males act like this, lol. Fans can totally talk smack to each other though. That’s cool, but the guys who perform better keep their heads down. Never noticed this guy much before, but now I love him and Josh Rosen and hope they both succeed in the league. It’s exactly one of the kind of things that’s missing from the game, personality.

  24. “No one has mentioned yet his off season arrest”.

    Actually that was mentioned above. But don’t let that get in the way of your jealousy of someone who has accomplished more before leaving college than you ever will.

  25. The people calling him classless and all of this stuff, give me your reasoning? Especially when I can pull up 99% of your past comments talking smack to another anonymous commenter here on this very blog for something you’re not even performing in, but that’s cool somehow. He didn’t get his team a flag. He didn’t incite a fight. he actually was the one being cheap shot and then let out some frustration at the end of the game, but he’s wrong? Okay, guess that’s the world we live in now, which isn’t anything to be proud of btw.

  26. if he dares act like that in the nfl he will be hit, he will be hurt, and he won’t leave the field under his own power. no one will stand for that trash. lead with your play not your mouth or questionable actions.

  27. @cardinealsfan20 it might be difficult for your feeble brain to comprehend since you can’t spell Cardinals correctly in your own handle, but there is a delay in posts showing up…so when I posted that, his incident of trying to run from the cops and getting slammed had not been mentioned

  28. I’m not saying that Kansas as a whole was innocent in their actions,but a mature person would just go out,play his game,blow their doors off and not even acknowledge the disrespect. Do your talking on the field. Please don’t be another Manziel. PLEASE!

  29. bradygirl12 ,

    What exactly does maturity have to do with playing sports? Because that’s your fantasy? Some of you people need to get some real perspective I tell you.

    Also, the guy who brought up Matthew Stafford as the model he wants his QB to be is funny. So being 5-27 against winning teams 10 years into a career is cool with him as long as his QB doesn’t talk smack to anybody, lol. All righty then. And you wonder why this league’s product sucks right now. You people like it that way.

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