Giants get their second win of the year

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The Chiefs opened the season with five straight wins, but their next five games haven’t been nearly as successful.

Their offense produced three field goals against a Giants team that spent the last two weeks getting run off the field by the Rams and 49ers and turned the ball over three times, including an Alex Smith interception just before the two-minute warning that set up an Aldrick Rosas field goal with 1:38 left. They were able to rally back from that to force overtime with a last-second field goal in regulation, but they ran out of luck in overtime.

After the Giants forced a Chiefs punt, Roger Lewis made a diving grab of a 34-yard pass from Eli Manning and Aldrick Rosas hit a field goal a couple of plays later for the second Giants win of the year.

The 12-9 loss is Kansas City’s fourth in the last five games and the stretch of bad play has completely altered what was a rosy picture for their prospects in early October.

Smith’s interception was his second of the game and third in his last two games after not throwing an interception for the first eight games of the season. Janoris Jenkins, who was coming off a rough game against the 49ers, got the pick when he stepped in front of a pass thrown between two receivers. That kind of missed connection was par for the course for the Chiefs on a day when they looked no better than a one-win team that’s been in crisis mode.

One win won’t change the total outlook for Ben McAdoo, but it’s a nice reprieve for him as the Giants played hard and smart after doing neither in recent weeks. The Chiefs’ effort didn’t seem to be a problem on Sunday, but their execution was lacking and their game-planning, which included having Travis Kelce try a pass that was intercepted, didn’t live up to past Andy Reid post-bye week glories.

They’ll be back home for the Bills next week and more of the same from Smith, who finished 27-of-40 for 230 yards, will likely have some wondering if rookie Patrick Mahomes will get a chance to bail out a team that stopped sailing smoothly more than a month ago.

33 responses to “Giants get their second win of the year

  1. Well at least this Andy Reid’s team faded before they got to the playoffs so the fans don’t get their hopes up that this is the year they’ll win the Super Bowl.

  2. The Giants will wind up winning 2-3 more games and screw themselves out of drafting their next franchise QB. Good job boys.

  3. Hi Chief fans,

    Tired of Alex yet?

    Still think he can take you to the promise land?

    Still questioning why we picked Kap over Alex?

    We tried to tell you


  4. I know it was windy, but geez could alex smith at least attempt a pass more than 20 yards? Enough bubble screens, its embarrassing, predictable, and boring. Seriously a bubble screen is maybe a twice a game play but the chiefs do it twice a drive

  5. Time to bench the MVP… Alex is who we thought he is, he can’t win the big one let alone the easy one. Time for Mahommes. Alex can’t do it.

  6. Average team with below average fans. Wonder if Chief fans cry as much as Kelce does during the game

  7. Wow. The Chiefs started out good but just keep dropping. It’s not how you start but how you finish. Lame

  8. Chiefs at Giants

    MDS’s take: This is the easiest game on the board to pick. The Giants have quit on Ben McAdoo, and the Chiefs will roll.

    MDS’s pick: Chiefs 35, Giants 10.

    Florio’s take: Andy Reid rarely loses after the bye, in any year. The Giants in 2017 rarely win.

    Florio’s pick: Chiefs 37, Giants 17.

  9. wib22 says:
    November 19, 2017 at 4:35 pm
    How do the pats get such an easy pass EVERY year in the AFC?

    16 12 Rate This


    greatest gm and coach ever

    goat qb


  10. “Remember Colin Cowherd bloviating about how dumb Philly fans are for running Reid out of town. LMAO”

    Well, when a radio host states that a city “ran him out of town” after that man had been there for 14 years, that kind of tells you the kind of idiot you are dealing with. This is the same radio host who believed Chip Kelly was a genius and was too good for Philly.

  11. Ctiggs
    Alex is a mediocre qb but has his team in the playoffs every year. Krapernick is complete garbage who makes Alex Smith look like a great qb.

  12. Alex Smith’s arm is shot from all the throwing he did in September. Now it is getting cold and the arm is no good.

  13. wib22 says:
    November 19, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    How do the pats get such an easy pass EVERY year in the AFC?

    First off they get 2 against your dollfins, after that it’s just a matter of doing their jobs against their first place schedule. Fun Fact: Brady is .775 against the AFC as a whole and .767 against the NFC, a .008 difference.

  14. Ctiggs
    Alex is a mediocre qb but has his team in the playoffs every year. Krapernick is complete garbage who makes Alex Smith look like a great qb.


    The same Kap who has a 4-2 playoff record and has won 3 of those on the road? The same “garbage” player that took his team to the super bowl and was one play away from a second one? yea Alex and is one and dones look so much better

  15. How do the pats get such an easy pass EVERY year in the AFC?
    NFC looks the way it is because they don’t have Patriots in it.

  16. ctiggs says:

    Still questioning why we picked Kap over Alex?

    As in “Kap”, the guy out of the league?

  17. Amazing what the “declining” Manning can do if you give him just the tiniest bit of blocking. As Eli Apple sat and was not even dressed. What happened to the two left tackles we lost and got Apple instead because Reece got outfoxed?

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