Larry Fitzgerald passes Tony Gonzalez on all-time receiving yardage list

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Sure-fire Hall of Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald has racked up another accolade that makes it even more of a no-brainer that he’ll earn a bronze bust.

Via the NFL, Fitzgerald’s nine-catch, 91-yard performance against the Texans on Sunday allowed him to pass tight end Tony Gonzalez for fifth place on the all-time receiving yardage list.

Fitzgerald now has 15,157 yards. Gonzalez has 15,127.

The former Vikings ball boy and career Cardinals wideout now needs only 51 yards to catch Isaac Bruce at No. 4 and 135 yards to match Randy Moss at No. 3.

With 777 more yards, Fitzgerald will catch Terrell Owens for No. 2.

It will take a lot more (specifically, 7,828 yards) to catch Jerry Rice. Fitzgerald has matched Rice in one respect; they are the only players in NFL history to generate 15,000 receiving yards with one team.

10 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald passes Tony Gonzalez on all-time receiving yardage list

  1. Appreciate his loyalty but its a damn shame he re-signed with the Cards. Can only imagine what he might do with the likes of Brady, Brees or one of the other better QBs throwing to him.

  2. Man this guy is pure class all the way, on and off the field.

    Watching from afar on the east coast I loved watching Warner throw him the ball back in the day. I’ve never been a Pamer fan personally but what Fitz has done with the QBs he’s had over the years is remarkable. Hopefully he gets to #2, sure is easy to root for.

  3. Life long 9ers fan here, and the only thing I can say is Fitz is the man, next Jerry Rice. I have to root against the Cards, but I have never been able to root against him. He always seems to be a class act, never a premadona. If he is not a first ballot HOF, the HOF is a Sham. I don’t remember any Bruce drama, I do remember LOTS of TO drama. Not a reason to keep some out of the HOF to me, but understandable. Congrats For a, keep on balling, except when you face the 9ers.

  4. Everyone watch the NFL’s “A Football Life – Larry Fitzgerald”. Such a role model of a human being. Just watched it with my 10 year old son an hour ago. There was a moment where he talked about how he slept with a football in his bed since he was a kid. A bit ago my son was heading to bed but had gone into his older brother’s room to grab a basketball…his sport. I have no doubt when I check on him before I head to bed, that basketball will be with him.

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