Mike Zimmer: “hard to yank” Case Keenum right now

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With the roll the Vikings are on at the moment, it’s hard to make a case for changing quarterbacks.

And after Case Keenum did his part in beating the Rams Sunday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer wasn’t prepared to move the Teddy Bridgewater pot off the back burner.

It’s going to be hard to yank him out of there right now,” Zimmer said of Keenum, via Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “He’s playing good.

“I still have really high hopes for Teddy, and a lot of things happen throughout the course of the season, so we’ll just see how it goes.”

Keenum threw for 280 yards and a touchdown, and unlike last week, didn’t haven’t any troubling turnovers once the game was in hand.

That gives them plenty of reason to give Bridgewater time to acclimate after his long layoff.

But at the moment, Keenum looks like a playoff quarterback.

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  1. I agree 100% with Coach Zim. Keep the hot hand in there. I can’t wait to see Teddy back on the field, but with such a long layoff and the way Keenum is playing, it’s best to keep it as is.

  2. I’m a huge Teddy fan…but this is getting silly. Case is playing good…and not only is he playing good…he is playing better than Teddy ever did. Case gets the ball out fast, has great pocket awareness, hits open receivers down the field and is more accurate on the long ball. I think the Vikings need to consider re-signing Case for next year. He is labeled as this bad QB, but maybe he has just played on bad teams. Leave it be. Play teddy later in the season after we are resting our starters for the playoffs.

  3. Keenum looked great, he threw it away several times and took off running instead of gun slinging it.
    I know how much Teddy Bridgewater is loved for the person he is, and how he came back fro injury the fact of the matter is Teddy has not ever played to the level Case is this year. I know the O-line is much improved, that drop back when Keenum had about 6 seconds to stand around proves it.
    Teddy just doesn’t have the arm strength or poise Keenum has, I’d say sign Keenum for a 2 or 4 year contract and 1 or 2 for Teddy. Give him a full off season to see if he can run the team better but I am just afraid of the glass knee!
    Spielman do what makes sense..

  4. It’s case’ job to lose

    I’d like to see teddy in during garbage time when the game is in hand in order to know some rust off.

    Perhaps we will see him after halftime of the Vikings/packers game.

    Heck he may even start

  5. Case does deserve the opportunity to continue as our starter.

    And also believe a starting QB salary offer for next season.

    As much as I believe that Teddy can be a great QB, he will have to accept the fact that he will need to sign for quality backup QB pay on a 1 or 2 year deal.

    Unless Case falters down the stretch, we just won’t have any other choice.

  6. I’ve been adamant about the fact that Keenum is not going to be good enough to take this team to the promise land for a few reasons, but he is making it very difficult for me to make that argument anymore. This TEAM reminds very much of the 2015 Broncos and even the 2014 Seahawks before the coming of age of Wilson.

    Let me preface this by saying; I didn’t want Bridgewater drafted, I wanted Carr, so I’m far from a Bridgewater apologist. Now, having said that, I do still think Bridgewater is better than Keenum in every measurable category and would utterly excel in this offense. It’s almost impossible to pull Keenum at this point until he has a terrible game or maybe even a half, but it would have to be an AWFUL half! But pulling him now would be an ill-advised move and I think the TEAM would react badly, even though they love Teddy.

    I REALLY hope this defense is good enough to play the way they played today the rest of the year, because I’m not sure ANY offense could put up 17+ Pts against this defense when it’s playing this well! Here’s to hoping Keenum can Dilfer a championship for the Vikes!

  7. Keenum is doing great but it’s a product of how the line is playing and the receivers make plays all over the place. I think Teddy would be doing the same thing. Sparano has this line playing like I haven’t seen in probably 10 yrs maybe 20. Run blocking and pass blocking are both unbelievable and Shurmers play calling has the defense off balance all day long. Keenum and Thielens chemistry is fun to watch also.

  8. “It’s going to be hard to yank him out of there right now,” Zimmer said of Keenum, via Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “He’s playing good.

    “I still have really high hopes for Teddy, and a lot of things happen throughout the course of the season, so we’ll just see how it goes.”


    You mean you’re actually still thinking about it?

    Aren’t you 8-2?

    This guy needs some lessons from B.B. or Parcells on how to answer questions from the media. He’s setting himself for questions he doesn’t need to answer over and over.

  9. As a Patriots fan I’m at least 1% worried Bridge ends up in the AFC East next season. It’s been so nice having trash qb’s as competition for the past decade plus, but all three seem like good landing spots for him if Keenum manages to Derek Anderson himself a starting QB contract.

  10. After thinking about it I would sit Teddy this season unless needed then play the heck out of him next PRE Season There will be teams willing to trade for him, UNLESS Teddy outplays and wins the starting QB job. He may stick around for next year but I doubt if will stay here.
    Vikes could get a 2nd and possibly 5th or 6th for him if he is up to par. I am beginning to believe it is all about OL protection for QBs. How else can you explain it?
    No matter what happens Case is the best QB here since Favre and I trust him. Look at the difference from last week and the picks! This week he threw them away.

  11. derp363 says:
    November 19, 2017 at 9:24 pm
    enough of this. It’s not even a question. Even 1 bad game wouldn’t merit him being pulled.


    No doubt. With all un-luck this team has had over the years it’s hard to believe some of the fans in here want to even see Teddy. Why would you want to even entertain a QB controversy at this point?

    Personally I think Keenum is playing better than Teddy ever did.

  12. Perhaps Zimmer keeping the pressure on Case is helping Case play well. It doesn’t seem to affect his play adversely, so keep letting Case know we got another great QB ready to fill in if needed. Deepest squad in the NFL and the toughest. On to Detroit to dash the Lions play off hopes…then Atlanta, then Carolina….NO one wants to fact this defense. SKOL

  13. Translation

    Zimmer: my quarterback has been playing well, I still think of replacing him with a guy who has not played a real snap of football in 22months because he was the onetime starter. I will consider switching on a short week with only one walk through day before our next game. I make poor decisions all the time.

  14. Give a lot of credit to Pat Shurmur. He played to Bradford’s strengths and now he’s doing that with Case. He calls a good game. Will be a tough loss when he moves on to another head coaching job.

  15. I have to believe Coach Zim has “good luck” glasses, because they are so ugly it’s hard to believe you would choose those if you had a non-superstition related choice.

  16. This discussion baffles me every time I see it happening. It baffles me more that Zimmer doesn’t flat-out say what every single person who’s been watching Keenum and the Vikings play would say if they were in a position to change QB’s.

    And that is, “Are you kidding me? Have you seen his numbers? Have you watched the games?”

    This isn’t a Osweiler/Savage or a Beathard/Garoppolo type situation, this is a clear #1 starting NFL QB who is proving to be that compared to a guy who hasn’t played a down in close to 2 years coming off of a major knee injury who before he was hurt was never anything more than above average. This is just…a non-story. Unless/until Keenum goes on a 2-3 game stretch where he looks like he’s nosediving and can’t pull out of it, he’s the starting QB of the 8-2 Minnesota Vikings.

    It’s his job, he earned it, you can’t take it away justifiably until he stops earning it. I don’t care if Bridgewater looked like the next Aaron Rodgers before he went down, you don’t undermine a player who is doing his job (and doing it well). It’s the totally wrong message to send to your team and your fans, and it’s a good way to undermine their success so far.

  17. Hard to yank him? Why would you yank him when he’s playing the way he’s playing. Way to support your QB with that statement. #smh

  18. I believe Zimmer is being publicly diplomatic to Teddy. Zimmer doesn’t want to tell Teddy he isn’t playing in public.

    He’s also being practical regarding Keenum. He also wants Keenum to know that he isn’t locked in as the starter.

    He’s not making a switch, but is trying to keep 2 people in the same mindset as to not upset the apple cart.

  19. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    Teddy Bridgewater is trade bait, no reason risking an injury by starting him.

    You realize that Teddy is a FA at the end of the season. The Vikings would need to resign him in order to trade him.

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