Vance Joseph was “initially offended” by Elway’s remarks

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On Friday, Broncos president of football operations and G.M. John Elway said the team has gotten “a little bit soft.” Broncos coach Vance Joseph initially wasn’t happy about that.

Joseph told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Bengals that he was “initially offended” by the comments, but that after thinking about the issue Joseph decided that “in some aspects he’s right.”

Joseph also said that he spoke to his players about the remarks on Saturday night. He declined to share the details of the conversation.

The Broncos started the year 3-1, but they have now lost six straight games, plunging them in to last place in the AFC West. It will be interesting to see whether Joseph gets a second year in Denver, or whether he’ll become the latest one-and-done NFL head coach.

34 responses to “Vance Joseph was “initially offended” by Elway’s remarks

  1. Whereas Denver fans were just initially skeptical about Vance Joseph, we’re now completely offended.

  2. Vance Joseph would be lucky to make it through the next 6 games without being fired. Quite possibly the worst coach in the NFL. Elway should be canned with him tho.

  3. Remember when asked what’s plan B when Elway said Peyton was plan A, and Elway laughed and said there is no plan B. He was serious folks, and this is the result

  4. Well Vance – your Head Coaching has offended the entire Denver Metropolitan area…so…what’s good for the goose

  5. Vance should have either stuck by his comment or agreed with elway without wavering. He either looks like a company guy or someone with balls and both serve him better after this year than being a wishy washy head coach. Do the head coaches keep indie pr peeps on retainer? They should

  6. Vance could be Vince Lombardi and not win with this ragtag group Elway has assembled. Vance’s coaching would also improve significantly if Elway provided him with a competent QB.

  7. While Joseph has been horrendous this season, lets be honest. ELWAY HASNT DRAFTED WELL TO HELP HIM. Elway rested on his laurels when he had Peyton manning. He failed to add talent to the roster through the draft. They still have quarterback issues…and he’s former QB. Keep this in mind, ELWAY IS THE HIGHEST PAID FRONT OFFICE EXECUTIVE IN THE NFL. Even more than Belichick. Just because youve played the game at a high level doesn’t make you qualified to come off the street (without scouting experience) and run an organization just because you’ve been business partners with the owner (car dealerships).

  8. I’m offended they don’t play smash mouth out of the I formation. I’m offended they don’t get the TE to chip on the right side to help their weakest OL. I’m offended they go to 5 wide and let the QB get hit/take sacks killing a drive like when it’s 3rd and 2.

  9. jjfootball says:
    November 19, 2017 at 8:49 pm
    Elway had early success because he inherited it!


    they went 4-12 the year before he took over.

  10. I gave vance joseph two chances…. his initial press conference… (which was very unimpressive)… and the fact he let Wade Phillipps leave… I knew right then he would fail…

  11. pantherpro says:
    November 19, 2017 at 9:38 pm
    Elway is a chump. Doesn’t he support Trump?

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    kuehner131 says:
    November 19, 2017 at 9:47 pm
    jjfootball says:
    November 19, 2017 at 8:49 pm
    Elway had early success because he inherited it!


    they went 4-12 the year before he took over.

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    what year did he become gm?

    they were 4-12 in 2011? i do not think so

  12. In fairness to the coach, his QBs are Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler. No one is going to confuse those two with Joe Montana and Steve Young. I mean cmon. Even the Browns kicked Osweiler to the curb.

  13. Until Denver fans realize Elway is the problem they will continue to be disappointed. The draft misses are on Elway, high coaching staff turnover is on Elway, failure to go after a bridge veteran QB as a bridge to the future after Manning retired is on Elway, but Elway can do no wrong in the eyes of Denver fans.

  14. One and done there. Really bad head coach choice elway. What did he do buy some cars from your dealership

  15. Vance Joseph seems like a good guy but his defence in Miami last year set a franchise record for most yards allowed. Never understood why he was a top head coaching candidate when he did a bad job last year. Seeing similar things this year.

  16. Well all you “pony” fans based on the word out of Denver the scapegoat is your offensive coordinator. Yeah the guy with the all pro QB’s. Elway in protect mode

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