Andrew Whitworth: Rams need to “learn how to play and win” tough games

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The Rams rolled into Minnesota on Sunday after winning four straight games by a combined score of 144-41, but the fun came to an end against the Vikings.

The score remained tied 7-7 through three quarters, but the Vikings put 17 points on the board in the fourth quarter and won the battle of the division leaders 24-7 to keep their own impressive run of play going. The big plays from the previous four games were nowhere to be found on either side of the ball and the Rams left as losers.

One spin on that would be that the Rams feasted on the likes of the Texans, Giants and Cardinals and still have work to do when it comes to handling tougher opposition. Another comes from left tackle Andrew Whitworth, who believes the team simply “needed adversity.”

“If we get this opportunity in the playoffs, and get a chance to get in, then we’ll be prepared for it,” Whitworth said, via the Orange County Register. “Those are the kind of games you’re going to play, if you want to play after the regular season, if you want to play late in the year in big games. This is the atmosphere you’re going to have to learn how to play and win in.”

They won’t have to wait long to show they learned those lessons. They host the Saints and Eagles in Weeks 12 and 14 before heading to Seattle in Week 15, so they will have ample chances to show that it was just a matter of learning and not a matter of being a step behind other NFC contenders.

If Whitworth’s right, the Rams should be NFC West champs. If not, it may just be that this Rams teams wasn’t as ready to go from 0 to 60 as the 1999 edition.

18 responses to “Andrew Whitworth: Rams need to “learn how to play and win” tough games

  1. You just played a better team in a very loud, hostile environment. I’ve been to several games at the Bank, and you can’t even hear the guy next to you when that place gets rocking.

    Whitworth is right on that, but you also need to play good teams and beat them. Our Vikings have done it, but get no respect, wonder why that is?

  2. The game was won in the trenches. The pass protection started to break down for the Rams in the 2nd half but not the Vikings. The Vikings were able to run a little bit and the Rams didn’t. It’s that simple.

  3. Vikings fan here. I hope the Rams don’t get too down on themselves for this loss. They’re still talented and can make some noise the rest of this season – even in the playoffs. Best of luck down the stretch.

  4. Whitworth is right. The Rams are a talented young team that needs
    to learn to play in playoff type atmospheres for upcoming big games.

    Unfortunately, Whitworth played most of his career with the Bengals,
    therefore, he has very little insight to offer on this matter.

  5. The Rams are good, but it was pretty clear the Vikes game plan was to use its larger O-line to wear down the smaller Rams’ D-line. By the 4th quarter, with dang near double the time of possession, the Rams D-line was spent. Also, the Rams appear to be a different team offensively without a lead — the Vikes were able to make them more one-dimensional.

  6. You don’t wait until you get into the playoffs to play to win. You play to win to get into the playoffs.

    Everson Griffen says it correctly, “You come to work every day and you handle your business.”

  7. If the Vikings lose to Carolina, it was unfair competitive advantage. If the Vikings win, good job in the booth on Sunday Greg!

  8. Watched that game yesterday and the Rams have nothing to apologize for. Very talented, physical and FAST team. Goff is the real deal.

    They just ran into a better team. Doesn’t mean the Rams aren’t really good.

  9. The injury to Woods hurts with the Saints coming up next. I believe the Rams defense is better than the Saints defense. You need your CB to return. And your offense is good enough to beat the Saints. Gurley should get more yards this week too. Good luck

  10. I am thrilled the Vikings beat the Rams but any game can go the other way in today’s NFL. I won’t knock the other team for putting forth a great effort and making a game of it. I liked it when being a fan meant cheering, not jeering.

  11. The Vikings are a more experience battle tested team. They have had a lot of the same players together on Defense (especially on defense) and offense. I watched lots of Rams game film before the game and noticed a lot of their big plays, WR’s were wide open down field, Gurley running wild, etc. I knew that would not happen against the Vikings defense.

    This game reminded me of the game against the Dallas Cowboys last year. Strength vs. Strength. Great Defense vs. Great Offense. In the Dallas game MN shut down Elliot and that offense for most of the game. Unfortunately MN did not have the Offensive Line it has this year, and came up short in scoring. I figured if we were able to shutdown that offense, we could shutdown this one.

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