Bears make a kicking change after missed game-tying field goal

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Bears kicker Connor Barth missed a game-tying field goal at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Lions, and that will be the last field goal he attempts in Chicago.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Barth is out and will be replaced by Cairo Santos.

Santos has played his entire career for the Chiefs and started this season in Kansas City, making all three of his field goals and all 12 of his extra points. But he suffered a groin injury, and replacement Harrison Butker played well enough that the Chiefs decided to waive Santos.

Now Santos has a new NFL home, and Barth is out.

25 responses to “Bears make a kicking change after missed game-tying field goal

  1. can someone PLEASE tell me why in the HELL this move wasnt made PRIOR to yesterday’s game?!?!?!!?

  2. Ouch. Forbath, take notice man. You missed 2 FG’s yesterday in what would have been a 23 point win. Can’t be doing that on this solid of a football team.

  3. This should have been down a long time ago. Too little, too late Pace! Get rid of Fox while you’re at…..:08 seconds left and your stud Rookie QB and RB’s are taken off the field so Barth can give them the win.

  4. Thom Brennaman’s reaction to the miss was priceless; “Annnd it’s not even close. Holy Moses”

  5. I can see the Bears having the same turn around next year that the rams had this year. Just need to fire that bozo head coach and bring in a real one.

  6. Ya know.. The NFC North is going to be a really tough division next year. Once Rogers comes back and the Turbisky gets a full’s gonna be interesting.

  7. The Bears need a lot of changes. New coaches, much better players at WR and CB, an ILB and at least one reliable edge rusher all come immediately to mind. But this is low hanging fruit. Addition by subtraction indeed. Where it will be interesting is if the Eagles kicker can’t go and they pick up Barth for their game vs the Bears on Sunday.

  8. Meanwhile, Robbie Gould keeps banging away and Alshon Jeffery might play in the Super Bowl. There are WAY more problems on this team than just the kicker and it starts in the front office. Nothing is going to change as long as we have the same brainiac decision makers that have given us Dick Jauron, Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman and now this. Pathetic.

  9. Kicking is no joke. Pressure is real. Once things come unglued in the brain … they stay unglued.

    See: Jason Myers and Robert Aguayo

  10. So, a guy with a groin issue is better than Barth… and I’m soooo good with it. How much groin do you need to shank a 46 yarder worse than Sunday’s display?

    Why not last week? Maybe the odds of Santos’ success are better, considering there’s only two more home games (those against Cleveland and San Fran).

    All said, the kicking situation in Chicago is stacking up to be a reboot of the “replacing Kevin Butler” saga. Anyone remember the abysmal kicking and games lost the Bears endured before getting lucky with Robbie Gould? Ok, Edinger was a blip, but his quirky style eventually succumbed to the wacky winds of the Soldier Field location.

  11. frozen in headlights bears are very lucky this guy still is available. He only lost his spot in KC due to injury and fantastic response from the guy who replaced him.

  12. Barth tossed a bit of grass in the Soldier Field air and it blew back in his face. He had zero confidence at that point, the kick being a zip code off reflected that. Pretty funny to have watched in real time.

  13. Barth’s post-game press conference was as bad as that lame kick…He sounded like he didn’t give a crap that he cost his team a chance to win in OT…Glad he’s gone.

  14. Santos should be a noticeable upgrade. he was good before Butker leveraged an injury to steal the job.

  15. the more losses the better the draft spot is. For 15 or more teams everything in the NFL but the draft spot is already done for this season

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