Hue Jackson: We’ll let DeShone Kizer play this thing out

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Browns coach Hue Jackson benched quarterback DeShone Kizer in a couple of games earlier this season and gave Kevin Hogan the start in another, but Kizer’s four turnovers against the Jaguars in Sunday’s 19-7 loss won’t lead to another change.

Jackson said immediately after the loss that Kizer will start against the Bengals on Sunday and the five games to follow because the Browns need to have as much data on Kizer as possible when it comes to addressing the position in the offseason.

“Where we are right now, I need to continue to see him,” Jackson said, via “Let’s let him play. Let’s let him play this thing out. As long as he’s healthy, let’s keep putting him out there. I want to walk away from this season knowing exactly what DeShone Kizer is top to bottom. He deserves that. I know this is all tough for him. Week in and week out, it’s the consistency he has to keep chasing. He just has to keep working at it.”

Jackson’s answer might be different if Hogan or Cody Kessler showed more in their appearances and it would certainly be different if their trade for A.J. McCarron had gone through, but those things didn’t happen and Kizer is going to get the chance to keep the Browns from going winless for an entire season.

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  1. I think it is the right call. 19-7 against the Jags is a good showing, especially if you take away that last 7 on the turnover. Someone else doesn’t turn it over and it’s a different ballgame. This from the team that was going to drop a 40-0 on the hapless Browns.

    2017 is lost, and it has been lost for a while now. After a great opener against PIT, they have really stunk up the field, and Kizer has to own a lot of that. Get the data, play your hearts out, but MOST important get a football guy to run this. Manning is my choice, someone like the Holmgren experiment or someone from the mythical BB tree are not. Sashi is not a football guy, and Hue can’t show what he is capable of if he is chasing his job and working with substandard personnel at position, which he is.

    And I would personally get rid of diPodesta. No offense to him but analytics play a role in football, not the central role.

  2. Until Coleman returned, their WR corps consisted of practice squad guys and a veteran who can’t catch the ball (Britt). The line is severely underperforming, especially without Thomas, and it’s hurting Kizer and the running game. Duke is the only saving grace because he’s quick underneath. I’m not saying Kizer is or can be good, I’m just saying it’s impossible to tell in this environment.

  3. Translation: We will go winless…!!! Consistency?…it was not long ago that you said “if a player turns it over he will not continue to play”…!!! Just admit that you have no choice and the season is over, we are once again playing for a draft pick…!!! Another top to bottom makeover is imminent…!!!

  4. And then the FO will fire all the coaches at the end of the season and the whole thing will start all over again.

  5. DeShone Kizer will never be a starter in this league. Are the Browns afraid to use a high draft pick to draft a franchise QB or are they just too cheap to pay a big contract to a Deshaun Watson or a Carson Wentz? The Browns have high draft picks every year yet they refuse to draft a top QB. The year they used a 1st rounder on a QB, they picked Johnny Manziel.

  6. Kizer isn’t good. They need to realize that. Notre Dame is a better team without him.

    He commits turnovers and has accuracy issues – those things are never getting fixed.

  7. mangycougar says:
    November 20, 2017 at 8:08 am
    Anyone else feel sorry of this guy? He plays on the worst team and the coaching flat out sucks.

    Said each year since 1999. ClownOrg. Gotta love those automatic wins each year!

  8. This is the right call. Who else can you go with on the Browns roster? Let Kizer play out and see if he progresses at all. Maybe with Coleman and Gordon (???) coming back, he’ll have some actual offensive weapons to throw to and show some progression down the stretch.

  9. I would be more excited if they said that they are going to “continue to develop” Kizer but whatever.

    Can’t build Rome in a day and you may remember that Peyton Manning when 3-13 his first year. As others have said, they lost the anchor of their Oline and the cupboard is barren of talent.

    It will be great if they can develop this kid, he seems to have talent.

  10. Haslam is stealing a play from the movie “Major League” and losing on purpose so the Cleveland fans won’t care if he moves the team to Tennessee! It’s so obvious.

  11. Okay, we all know it’s a given that it takes time for rookie QB’s to learn how to play at the NFL level. But we also know leopards don’t change their spots. The book on Kizer was inaccuracy, turnovers and inefficiency in the Red Zone. Those basic, fundamental flaws have only become more exposed.

  12. Browns rolled the dice with a draft pick who was considered ‘developmental’ at best by most talking heads.

    Plus, he comes from Notre Dame, whose name loosely translates to ‘perennial disappointment’.

    Dude has dubious collegiate credentials and poor attitude – so of course the Browns considered him to be a Top-20 QB of the NFL!

  13. The Browns don’t want the number one pick because they don’t have a clue when it comes to evaluating QBs. I think Hue Jackson can coach. I don’t think the personnel department can scout QB’s. They might be good at other things, but the single most important task is evaluating QB’s.

  14. That’s what happens when you have a con man owner who had the team 41 mil under the cap last season and a whopping 63 million under this season. Top 24 teams closest to the cap are 12 million or less. That equates to a 48+ mil difference in player personnel budget.

    Blame the coach all you want, but Belichick would have a tough time with making that budget into a successful team. Its the owner. He’s laughing all the way to the bank while scamming Cleveland fans.

  15. I don’t understand how any coaching staff and front office can survive 1-31. And if Hillbilly Jim thinks giving Peyton Manning a FO job is going to save this franchise, he may as well sell the team right now.

  16. Baby Huey is not a competent coach.

    Apparently there is no competence in any position on the team because of personnel choices and the continued allowance of Huey’s employment.

  17. I feel bad for Hue, He wanted Goff, He wanted Wentz if Goff was off the board, He wanted Watson if Malik Hooker was off the Board ……. He has to play with the players he has.

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