Nathan Peterman: I have never experienced something like this

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Nathan Peterman said he has “never experienced something like this.” Of course, neither had anyone else.

Peterman was the first quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger to throw at least five interceptions in a first half, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

“I’ve had tough games before and coach always says you never lose, you learn,” Peterman said, via Matthew Fairburn of “That will be my mindset moving forward. I am going to learn a lot from this and make sure that it never happens again.”

The question is: Will he ever get another chance? Despite coach Sean McDermott’s declaration afterward that he will “evaluate” his starting quarterback situation for next week, he cannot throw Peterman back out there.

Peterman was 6-of-14 for 66 yards and five interceptions before Tyrod Taylor replaced him. The fifth-round pick clearly was not prepared for his first NFL start.

“I was really just trusting God honestly,” Peterman said. “Sometimes you just do not really understand why things happen. I have to trust in a higher power. I think my relationship with God helps a lot with that.

“I am prepared and I watch film all week. I can definitely see what my teammates can do out there. They are talented. The whole NFL is talented. I felt prepared and now I just need to play better.”

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  1. When I saw the scores on the screen I thought “WOW! the Chargers hang 50??” But after review, I see the Bill hung themselves.

    No comments on he who shall not be named??

  2. He didn’t look prepared at all. I don’t think he or his receivers saw the change coming. Things weren’t bad, there was no need to rush Peterman out there this week, even if they believed Taylor was was hurting the offense. There’s no choice but to stick with Tyrod, which stinks because one of the worst things you can do to a young QB is putting him and pulling him out because of one bad performance. But Peterman is clearly not ready and the team clearly has not spent time preparing him or themselves to be the starter.

  3. “I was really just trusting God honestly,” Peterman said. “Sometimes you just do not really understand why things happen. I have to trust in a higher power.

    Maybe God wanted the Chargers to win?

  4. The pressure on the backup QB in a town like Buffalo is off the hook because the fanbase is so desperate and GM kim Pegula actually listens to the fanbase, something you just can’t do.

    It’s a hopeless situation.

  5. I only saw the lowlights and it looked like the kid had no pocket presence. Just chucking the ball up for grabs when under pressure. Not his fault that an idiot coach threw him out there unnecessarily when he was clearly not ready.

  6. Makes wonder if the Bills are far more concerned about getting one of the QB’s in the upcoming draft.

  7. I could understand a <.500 team roadtesting a 1st/2nd-round QB, but why would a team with a winning record, healthy QB & vying for a wildcard, decide to just play a 5th-round rookie instead? If you think he's the possible future at least train him up for a couple of years. SNL should do a series of "duh Bills" sketches.

  8. People have thought McDermott was the Belichick of Buffalo making big moves but they had been working out. With the run defense falling apart after trading Dareus and the Peterman debacle, I think this faith is starting to move towards “same old Bills” territory.

  9. As they say in the NBA: BALL DON’T LIE! This kid had no business on the field for a 5-4 team, vying for a playoff spot. Some teams have one eye on replacing a QB and not even a potential playoff spot, will stop them from acting stupidly.

    I go back to the days when QBs called their own plays on the field and nothing like yanking your winning QB, has ever happened. For McDermott, this won’t look good on his resume.

  10. As a Bills fan I hate to say it but with 6 games remaining…one at KC next week and two against New England…we can finally put all this “We’re going to the playoffs!” nonsense to rest.

    As usual around Thanksgiving the past 17 years, it’s time to start thinking about next year’s draft.

  11. If I were the Bills owner, I’d be very concerned that my head coach somehow thought that this kid was ready to play in an NFL game, and I’d be seriously questioning his ability to lead a team. I can see thinking that Taylor is not the answer, but you have to have a better option if you’re going to bench him, and this isn’t close.

  12. This was a HORRIFIC job of coaching…. one of the worst I’ve ive seen.

    First, he’s given the starting nod via suprise, mid week….

    Then inexplicably, he’s left in the game to throw picks 4 and 5 in the first half, despite having other passes nearly picked as well ??

    Peterman was bad…. Coaching decisions were worse

  13. I blame his coach for throwing him in there when he obviously has no business starting when he’s not ready. You never want to see someone fall flat on their face like that but that is all on the coach.

  14. Keep Peterman starting, this is valuable learning time. Bills will not make the playoffs with that defence & Tyrod anyways.

    Anyone remember Troy Aikman’s rookie season? It was like 1-15 if I recall and he got pounded all season. Point is we Bills fans need to be patient, let’s not crucify Peterman after one half.

  15. If trusting God got you this, maybe it’s time to turn to Satan.

    56 30

    I wasn’t against the move but now I see it was a mistake. It wasn’t just the bad game, I’m more concerned about the kids psyche after a beat down like that….what concerns me is now that Taylor won’t be back next year, what are we gonna do..

    But seriously, a phins fan trashing us? You’re team has enough of its own problems to keep them busy

  16. “I’ve had tough games before and coach always says you never lose, you learn…I am going to learn a lot from this and make sure that it never happens again.”

    He’s half right. You definitely lose but no coach in his right mind is ever going to let that happen again. Dude is destined to be the answer…to a trivia question.

  17. “I was really just trusting God honestly,” Peterman said. “Sometimes you just do not really understand why things happen. I have to trust in a higher power. I think my relationship with God helps a lot with that.”


  18. The Bills front office /owner should admit this was their decision instead of having their coach look like an idiot

  19. So, Peterman throws a pick six on his first drive, then another INT on his 2nd drive. On the Bills third drive, they hand it to McCoy twice who runs for 64 yards and a TD.

    On the Bills next five possessions of the half, they hand the ball to McCoy a grand total of 4 times.

    Why on earth do you choose not to lean on your running game with a rookie QB in his first NFL start? You allow him to keep turning the ball over, rather than putting it in the hands of your #1 asset.

    I don’t blame Peterman. This coach should be fired.

  20. Wow, so many people here should be GM’s and coaches. You all are very perceptive, probably know all you need to know from the box score. Boy, wish I knew as much about football as you. Anyway, if you watched the game(watched the whole thing) then you pin 2 picks on Peterman. First pick literally hot DiMarco in the hands and he lets it deflect off his helmet. Ok, you deal with that one. The next 2, that’s Joey Bosa DOMINATING the right tackle. If you actually watched the play, both ducks were in the direction of Wide Open recivers, if he’s not getting sacked on A 3 STEP DROP, those aren’t intercepted, and possibly go for big gains. The last 2, rookie mistakes. You can’t be late on out breaking routes, and the last one was clearly a misread(Joey Bosa in your grill, again, doesn’t help.) Tyrod was stripped In 3rd because he continued to show his lack of pocket presence. If he can’t eacape the pocket, that’s what you get out of Tyrod. He started pushing the ball down field, so maybe that benching got the message through, but I’d still stick with Peterman, he wasn’t visibly rattled. outside of the last 2 picks, he saw the right things out of the defense and identified the open recivers at the top of his drop. You don’t draft a kid, 5th round or not, and then give up on him after a combination of horrible luck and just rookie mistakes. The offense was the best it looked all season until DiMarco’s butterfingers.

  21. They are tanking for next year.. It’s obvious!

    Tyrod won’t be signed and the Bills want to move up the draft board.

  22. People are overreacting. Buffalo is in the race for a QB in next year’s Draft – (remember they have acquired a lot of picks in trades). They know what they have in Tyrod Taylor and are looking for something better. This was simply a case of checking out what their young backup has to offer. Yes, it was brutal but now we know that Nathan Peterman is not an NFL QB.

  23. Uglydingo, no, you don’t know that. Let’s not forget that the same Ben Rothlisberger who mused retirement, and continually drove schisms into his locker room threw 5 picks and then said “maybe I dont have it anymore”. He seems to be alright. Peterman isn’t the second coming of Big Ben, but to say he’s not an NFL QB based off 1 half’s performance that clearly snowballed is selling it short. He needs a chance to redeem himself. Otherwise, what happens when the new QB comes in and lays an egg in his first few games next season? It’s been 18 years, but Franchise QB’s don’t grow on trees, and very rarely do they come out of the gate hot. Took Goff and Wentz a full year, highs and lows, to develop. RG3 anybody? Blake Bortles? Derek Carr? Those guys weren’t great by any stretch either early(Carr) or were just a fluke(RG3). If you think Tyrod gives the best chance to Win this Sunday, then you start him, but if you lose that game, no reason to stick with somebody not on your roster in 2018.

  24. “The offense was the best it looked all season until DiMarco’s butterfingers.”

    LOL. Yes, those 66 passing yards Peterman had were spectacular. That’s a pace to eclipse 130 for a game!!! Clearly, he was identifying receivers perfectly. And it really was terrible luck and rookie mistakes that 4 passes thrown directly to defenders were intercepted. (I’ll cut him slack for the first one off the receiver’s hands.) I mean, everyone knows that in college you TRY to throw passes to the defense so he clearly was just confused.

  25. One would think he would have done his homework before signing a contract with the Bills. Anyone could have seen this coming from a mile away.

  26. “Mogo, 66 yards in half compared to 57 for the game. LOL. Best keep that day job, no moonlighting as a GM anytime soon for you, I’m sure.”

    He threw more INTs in that half than Tyrod has thrown FOR THE SEASON. Yet somehow the one bad game–in which Tyrod threw a single interception, I might add–is enough to doom him to the bench but a historically bad 5 INTs in a half is just “rookie mistakes” and “bad luck” for Peterman?

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