Browns’ woes are starting to impact attendance

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The Factory of Sadness is losing customers.

With one win in the first 26 games of the latest reboot, Browns fans are getting to the point where they’ve had enough.

According to Kevin Kleps of Crain’s Cleveland Business, via SportsBusiness Journal, the team’s performance has begun to impact attendance. Despite an announced crowd of 57,003 for Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars, Kleps write that the team “might be fortunate to have had 40,000 people” present.

According to the report, the Browns have routinely had announced attendance of 60,000 or less, a trend that hasn’t occurred since before the team returned as an expansion franchise in 1999.

Coincidentally (or not), owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam recently met with players to seek their input regarding possible changes to the team. Coach Hue Jackson attended; executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown didn’t. And all that that implies.

Whatever the Browns do the rest of the way — and an 0-16 season remains possible — changes are coming for the Browns. What they are and when they may happen remains to be seen.

And then the question will be whether those changes will have enough of an impact on Browns fans to get them to support the team, again.

49 responses to “Browns’ woes are starting to impact attendance

  1. The games are usually “sold out” because ticket brokers buy huge number of season tix and the single game tix available.

    For many teams that does not translate to full stadiums.

    Cleveland fans are doing exactly what they need to to force scam artist Haslam to sell the team. Every Browns fan should stay away like the stadium is the source of a plague and hit Haslam where it hurts.

  2. BEGINNING to impact??
    Browns fans are tougher than I am, I would’ve bailed in….’04 or ‘05 or ‘06.etc

  3. First thing to change? Those awful, ugly, cheap looking uniforms. How do you expect men to perform like professionals when you dress them like sad clowns? Next, kick the criminal fraudster owners out of the NFL.

  4. That was quick!

    Poor, loyal, optimistic bastards have finally had it!

    Those fans deserve better.

    If I hadn’t been born and raised as a Pats’ fan….I would be a Browns fan! I’m pulling for them every week.

    The NFL should turn the Browns into a reality show next year.
    Fire EVERYBODY in the organization. Go down to a local, Cleveland, watering hole and hire an entire staff from that bar.
    Let these guys run the draft, personnel decisions, play calling….the whole 9 yards.

    Nobody can tell me that they would do worse than 1 win in 2 years!

    Go Browns!

  5. Its actually a growing trend. I see a lot of stadiums that look half full.

    People are tired of the bull crap!

  6. They really are an embarrassment and it’s owners fault. Seriously, spend the 60 Million in cap space. Put more talent on the field. It’s ridiculous.

  7. As a season ticket holder I am loyal to the Browns but it really hurts when you can’t go to a game and can only sell your ticket for less than 1/5 of what you paid for it. Not sure whether I’m renewing any more.

  8. They should have made Bill an offer he couldn’t refuse to get Jimmy G…..1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th….(they have multiple in each of those rounds) & they could have had their franchise QB…

  9. Input from the players? Yes, they need dozens more opinions on how to fix the team. I’m certain this will work…..

  10. 40,0000 people in a 57,000 stadium still doesn’t sound too bad. I’m surprised they draw more than 20,000 fans with all the losing the Browns have been doing over the last decade or so.

  11. You can’t win without a professional caliber QB. The Browns have actually added a few decent players through the draft the last couple years, but they’ve missed on the QB. There have been quite a few QBs come out of college over the last two years that looked good in college. Sometimes the good college QBs don’t turn out to be good pro’s. Kizer didn’t look good in college. There has never been a bad college QB who turned into a good pro. Whoever is responsible for drafting Kizer is causing the entire franchise to look bad. They’d be at least a .500 team with Carson Wentz, Goff, or Prescott.

  12. Yeah idk…I think its the ESPN effect. The NFL is getting too preachy.

    Players want to bring attention to the vague concept of inequality. They had everyone’s attention at one point, but it didn’t go anywhere. None of them can say exactly what they’re protesting. They just keep trying to draw attention.

    It gives fans the impression that they don’t really know anything. If you’re gonna protest you have to have either facts or solutions to talk about. How are fans supposed to react to that? It’s just annoying.

  13. I love the Browns in a selfish and twisted way. Whenever my team loses and I’m down and out, I remind myself it could always be worse….I could be a Browns fan.

    I also have the utmost respect for all Browns, Bills, Jags, etc. fan bases who continue to support and invest in your team. You deserve better.

  14. Last Sunday was the worst possible weather for going to a football game. Nonstop rain with temperatures just above freezing. I don’t care if they were undefeated, you couldn’t pay me to sit out in that.

  15. All Cleveland had to do was build model a new stadium. They would have kept Belichick as the coach and the great scouting staff that Ozzie took with him. Cleveland found money for a new baseball stadium, new basketball arena, and the rock and roll hall of fame. The Browns would have never left if they had gotten a stadium.

  16. Factory of Sadness. I’ve never been sad to have a team. The heartbreak is having your team taken away. They stink but I can wear my hoodie happy to have that stink. And the comedian who coined that phrase sucks. Tim Manoa rules!

  17. Hang in there Browns fans your team is very close. I like the defense and the packers are coming up on your schedule.

  18. I will admit it publicly…I have season tickets to this hot mess if a team. Have had them for 6 years. Stopped going early this season and have zero plans on renewing them going forward.
    I have 2 some, 18 & 19, that have zero interest in the NFL and the history of losing is the reason. This team has single handedly forced an entire generation away from the game….amazing.

  19. To the Browns fans I say this…just be patient, you’ll play the packers soon and that win will surely increase attendance.

  20. Um, there is NO WAY that there were 40,000 people at Sundays game. The place was EMPTY. 20,000 TOPS. I would bet fewer than that.

  21. 2017 Cleveland Browns attendance – 64,532 avg. (23rd in NFL)
    2017 pittsburgh steelers attendance – 64,568 avg.(22nd in NFL)

    2016 Cleveland Browns attendance – 64,311 avg. (25th in NFL)
    2016 pittsburgh steelers attendance – 64,312 avg.(24th in NFL)

  22. The owner has alienated the fan but not know anything about Cleveland Browns history made changes has lost the loyal fan.
    Happy Joe Banner run the ship and having him bring in Mike Lombardi, who had already had four history drafting with the Browns, is just plain dumb firing chudinski the after one season?
    Changing the Browns uniforms not very good especially changing the color of the Helmet

  23. I surprised the fans have been as tolerant as they have in recent years. No playoff game since 2002. And since the 1999 rebirth just 2 seasons above .500 and an 88-210 record – or roughly a change at QB for every 3 wins. Still, thanks to Quitter Model, at least Cleveland doesn’t have to put up with the total shame of erecting a statue to a known murder participant.

  24. Empty seats and an empty comments section.
    Go figure?
    Sashi, and Paraag in SF, are both in the Moneyball Camp.

    Cheap Owners get what they deserve in the Fan loyalty dept.
    Empty seats and more fans coming to see the opponent.

  25. Letting Pryor go was a mistake…most of what they have done has been wrong especially drafting…

    Yet…somehow…I am pulling for them…even if they aren’t my team. I liked them when Metcalf was there…so I hope they right the ship here soon…

  26. Poor Browns fans, you deserve better. Try this sadness in any other market, the stand would have been empty years ago. Reminds me of my saints during the Ditka era, I would go to see how bad it is. I found entertainment in that,

    Aaron Brooks – perfect passer rating……. for backward passes.

    Thank you Sean and Drew

  27. I don;t see how any fans still show up in Cleveland. They hired a Baseball guy. I wonder why that didn’t work. They should’ve left things alone when they had joe banner in charge. They will keep screwing things up for many years to come.

  28. I’m amazed the fans have been so tolerant! No playoff since 2002. And since the 1999 rebirth just 2 seasons above .500 and an 88-210 record – or roughly a change at QB for every 3 wins. Still, thanks to Quitter Modell, at least Cleveland doesn’t have to put up with the total shame of erecting a statue to a known murder accomplice.

  29. The Browns are flush with cash and loaded with picks. They are in a position to get well in a hurry and if they were almost any other organization with a committed owner we’d be looking forward to how they went about it over the next couple of years. But it’s Jimmy Haslam’s Browns we are talking about. Imagine what a Schneider, Belichick, Roseman, Colbert or Dimitroff could do with that cap space and all those picks but then they have the very patient and willing to spend Allen, Kraft, Lurie, Rooney and Blank as owners.

  30. The Browns have the best fan base in the whole NFL bar none and if you haven’t been there, you really should go.

    What an amazing experience, hats off to you guys and gals.

  31. joetoronto says:
    November 22, 2017 at 11:37 am

    The Browns have the best fan base in the whole NFL bar none…

    They would have to be to put up with that team season after season.

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