Matt Ryan tried not to let bad thoughts “creep in” late in fourth quarter

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When the Falcons kicked a field goal to go up 11 points with 3:49 left to play, their win probability was about as high as it could get without a final whistle.

It doesn’t take the longest memory to remember a time when the Falcons were unable to close out a win under similarly rosy projections, however, and it was impossible to block out those memories when the Seahawks cut that lead to three points less than a minute later. A quick three-and-out gave Seattle the ball back and they began driving for another score.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was asked after the game if there was a point when he felt like saying “oh no.”

“To me, I try not to let those things creep in,” Ryan said. “You can ask guys on the sideline, I’m always thinking situationally, so what is going to happen if they do this, if we do that. So you try not to let those things creep in and think about it and again, I’ve played long enough to know that you have no idea how things are going to shake out.”

Ryan said he was thinking about overtime as Blair Walsh readied field goal attempt that would tie the game. It fell short, giving Atlanta a 34-31 win and a second-straight win as they head home for the next three weeks. Ryan said that momentum is a good thing for the team.

“Yeah, I mean, it beats the alternative. You don’t have momentum going into it. So it is good for us. Obviously, winning games, finding ways to win, that is huge. Getting back is going to be great for us.”

The home stand starts with the Buccaneers next Sunday before the Vikings and Saints come to town in what will be a pair of marquee matchups in the NFC playoff race.