Tahir Whitehead on whether he intentionally stepped on Charles Leno: I’m not that kind of guy

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Tahir Whitehead‘s wife and coach spoke for him earlier Monday, denying the Lions linebacker intentionally stepped on Bears offensive tackle Charles Leno. Whitehead gave his explanation during the team’s open locker room, also insisting it was unintentional.

“Nah, I’m not that type of guy,” Whitehead said, via Chris Burke of The Athletic. “I let him know it wasn’t intentional.”

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune posted a video of Whitehead stepping on Leno’s leg during Sunday’s game. Whitehead’s wife tweeted at Biggs, and Lions coach Jim Caldwell also came to his player’s defense.

Whitehead explained he was trying to avoid the rest of the pile and “came down in a bad spot.” He said he immediately apologized to Leno.

“Everyone who knows me knows I play the game as clean as you can play the game of football, but I’m not out there trying to hurt anybody,” Whitehead said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I think we’re all out here trying to take care of our families and provide for our families.”

11 responses to “Tahir Whitehead on whether he intentionally stepped on Charles Leno: I’m not that kind of guy

  1. Vikings fan here. Play looked incidental, response seems genuine. I say this one is just a football play. They happen sometimes when the league lets the boys play the game.

  2. It was intentional and saying you are sorry is not enough. Fine him and let him know that if it happens again, he will get suspended. The game is brutal enough without this sort of stuff going on after a play is over. What if Leno was injured and could not play, then what? I have no respect for players like this and Kudos to Biggs for getting it out there.

  3. Maybe Biggs should have done a little investigative journalism and asked leno and whitehead first? If he had, it wouldn’t have been put out there.

  4. Do you really think the guy is going to say that he intentionally stepped on Leno? The fact that Leno’s leg was not moving and he stepped on it makes me think it is intentional. Maybe Leno is okay with it, but I don’t like seeing that happen to any player.

  5. I’m a Bears fan, so of course I can see enough to call it intentional, but I can’t fault anyone who see it the other way.

    Stafford headbutting Acho’s leg to draw a flag, however, irritates me so much more. That’s a special kind of classless.

  6. He was getting up in a big pile of bodies, tried to make a big step to avoid stepping on people, and accidentally got Leno’s leg. Absolutely not intentional, and definitely not a story!

  7. He didn’t intentionally step on it but he also didn’t make much of an effort to quickly get off it once he had. You know immediately that your not stepping on flat ground in that situation. Whitehead didn’t hop off very quickly and actually turned and looked at Leno while still standing on him.

  8. vikingf0rlife says:
    November 21, 2017 at 4:52 pm
    Both the Lions and Bears suck, historically the Lions are much, much, much worse!

    Lions have same number superbowl titles as the Vikings…0. The Bears…1

    Vikings have 1 pre merger championship.

    Lions do have 4 nfl championships

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