Bruce Irvin, Khalil Mack miss practice one day after Ken Norton’s firing

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Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin expressed his displeasure with the firing of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. by tweeting a one-word expletive in all caps. On Wednesday, he and defensive end Khalil Mack separately left practice and were listed as not practicing for what the team termed “not injury related.”

Draw your own conclusion.

Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a team spokesman sent beat writers a group text informing them that the players were given a “rest-type day.”

But Irvin had not missed a practice all season, via Gehlken, and Mack’s only missed practice came Sept. 6.

Again, draw your own conclusion.

Both are expected to resume practicing Thursday.

The Raiders replaced Norton with John Pagano, the assistant head coach/defense. Norton was Irvin’s position coach in Seattle for three seasons, and the two reunited in Oakland last season when Irvin signed as a free agent in Norton’s second season as the Raiders’ defensive coordinator.

Earlier Wednesday, coach Jack Del Rio addressed Irvin’s reaction to Norton’s firing.

“I think the biggest thing is to understand the relationship, respect that, give him a little space and then at the end of the day, we’re going to get on with our work,” Del Rio said. “But I’m human. It wasn’t easy for me, either.”

65 responses to “Bruce Irvin, Khalil Mack miss practice one day after Ken Norton’s firing

  1. So they skipped practice to send a message. Why not just show up, and take a knee during pre practice stretching? That’s the way to make change happen, right? Take a knee, and poof, change… interesting that these players are willing to skip practice, not a game, not a game, practice. We’re talking about practice. Guess their commitment to the cause only goes so far, right up until it tangibly affects them/their wallet

  2. Of course it’s lame snowflake behavior by the players and will be viewed as divisive by most. But honestly pagano is just as horrible. He only had a job because the Nfl is no different than any other major industry at high levels (if you have strong connections they will create a job for you).nobody wins here and expect more raiders losses.

  3. Del Rio did the same thing in Jacksonville. Every time things went sour, he threw someone under the bus. By the end of his tenure, no one worth a crap would work for him. Looks like that’s still his M.O

  4. No matter who you are and what part of this defense you play all of the players are needing to be held accountable for the bad play and the coaches that remain on the staff need to be held accountable as well this entire team has been one of the biggest disappointments I’ve experienced as a Raiders fan and I’ve been watching since 1987 a lot of bad years in my time as a Raiders fan but I had high hopes for this years team. I guess if I was being completely honest I would say that since the Broncos game last season I felt like Del Rio wasn’t the guy when we could not even be competitive after Carr went down because if you are a good coach in this league you find a way to adapt and play decent after you lose your starting Quarterback we never had a chance. With the window we have with the players we have we need to win now and unfortunately we are squandering the best years of Carr’s career we need a new coach after this season

  5. Brothers gotta support other brothers, even when they don’t deserve to keep the job that was handed to them.

  6. They’ve both been largely MIA in games, so why not miss practice? At least with Mack it’s mostly the result of the extra attention he receives from blocker. Irvin does not have that excuse.

  7. Maybe if they played better he wouldn’t have been fired. They should blame themselves for letting their coach down.

  8. Norton sucked as DC. He should of been fired instead of Musgrave.

    Now they suck on offense and defense, and the rumor is, Del Rio was the one pushing Musgrave out the door.

    If players are mad, well they’re idiots. Look at how bad that defense has been.

    They have Kalil Mack getting double and triple teamed every play, and the rest of them with all sorts of manpower advantages can’t do squat.

  9. What is it with these guys with all the drama all the time. Bottom line, he didn’t perform and got the umpire’s call. No different from you not doing your job and then getting the boot. The only difference, your co-workers would not get a day off (essentially with pay) to rest and recover from the termination.

    Same church, different pew, when they go to London we hear about the food, how to sleep, the body adjustments… We go on a business trip, if the food sucks you eat it and still do your job…

    Quit pampering these clowns

    If they were soooo concerned for the coach, they should not have allowed their performance to drive decisions for his demise

    Papered cry babies

  10. Well, this shows exactly how disfunctional the Raiders actually are. Irvin, Mack: Show up, shut up, and try to actually earn your salaries. Maybe you might actually live up to expectations. Your old DC was so great…let’s see, Mack how many sacks do you have? one? Either you aren’t the great player you think you are or the schemes your coaches gave you were pathetic? Go figure. Norton should have been fired at the end of last season (and Musgrave kept on!)

  11. Didn’t take long for this team to blow up. I’m not a big JDR fan as a coach – loved him as a player – but there are problems on this team bigger than him. Good luck Raider Nation.

  12. The Raiders should voice their displeasure in signing this guy with his bloated contract. OAK made a HUGE MISTAKE in signing this tool, they have paid him just right under 20$ Million dollars over the last 2 seasons for just 9.5 sacks, they paid this dude WAYYY to much money. Oakland should of just drafted another pass rusher in the 2015 draft after drafting Khalil Mack the year before. Had OAK of been smart OAK could of signed arguably the best pass rusher to come out of the 2015 draft in Elite OLB 6″3/260pd Markus Golden who plays for AZ, who posted 12.5 sacks/26QB Hits/68 QB pressures last year and is the only pass rusher from the 2015 draft to post 50+ QB pressures in his first two seasons. Golden was snubbed for the Pro-Bowl last year but would of made it this year had he of not gotten injured in week 3 of this season, tearing his ACL, That dude is a freaking monster though he will definitely be back next year and back with a vengeance, I love how that guy plays the game he goes 110MPH every snap every play going full speed. Had OAK of been smart they could of drafted him in the 2nd round. The Raiders BADLY need a very good #2 pass rusher, they need to cut Irvin this off-season and sign a top free agent pass rusher while drafting another rusher in the first 2 rounds of the draft building up that D-Line as well, because right now its pretty weak.

  13. The sudden increase in pressure after getting shot down at a very high altitude can cause an implosion.

  14. Babies. Maybe if they played better he’d still be there. I should have done this when my boss was canned and they brought in someone I didn’t care for. Or maybe not.

  15. As far as I’m concerned, Irvin can keep walking and never come back. I don’t care if Del Rio just got extended, he’s clearly lost the locker room and needs to be let go.

  16. Uh oh, are the nuts In charge of the nut house? Oh sorry can’t say that.
    Are the inmates running the prison? Oh sorry can’t say that either.
    Well I guess I can just say more rich entitled athletes who think they know everything because they’re high paid.
    Try holding you and your teammates accountable for your play. If it’s not the coach it’s the players and you can’t fire all the players

  17. So the defensive minded coach fired the defensive coordinator?

    Makes no sense. A defensive minded head coach shouldn’t have to fire his defensive coordinator mid-season.The defensive minded head coach should be able to fix the defense without having to fire anybody mid-season.

    Let’s take a look at Jack Del Rio:

    He’s not involved in the offense.
    He can’t fix the defense.
    He can’t put together a coaching staff, and obviously can’t identify Coordinator talent.

    What exactly is he good for, and you all just have him an extension?

    It has to be rough being a Raider fan…nothing’s finer than 49er Empire.

  18. The defense was terrible and I know we have a lot of injuries in the secondary, but it has been terrible for awhile. Part I think is Ken Norton junior, the other is the players that Reggie McKenzie has brought in haven’t worked out. McKenzie has done a decent job, but He has had plenty of misses. I think this past years draft was probably one of his worst. I didn’t want marshawn, but instead draft d’onta foreman. We passed on Ruben foster for a corner, which i’m Not going to fault him for, but we then passed on MLB Zach Cunningham in the 2nd round for obi melafanou. Both players that I wanted and were available in the 2nd and 3rd round were selected by Houston right after raiders picks.

  19. Ken Norton should have been gone last year and Irvin hasn’t done anything to think he deserves the money he was paid in free agency, I hope he’s cut before next season. Leadership is clearly losing this team and needs to be replaced. It starts with Reggie who has failed to put together a defense with enough talent to stop an average college offense. Jack you are a defensive minded coach who coached one of the top defensive units in the league a few years ago in Denver, do something with our defense or “kick rocks”. All Todd Downing has done is take a top 10 offense and simplify it so much that any chip eating, beer drinking couch potato could draw up a defensive scheme to stop it. There was so much undeserved hype for this team at the start of the season and in all likelihood they will be picking in the top 10 of next years draft. Man it’s tough to be a fan of this organization!!

  20. First kneeling during the anthem, now players open insubordination against staff when their feelings are hurt because they don’t get their way. Seems to be a high number of team led suspensions-NY Giants- this year.

    Maybe McNair was correct in his comment.

  21. Clearly this team needs stud CB’s, and Reggie can’t find them. If the secondary was at least average, the sacks would be up and we’d have some INT’s. Norton had to go, JDR may be next, but I don’t think that happens until after the season. The think the Norton firing was also to wakes these dudes up and play angry. Last season was last season. Get up, fight, tackle someone, get mad. Heck, get chippy for all I care, but show some damage emotion like you care about the guys standing next to you. Make some plays, have some pride in yourself. The QB can’t bail out the D every freakin week. Play every snap like you’re up by 1 point with 2 minutes to go. Shut someone down. Oh, and don’t take stupid penalties. Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Ken Norton was a good rah rah rah guy when I saw him on the Seahawks but he didn’t seem like the type who would become a good DC. Coordinators are tacticians too, they are not just motivators. I can see why Mack and Irvin would be upset if they liked his rah rah attitude.

  23. First, the players are being unprofessional.

    Second, if true that Jack del Rio is the real defensive play caller, he pretty much just lost the team.

    Third, being a buddy with the coach is not a good idea. Look at Carr and his OC.

  24. collectordude says:
    November 22, 2017 at 11:09 pm
    Del Rio may be fired next.


    He should be. With all the talent on that team there are no excuses for their performance. The coaching is the issue.

  25. notlistinin says:
    November 23, 2017 at 11:33 am
    First kneeling during the anthem, now players open insubordination against staff when their feelings are hurt because they don’t get their way. Seems to be a high number of team led suspensions-NY Giants- this year.
    Maybe McNair was correct in his comment.


    This isn’t a CEO and his minions. The Players make more than the coaches. A guy like Mack is within his right to feel let down by his organization and to try and influence who the coaches are.

  26. The Raiders are going nowhere this year. Jack Del Rio needs to suspend both of these guys for the next game and find out if they like playing football or making friends. Norton is doing a lousy job with this defense. First the DC gets fired and if the Defense doesn’t get any better the Coach will be next.

  27. Why are players with a lifespan of maybe 10 years if they are luck funning the asylum… Look a JJ watt 5 good years #100 mil and now two years in a row on IR….. his career is circling the drain.. in 12 months most of these guys can be replaced and no one will remember there names… Marshawn Lynch is on his last legs. Carr was a flash in the pan RAIDER NATION sucks!

  28. Ken Norton Jr. coached the Seahawks D to a SB win, and should have been a 2nd SB win. Don’t give me this crap that the man can’t coach! These players don’t want to play for Del Rio, who is a right wing jerk.

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