Cam Newton posts old mugshots, talks second chances

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Sometimes Cam Newton can be an open book. Even if it’s hard to read the letters.

The Panthers quarterback celebrated the Thanksgiving week by rehashing one of the worst days of his life, by posting his mugshots from his stolen laptop incident at the University of Florida.

It was a reasonably heartfelt message. If you can read it, I mean. Newton posts message in his own special font for some reason, but if you look hard enough, you might see something worthwhile in there.

“I contemplated posting this and even reluctant about it, but as I think about my life and the many things I’m thankful for, I want to be an open book so people can hear my testimony and learn from the flaws and mistakes I made,” he wrote, translated to English. “On this day — 11/21/2008 — I was arrested for a stolen laptop, and I’m sure you’re asking yourself: ‘Where is he going with this story?’ But the moral of the story is this: On this date, I thought my life and my career was over, and the fact that I had shamed my family with the media coverage surrounding this situation. I vowed to myself on this day (nine years ago) that I will be better from this situation.

“What you must learn from this story is this: If you live your life listening to what other people are saying what you should do and not your own, shame on you. I can honestly say to you today that no one gave me a chance to succeed down bad in my situation, and if I would have listened to those people that said I can’t, who knows where I would be today. So I’m extremely thankful for God’s mercy, grace and favor over my life. So if I can do it with my circumstances, surely you can do it and be whatever you want to be with hard work and persistence. — Love.”

Newton’s seems aware of the fact his act isn’t for everyone, even if sometimes he lacks the self-awareness that he has been an active participant in creating some of the negative perceptions.

After going through a series of missteps this year (making a sexist joke, losing yogurt money because of it, then freezing out the local media), he’s in a better mood at the moment. He just hosted his annual Thanksgiving dinner for local underprivileged families, which certainly helps. They’re also winning, and that’s part of it.

But whatever you think of him, looking back on his past problems seems to indicate a desire to learn and grow from them. That’s a decent idea, whether you’ve ever been a teenage petty thief, an MVP, or write in a readable typeface.

25 responses to “Cam Newton posts old mugshots, talks second chances

  1. No one gave him a second chance? If that were true, he would not be the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

    Cam dropped the ball on this one. I thought he would justify second chances as a way to help younger people with their decision making. But no…

  2. Nice to see him maturing. Those who dislike him may have valid reasons to do so. Well, he’s not perfect but he’s not as bad as many make him out to be. Good for you Cam!

  3. “What you must learn from this story is this: If you live your life listening to what other people are saying what you should do and not your own, shame on you.”

    Pretty sure almost “everyone” would have told Cam to avoid stolen laptops. Perhaps listening to what others say isn’t such a bad idea.

  4. Good for him. Especially the getting kicked out of Florida Gators team part! :)) Thank gawd we didn’t have to see him after tebow! #noles

    No seriously, good for him. That font tho…

  5. Ok haters – can we stop the SCAM Newton talk. Guy does so much here in Charlotte. Still has things he needs to work on but give the guy a break. He put himself out there to try and help others.

  6. Meh. Doesn’t seem to regret the stealing, only the fact that it almost derailed his career. Uninspiring.

  7. Don’t read more into this than is there. It is a sincere, heartfelt message of thanks. And so far, it’s the “best” one I’ve heard this season. He learned from his bib mistake and is grateful that it wasn’t the end of a career. The font? I suppose it’s just another facet of the hats, the shoes, the clothes, the celebrations and all the other expressions of individuality. Watch. Others will copy the idea. Cam is just being Cam and thankful that he still has that opportunity.

  8. Thanks, Cam. Good message from a good dude who should be applauded for his unique style and abilities, the joy with which he plays the game, and his involvement in giving back to the community. A minor mistake by an 18 year old pales in comparison to the serious crimes of athletes and politicians being exposed…maybe this will finally give all the Cam haters and detractors some context.

  9. wait til he plays an elite defense in cold weather

    nfc west seems to be fading. starting to wonder if it will produce a wildcard

    wc’s probably from north and south. some subset of minn, det, new orl, caro and atl. or moreso a subset of the 3 that don’t win their divs.

  10. kinda extreme, stolen $500 laptop, 2 hours at the jail for processing, yeah Cam big turn around. SMH. Exhibit A SB post game behind the curtains looks like another look at me moment.

  11. This is Public Relations and nothing more. If you think it IS more, you’re delusional. Newton doesn’t have an empathetic bone in his body, but he’s sly, smart, & cagey enough to act like he does, if it will bring him favorable feedback.

  12. To any college student who busts his/her butt to do his/her own work and to earn a grade on his/her own, Cam Cheating is a most disgusting person. For, this clown was twice caught cheating turning in someone else’s paper as his own work. To make matters worse, Cam Cheating never faced the punishment he deserved before any Honor Council. He fled to avoid being kicked out of school and went to a program that has not a shred of decency in Honor Codes.

    This jerk has never paid a price for being a cheater and a liar – when he had a chance to show he is a man of character, he ran and thus can never be appreciated for anything other than being scum.

    He’s had plenty of chances to face this – he’s run every minute.

  13. Regardless of whether or not you think Cam is sincere or if this is a “PR Stunt”, it is a good message to society that people will make mistakes when they are young, and the important thing is that you learn from them.

    This current idea that a man should be judged for life because of something he did while he was young is insane. Why? Because nobody can pass a test of moral purity.

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