Eli Manning fired up the troops before last week’s win

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With the Giants riding high on a one-game winning streak, they’re looking for motivation wherever they can get it.

And they got some of it last week from a guy who isn’t exactly a yeller and screamer.

Via Tom Rock of Newsday, Giants teammates said quarterback Eli Manning delivered a pregame pep talk that might have been out of character for him, but was well-received.

Eli is the heartbeat of our team,” running back Orleans Darkwa. “In pregame he gave a fiery speech that got everybody riled up. To have a guy like that who has been through so much, who has those two Super Bowl rings, we follow his footsteps in everything. To have him come up there, it shows the weight that he carries on this team.

“He’s definitely up for it, and everybody tries to follow in his footsteps because he’s been there, he’s done that, as far as reaching the Promised Land.”

Manning’s track record, and the fact it came before some 209th consecutive start, gave his words some weight. But he doesn’t swing it around all the time, picking his spots. This year, with the Giants crumbling under the weight of large expectations, they clearly need a steady approach, since they can’t fix this mess all at once.

“He talks to us a lot,” Darkwa said. “The difference [Sunday] was just you could sense the fire in his voice. But at the end of the day, Eli is going to be Eli. He shouldn’t change the way he commands a room, he shouldn’t change the way he talks to us. That’s just how he is. That’s how he leads us.”

It’s reasonable to wonder if he should have done it sooner, but it also underscores the approach he has always taken.

7 responses to “Eli Manning fired up the troops before last week’s win

  1. Might be smart for the Giants to lose the rest of their games so they can get a high draft pick in the 2018 draft and have a possibility to get a young franchise quarterback to succeed Eli or get an immediate impact player and running back like Saquon Barkley!

  2. I heard it was right up there with the Gettysburg Address. “Guys, we have got to turn it up. This is a season with flanges, you know. Flanges that need a twist. When I look around this room I see a lot of delicious boisenberrries. Berries that need a tree. You hear me? And that tree is going to twist some flanges! Let’s go!”

  3. No receiving corp, at best a mediocre OL, injuries all over the roster and still he continues to be a steady presence. It ain’t his fault folks. Most Qbs would cave in his position. Like it or not, dis the Mannings or not, this is still a class guy. False signatures? Really? Dead issue. I hate to say it, but “fake news”.

  4. You all can bash Eli. Imagine the legacy of the Patriots is Eli was a Charger?

    I’ll take the Giants going 2-14 or whatever. It comes and goes. They’ve won 4 SB titles in my lifetime. Spread out (to a point). Not to mention their greatness in the 50’s.

    I’d bet every franchise out there (minus NE) would take that. Although, NE was a complete laughingstock until Belichick and Brady came along. Probably be that again when they leave.

    So keep hating Eli. It makes real Giants fans laugh.

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