Jason Witten calls offensive meeting to discuss lack of points

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Cowboys veteran Jason Witten called an offensive meeting this week to try to figure out how to get back on track. The Cowboys have scored only one touchdown in 23 drives over the past two games, and that was a 21-yard drive after an interception.

The Cowboys played without left tackle Tyron Smith and running back Ezekiel Elliott in losses to the Falcons and Eagles. Smith could return from a groin injury Thursday, though Elliott has four more games to serve in his suspension.

“It was a good visit,” Witten said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I think our guys understand what the task is and where we are in the season. Look, we’ve seen what we’re capable of doing. This offense, we know we have the right guys, the right players and the right coaches, so there is a lot of confidence that comes from that. You know, you just have to play better. Opportunities when we get them, we just have to take advantage of them. This system has been successful, highly successful, and the players in it have been highly successful.

“That’s what our team has done and has just got to get back to it.”

Second-year quarterback Dak Prescott also spoke.

“To me as players, we’ve got to execute better, we’ve got to make guys miss sometimes,” Prescott said. “One-on-ones, we’ve got to make guys miss, sometimes getting out of the pocket instead of running out of bounds. ‘Hey, maybe I’ll try to make that safety miss and try to score.’ It’s just that one right now, fighting, it’s got to come out of us right now.”

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  1. Without a running game, which has been suspended for 6 weeks, Prescott is an average QB. It’s easy for a QB when your team has a great running game where the opponents defense must put 8 in the box. Witten’s meeting was pointless, unless the players were trying to figure a way to get Elliott back off of suspension before his 6 games are up.

  2. Dallas has actually been running pretty well. They just have to abandon the run because their defense can’t stop anyone right now. To be fair, falcons and EAGLES have good offenses. I expect Philip rivers and company to do the same thing to that dallas defense.

  3. I love how you all conveniently utilize the Zeke suspension as the reason for Dak’s struggles, but leave out the obvious that Tyron has been out for the last two games as well. The run game has been ok without Zeke but the pass protection is much worse without Smith (oline allowing 10+ sacks in his absence). Stop with the nonsensical analysis that is so obviously biased against Dak or the Cowboys–if you look at numbers (w/l,qbr,td/int,ypp,etc), Dak wins in every category if you calculate a Qbs first 27 games (26 rsg).

  4. If we are real cowboys fans we will stick with the team & players good or bad and stop bashing them. It takes alot to grind in the NFL day in and day out yes, I want wins, but I understand that the players are human and not automatic like machines.

  5. The Cowboys are playing without their HOF left tackle. There’s a reason left tackles make so much money. We’re seeing that they’re worth every penny. They’re also playing without their all pro linebacker. Sean Lee makes that defense tick the same way Luke Kuechly makes Carolina’s defense tick. When Kuechly or Lee are on the sidelines, their defenses are not anywhere near the same. Zeke Elliott is a great young RB. His absence is less painful, just because of the position he plays, but he’s still an all pro.

  6. John Madden use to say something to the effect of a quarterback’s best friend is a running game. Without Zeke, defense’s aren’t going respect the run game, so the coaches should be stubborn enough to keep running the ball until defense’s change. Although, it’s a head scratcher why Morris is getting the bulk of the carries and McFadden, who has better speed, has only a single carry. So, that’s on the coaches for not utilizing the running backs.

  7. Witten should have brought up the fact he can’t get open, he’s done and Dez is done and that’s why they are double teaming Beasley. Williams is a 3rd stringer. Dak doesn’t have anyone to throw to. No one is getting open, Announcers and fans alike need to get past Witten the HOFer
    HE IS DONE. I like Witten and I like Dez.. I liked Emmit and Troy and many more but they all had to go at some point.

  8. The Eagles played without their HOF left tackle but the Eagles had no trouble scoring points. Prescott is a mediocre QB at best.

  9. Hmm – the Cowboys future HOF owner is relatively silent on this – while having so many thoughts outside of his official remit. Perhaps best to take care of his own bedroom before heading out into the neighborhood.

  10. I’ve said it in these forums time and time again. Running QBs can’t have sustained success in the NFL. If the opposition doesn’t break him, they’ll figure out how to take away his security blanket and it’s all over. Because once they take off, their options start evaporating

    Next will be the nasty injury. It’s inevitable.

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