Lions last had a 100-yard rusher on Thanksgiving in 2013

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Lions coach Jim Caldwell said on Tuesday that he believes the running game is a quarterback’s “best friend,” which means that Matthew Stafford hasn’t enjoyed much kinship over the last four years.

The Lions have not ranked higher than 28th in rushing yards per game since finishing 17th in 2013, which was also the last year that the Lions had a running back go for 100 yards in a game. Reggie Bush pulled it off on Thanksgiving that year and the team has now played 62 games without anyone matching Bush’s accomplishment.

That’s a streak no other team has matched in over two decades.

“That’s more of an attitude than any technical thing,” running back Ameer Abdullah said, via the Detroit News. “It’s not always player issues. Sometimes we may not be dialing up the right thing at certain times. It’s about bringing a good attitude and executing your job. I want it to be better, but I got to be better. That’s the thing I keep telling myself, just try to be better, keep going hard.”

The Vikings will be on the other side of the ball on Thursday and they are the second-toughest team in the league to run against, which suggests that there’s a good chance that the Lions are going to be at 63 games and counting when they head to Baltimore in Week 13.

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  1. Odds are the Lions won’t get that 100 yard rusher.

    But it’s worth noting that Abdullah was awfully close to that 100 yard performance in their first matchup. I think he missed most of the fourth quarter. So anything is possible

  2. Long time Lions Fan here. Disappointed that Quin didn’t grab a RB, especially a power back for goal line short yardage, in the draft. The fact that the Lions have had ZERO serious run game for the past several years yet are still able to win a few games should be a testament to the rest of America how terrific Stafford is. Defenses have been teeing off on him for years because they have no fear of the Lions run situation, yet he has not only survived but been able to lead the team to several victories and occasional playoff appearances through his passing ability. He can make every throw, is tough as nails, and has only gotten better in his career. Looking forward to Thursday!

  3. We’re probably not going to break that streak tomorrow, unfortunately. The Vikings D is for real against the run, so it will fall on Stafford and the passing game as usual.

    Ameer and Theo are OK talents, but can you imagine what our offense would be like if we had a star RB with our improved O line?

  4. Caldwell…

    Like a presser genius, explains the importance.

    Like a coaching spectator, has done NOTHING to seriously address it, while other teams all around him have met the need.

    Knowingly hinders the success of the leagues highest paid QB. SHEESH.

    I really thought Detroit was done with accepting mediocrity before the 2016 season… but here we continue, thoroughly satisfied to maybe earn another ‘Wild Card’ playoff spot, and call it success.

    Who’s kidding who now?

  5. Well, when you’re down in most 4th quarters, you tend to sling the ball more than run out the clock. It won’t be any different tomorrow. Look for Stafford to have 325 yards passing in a losing effort tomorrow.

  6. The Lions need to start off tomorrow’s game with a bang. Something unexpected that will catch the Vikings offguard. The Vikings are probably going to try to grind it out – the Lions D is not good against the run. I think Detroit will need to make Minnesota turn to the pass early, and then hope their DBs can get some turnovers.

  7. if a running game is a QB’s best friend then Stafford as not enjoyed much friendship over the last four years. Kinship means relatives not friends.

    You tried to be witty but fell short. You only made it half way.

  8. @theyearofthecat1

    Are you kidding? The Lions have done nothing…NOTHING!! In the past 50 years + and usually by time thanksgiving rolls around the Lions are out of it and the stadium is usually half full if you’re lucky

  9. They’ve got Stafford, good WRs and Decker’s back healthy, so it’s not like a mediocre run game is fatal. Should be a good game.

  10. I just do not see the Lions having much of a chance in this one. The Vikings D is excellent; and the O is very good. I would never had imagine that Case Keenum was capable of playing at such a high level. Lions will need lots of turnovers to keep pace with the Vikes in this one.

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