Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable to Thomas Rawls: “Don’t try so damn hard”

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Thomas Rawls has just 125 rushing yards on 49 carries for the Seahawks this season. He was a healthy scratch for Monday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons as practice squad call-up Mike Davis got the start and an opportunity to spark Seattle’s anemic rushing attack.

With Davis dealing with a groin injury this week, Rawls will factor again into Seattle’s plans at running back as he tries to recapture the form from his rookie season in 2015. Rawls rushed for 830 yards in 13 games with seven starts before a broken ankle ended his season in early December.

Despite being fully healthy, Rawls hasn’t been able to live up to that rookie success. As he tries to work his way back into form, Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable had a simple message for Rawls.

“Don’t try so damn hard,” he said. “You see it all the time when guys are trying to make a statement or they’re trying to stake a claim to something, sometimes they kind of overstep on the gas if you will. He just needs to relax and be Tommy and play ball. … Stop trying to do so much. Just take what’s there. Stick with your discipline and let the game come to you. Don’t try to go and force everything.”

Rawls has such a desire to make something happen and wants to take advantage of the limited opportunities he’s getting. However, it can sometimes be to his detriment as well as he gets too excited to make a play.

“I’m one of those guys, man, if it’s one play, I’m going to take advantage of that opportunity,” Rawls said. “It’s all about opportunities to me. … I work so hard, man. I don’t beat myself up about it. It’s just one of those things where the coaches, whenever they’re ready to call on me, I’m out there. I’m always going to be that way.”

Rawls has missed holes at times, cutback when he shouldn’t have, missed a cutback opportunity in other situations and sometimes outrun his blocking help as well.

“I tell him all the time, you get one cut,” Cable said. “You don’t get three, you get one. Make one cut, one cut. ‘Ok, ok.’ One cut. Again, just getting him to take a breath, stay in the moment, don’t try to do too much. You’re not going to become a 1,000-yard runner on one run. You’re not. So until he figures that out and we can help him do that, he’s just pressing so hard it’s hard on him.”

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  1. A glimpse into why Rawls hasn’t seen the field much this year. How maddening would it be to tell him again and again that he gets one cut and then again and again he goes out there and makes 3 or 5 and then gets hit for negative yardage. Especially if the film shows that the hole was there for him he just didn’t see it or do the right thing to get there.

    Next year should be Chris Carson, Mike Davis and JD mckissic. Bring in a rookie or two… Everyone else should go…Lacey Rawls, prosise. Bye

  2. SEA’s rushing Attack is outright horrible, it would be the NFL’s worst if it wasn’t for Wilson scrambling from time to time. All of SEA’s RB”s are flat-out horrible , just garbage backs. Rawls is AVG’n just 2.6 freaking yards per carry w/ just 120 rushing yards & 0 TDs, Eddie Lacy is even worse than Rawls AVG’n just 2.5 YPC with 0TDs, Lacy obviously has nothing left in the tank his legs are gone, RB slash Receiver CJ Procise cannot stay healthy and gets hurt walking onto the field, not only that but he has been trash as well which is funny because I use to hear Hawk fans say he was going to be better than Elite All-Pro RB David Johnson who is the best Dual-Threat back in the NFL doubling as a truly elite #2 WR. Procise is AVG’n just 2.0 Yards-Per-Carry with ZERO TDs & only 6 catch’s for 80YDs, he is a joke. RB/Receiver JD McKissic is a decent back but the problem for SEA is he isnt an every down back or every down receiver, he is a 3rd down guy you want to use in a rotation as a #2 or #3 RB. The only decent RB SEA has on the roster is Rookie RB Chris Carson who is out for the season, having suffered a SEVERELY Broken Ankle, same injury Rawls suffered so Carson will very likely struggle when he comes back like Rawls is . Carson had 208YDs AVG’n 4.1YPC with 0TDs at the time of his injury , and Carson at his best is just a mediocre running back. Part of the issue as well is SEA’s Offensive Line which is just comically bad, arguably the worst O-Line in the NFL. SEA most definitely will draft a RB this next year to try and fix their rushing attack, only problem is they do not have many draft picks to do so. The Hawks have NO 2ND & NO 3RD RD DRAFT PICK as they traded them away, and with all of SEA’s draft needs I highly doubt they draft a guy in RD1, most likely they will take a back in round 4 or round 5 and sign a free agent RB, likely a moderately priced mid-range RB.
    Doing that should make SEA’s running game some what better and Carson will be back as well though that O-Line is still a huge problem, Next Year in the NFC-W AZ will have the best Rushing Attack BY FAR with AZ having the best RB/WR in the NFL back fully healthy over his wrist injury in Elite All-Pro 6″2/225pd David Johnson, Arizona also will have rookie 5″11/205pd RB/WR TJ Logan (suffered exact same wrist injury DJ did though he broke his in pre-season) back fully healthy as well to, Logan was extremely explosive with lighting speed and was running all over people before breaking his wrist. Logan has Elite 4.35 40yd dash speed and has the fastest top-end speed & acceleration sports science has tested in the last 5 years. Not only is Logan a beast of a Runner but he also has Elite Hands (dropped only 1 pass in 3yrs in College) and is a very good route runner, he excels as a wide-receiver. Arizona also will have All-Pro RB Adrian Peterson back as a back-up RB to Johnson to keep DJ fresh, and Arizona will have a MUCH MUCH better O-Line with All-Pro LG Mike Iupati & LT DJ Humphries who is becoming a Pro Bowl caliber LT both back fully healthy with Evan Boehm taking over at Center and AZ GM S. Keim will definitely be signing one of the best OG’s on the market, probably a couple and drafting a RT high. Their Offensive Line will be far better with added talent and everyone back healthy. Arizona easily will have the best Rushing Attack in the NFC-W n likely the NFL overall.

  3. and not only does SEA need to rebuild both their rushing attack and O-Line as that O-Line is just garbage (SEA needs atleast 3 new O-Linemen) but the Hawks will basically need to rebuild their defense after this season as well as it is aging and falling apart. The D-Line is going to need a lot of attention, both Bennett and Avril are in decline and starting to become injury prone with both turning 33 & 32 years old next year, SEA traded a 2nd round pick for DT Sheldon Richardson who won’t be around next year as he is going to try to break the bank and SEA cannot afford him, I know for a fact a team like ARI will be interested in him to play him as a 3-4DE, so he is going to have suitors. McDowell appears to be a bust, SEA badly needs a few DT’s as well as 2 pass rushing DE’s to replace Bennett and Avril but SEA has no draft capital to address those issues as they have no 2nd or 3rd rd pick.
    SEA’s secondary is also aging out and falling apart, Sherman is almost 30years old and having had his achilles tendon just explode he likely will never be the same again, SEA likely will move on from his bloated contract this off-season. SEA MADE A MASSIVE MISTAKE in signing Kam Chancellor to a 3yr/36$ Million Dollar Deal with 26M$ fully guaranteed, Kam Chancellor had been becoming injury prone before hand showing signs that his body was starting to break down and SEA gambled and lost, as he is injured again suffering A BAD NECK Injury, he can no longer stay healthy after all the punishment he’s put his body thru and SEA is STUCK w/ him for the next 3yrs, or they can buy him out after 2 years and eat some sizable dead cap space which is likely. SEA badly needs to draft a replacement for him this off-season as well, and Delano Hill aint that guy. Earl Thomas is getting close to 30yrs old as well and is starting to become injury prone, he is playing injured this year and has missed time because of his badly strained/pulled hamstring, and SEA badly needs a good reliable nickel slot CB. SEA will badly need to add a #1CB, a SS , and a Slot CB after this season and they will need a FS soon.

  4. Seattle does have the worst running attack in the league. Lacy has been a bust which isn’t surprising and the guys they have drafted are not consistent. Rawls looked okay, now he’s not. Carson looked okay, will he be the same as Rawls?

  5. Rawls is not the only running back who has not done well this season for Seattle. May be the problem is the O line, and Cable is the O line coach. Cable is not the running back coach. He shouldn’t be telling Rawls what to do. I am not saying Cable is not a good O line coach. Even a good coach cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

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