Tyrod Taylor: It’s been an interesting set of days


Quarterback Tyrod Taylor got benched by the Bills a week ago, but five Nathan Peterman interceptions in one half made it a short stay on the bench.

Taylor played the second half of last Sunday’s loss to the Chargers and coach Sean McDermott announced on Wednesday that Taylor will be back in the lineup against the Chiefs this weekend. In a Wednesday press conference, Taylor summed up the roller coaster as “an interesting set of days” that he thinks left him pretty much where he was when he started.

Taylor said his focus has stayed the same over the course of the week and that it remains on fixing “what we haven’t done right” over the course of a three-game losing streak. Despite the benching, he also said believes he still has McDermott’s “full support” but that support doesn’t appear to extend beyond Sunday.

Taylor said he hasn’t been told anything about who will start in Week 13 and that his 2018 status is out of his hands as the team can cut him loose before paying a $6 million roster bonus a few days into the next league year. The machinations of the last seven days suggest that’s not something they’ll be doing, but it’s clear little is being written in stone in Buffalo these days.

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  1. You suck, and will continue to suck. I hope we lose to KC 6-3. You’ve been exposed as a running QB who can’t read defense. I know you don’t turn the ball over, but it’s a bit hard to when you throw 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage, or just take a drive killing sack. You had all your weapons against the Saints, weapons all your cheerleaders said you lacked, 57 yards and 3 points. I mean, I’ll be incredibly happy if you prove me wrong, but you won’t. Remember throwing the ball to Andre Holmes before the half against the Bucs? Yeah, your a real solid QB.

  2. It sucks to get benched, it sucks to play for a coach that doesn’t believe in you, but it has to be vindicating to start when you know he doesn’t want you to.

  3. After the Saints run game shredded McDermott’s defense, and Micah Hyde called out the unit’s play, I commented to say that the coming weeks would be the biggest test of McDermott’s career as a coach. How would he and his team respond?

    Well…since then he’s done nothing but show himself to be even more of a coward than even I thought. His team was in the playoff hunt, even after that loss to the Saints. Rather than take responsibility for the loss and try to find a way to inspire his players to rise to the occasion, he started this misdirection game to take the heat off of the defense and, more importantly, him.

    I’ve tried to hold off in my criticism of McDermott; when he was in Philly, he’d suck up to the media and talk about his “innovative revisions” of Jim Johnson’s schemes. Within two short years, he had “revised” the Eagles’ defense into the team’s weakest link. His poor leadership was regularly on display as respected veterans like Asante Samuel started chirping to the media about him.

    And this last week has proven that sometimes, leopards don’t change their spots. McDermott’s the same guy he was back then. Bills fans, I feel your pain.

  4. Now you know why most Bills fans refuse to enter the stadium and instead drink and pummel each other in the parking lot.

  5. The Bills and their fans don’t deserve Tyrod. They need to go back to the wilderness when they were looking for any competent QB. The Cleveland Browns of the East coast.

  6. Tyrod won’t be back next season unless he changes the way he plays, which means throwing with anticipation, and taking more chances downfield. I think it’s unlikely he makes that adjustment, will continue to lead the league in 3-and-outs, and is playing somewhere else next season.

  7. Who do they plan on playing next year? Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are both leaning towards staying in College for another year, there doesn’t seem to be another legit franchise QB in the draft, unless there is another Dak Prescott out here.Free agency you got overpriced Kirk Cousins, blackballed Colin Kaepernick, trade for a washed up Eli Manning, maybe even pry an aging Rivers out of the Chargers mess? Go for former busts in Gabbert, Bortles, Sanchez, Geno Smith? Not that many choices, Tyrod seems great now, careful with what you do Bills…

  8. MESSAGE TO COACH McDERMOTT: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. His defense has been leaking everywhere, so he changes QBs?

    Hard to see how Peterman ever overcomes this performance. What coach will ever risk his job by risking a similar performance. Fair or not, he’s probably done.

    He should actually use the holiday season to spruce up his resume for high school coaching or grad assistant. Shame on the Bills who made the choice, but he’s probably done.

  9. I have to laugh. A 1st year coach; We clean house of many top players for draft picks to build with; Major injuries. A wee sniff of a playoff hope comes along, and people act like the Bills were a super bowl contender. The coach took a chance. We needed to see what Peterman has. Because Tyrod is gone next year. Tyrod is not going to get this team past KC, NE 2x, probably not even the Fish. Play Peterman. Keep Tyrod healthy for a trade (We’re not gonna pay the man). Next draft class has some good QBs (if they come out).

  10. Didnt hate the move to Peterman to see what they have in him because you know they are not bringin Tyrod back next season. With that said it is the right move to start Tyrod until they are totally out of playoff picture. Sad to say but Tyrod is the teams best option at qb now and probably next year too. Just wondering now if the qb change didn’t work is the coordinator the next to get yanked???

  11. @qdog112: totally agree about McDermott. Beware people like him, who pride themselves on “outside-the-box” thinking and privilege “innovation” over actual problem solving. He’s too fixated on executing the unusual solution, the one that will raise eyebrows and garner attention. This is why his solutions to problems are often not the first ones most people would come up with. But they’re usually not much better than the normal solution, and they are often worse. They’re definitely not the brilliant ingenious solutions that his comments in press conferences suggest that he fancies them to be.

    And this Taylor / Peterman situation is one that *he created.* It didn’t exist when the clock ticked to zeroes on that loss to the Saints. His defense was the real problem. But he shied from doing anything about that and used Tyrod’s poor performance v. the Saints as the focus of attention. The fact that he thought people wouldn’t figure that out shows just how much smarter he thinks he is than everyone else. It’s astonishing really. Even I didn’t think he had it in him to do something this warped, this obviously wrong.

  12. 6thsense10 says:
    November 22, 2017 at 12:29 pm
    The Bills and their fans don’t deserve Tyrod. They need to go back to the wilderness when they were looking for any competent QB. The Cleveland Browns of the East coast.

    Uh, Buffalo is on the west coast of Lake Erie…which is in the midwest.

    Happy Thanksgiving Bills fans!

  13. What does he care? He’s made more millions of dollars per interception than anyone in history. He should be thankful because only a franchise as pathetic as the jills would have given so much money to anyone so undeserving.

  14. “The coach took a chance. We needed to see what Peterman has.” You don’t TAKE A CHANCE in the middle of a season while still in the wildcard hunt, unless feel like never had a chance in the first place or trying to take the heat off yourself.

    Either way, the players will notice.

  15. Uh, Buffalo is on the west coast of Lake Erie…which is in the midwest.


    Actually the south coast of the east end of Lake Erie, which is in Western New York. Still pretty far from the east coast, though.

  16. The Bills entered the season without an NFL QB on their roster. They’ve unloaded several really good NFL caliber players. Now they’re in a mess. What on earth did they think was going to happen? I’m an idiot, so if I’m smarter than everyone associated with this franchise, they’re in really deep trouble.

  17. Tyrod – I wish you the best. I think it was a bad coaching decision looking for a spark that backfired.

    That being said – the job of a qb is to play well enough that everyone knows that you are NOT the problem. If you are NOT playing well – this is the NFL and HC, OC, and QB can go at any minute when things arent going well.

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