Bill Musgrave wants “cleaner” offensive approach for Broncos

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Bill Musgrave will work his first game as Broncos offensive coordinator against the Raiders this Sunday and he outlined some of what he plans to do on Wednesday.

Musgrave takes over for Mike McCoy, who was fired after reports emerged that people inside the team felt his playbook was too unwieldy. Given that criticism and head coach Vance Joseph’s own comments about simplifying the offense, it’s little surprise to hear Musgrave playing up the opposite approach to running the offense.

“We’re going to try to be much cleaner in our approach,” Musgrave said, via “Take care of the football, take care of the quarterback and be explosive when the ball is in our hands. … Like a teacher, find out what that student’s champion is and play to that strength. And that’s what we’re going to try to do as coaches: Think players first, then plays and play to our strengths.”

Joseph said Wednesday that a main reason for starting 2016 first-round pick Paxton Lynch is because they need to figure out where he is as a quarterback. Musgrave will be charged with taking that information and tailoring the offense to fit Lynch with the hope that the team can finally find something that works on that side of the ball.

12 responses to “Bill Musgrave wants “cleaner” offensive approach for Broncos

  1. Bill Musgravs’s a 49er product. He comes from that Mike Holmgren/Shanahan tree, and he has a little Chip Kelly mixed in his offense.

    Raiders were dumb for letting him go. His offense was conservative because he was trying to keep that wack defense off the field, and he didn’t want the Raiders to beat themselves with turnovers…playing conservative gave the Raiders the best chance to win.

    Now you all are stuck with that wide open , raggedy, sloppy, pass heavy offense. Raider Natuon you got what you asked for…now live with the results.

    Good luck to Denver and Musgrave with their next game. Although you all won’t need it.

  2. Paxton might do ok, and the bar is crazy low there in Denver. You have to see what you’ve got in him. High talent arm and very mobile, but in every interview he always reminds me of a confused Keanu Reeves. Last year he looked surprised when the center snapped him the ball.

  3. All for giving Bill the shot… can’t get any worse and staying the same just wasn’t an option.

    As a side benefit, if Paxton performs better or with similar average success under a simplified system… many questions will be answered for the 2018 season.

  4. Keep it simple. Study history. Throw short, high percentage passes on first down. Everything else will fall into place. That’s what Belichick does. He studied Joe Gibbs when he was a D-Coordinator. He saw Gibbs win 3 super bowls with 3 different average QB’s. He was one of the guys trying to stop it. He couldn’t stop it, so he copied it. Now he’s won 5 super bowls because he has a better QB than Gibbs ever had. I can’t understand why more coaches don’t copy Gibbs. Gibbs’ offense doesn’t require a great QB. I also think Paxton Lynch can be a great QB. Musgrave has a golden opportunity. I hope he takes advantage of it.

  5. I like how Musgrave says he has to protect the quarterback as though that’s going to be easy to do with that offensive line.

    Almost as funny as charliecharger saying “just throw it short on first down and everything will fall into place”, haha

  6. If there’s a team to turn things around against, the Raiders aren’t a bad choice. Between the sieve of a secondary on D and their collection of stone handed receivers, the Raiders are in rough shape.

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