Browns actually still have a playoff chance — barely

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On this day which we’re all reminded of our good fortune and many blessings, even the Browns have something to cling to.

Even if it’s only a microscopic chance, they still have a chance.

According to math wizards at, the 0-10 Browns actually still have a chance to make the playoffs.

A 1-in-19-quintillion chance. Specifically, 1-in-19,649,922,085,696,900,000.

But a chance.

No team has ever made the NFL playoffs with 10 losses, but with an extremely specific set of circumstances, the Browns could actually still qualify.

They would need a set of 46 games to go their way, which includes a pair of ties, to get the sixth and final AFC spot.

Here’s the short version. They need to win out (obviously), and then catch the breaks in a set of 38 specific games which would leave four teams with 5-10-1 records and five at 5-11. It requires the Broncos and Raiders to tie in Week 12, and the Bills and Dolphins to tie in Week 17.

In the specific scenario, the 12-4 Jaguars (which sounds as strange as the playoff-bound Browns) would make the playoffs as the first wild card, with the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs and Titans winning divisions.

So clearly they have something to celebrate today, same as the rest of us.