Chargers dominate Cowboys 28-6


The Cowboys, who haven’t made back-to-back playoff appearances since 2006-07, remain in the playoff hunt mathematically. But reality says they wrote their obit to this season on Thursday.

The Chargers dominated the Cowboys from start to finish, beating Dallas 28-6 in a game that wasn’t that close. The Cowboys have lost three games in a row, getting outscored 92-22, with only two touchdowns playing without All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott.

The Chargers, who never punted, missed chances to make it even more lopsided.

Kicker Nick Novak missed a 35-yard field goal and an extra point before leaving with a back injury. Punter Drew Kaser went 1-for-3 on his extra-point attempts as the emergency kicker. The Chargers also passed on a chance to kick a chip-shot field goal, going for it on fourth-and-13 from the Dallas 16. Los Angeles also settled for a field goal after reaching the Dallas 4.

The Chargers ended the game inside the Dallas 5-yard line taking a knee three times.

Philip Rivers completed 27 of 33 passes for 434 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. It was his most yards passing since he had 503 yards against the Packers on Oct. 18, 2015. Keenan Allen caught 11 passes for 172 yards and a touchdown, while Hunter Henry made five catches for 76 yards and a touchdown.

The Chargers, who had five interceptions of Nathan Peterman last week in a 52-24 victory over the Bills, had two more Thursday. Desmond King returned a fourth-quarter pick of Dak Prescott 90 yards for a score.

Opponents have outscored the Cowboys 72-6 in the second half of the past three games.

Prescott completed 20 of 27 passes for 179 yards and the two picks. He has thrown three pick-sixes this season, and last week against Philadelphia, Prescott lost a fumble that was returned for a touchdown.

The Chargers are headed in the opposite direction with two consecutive victories, putting pressure on the Chiefs in the AFC West. They outscored the Bills and the Cowboys 80-30 and appear to be rolling.

46 responses to “Chargers dominate Cowboys 28-6

  1. Looks to me like Jerry’s team has quit on him. Maybe it’s their way of sticking it to him after his controversial comments about players not standing.

    And…Dak isn’t who we thought he was. Fading fast!

  2. Another embarrassment at Jerry World for the Cowboys. They flat out stink.

    Jerry should sue his own team on behalf of all the deluded fans for the money wasted on tickets to see the Cowboys lose again at home.

  3. You can not let your entire secondary leave and only have players like jeff heath to replace them. The o line is no longer one of the best I think that is very safe to say. And for all those fans wanting romo out this is what you get. Dak is not that good and he never was. Coaching is some of the worst in the NFL. All you have to do is look at what happened the last few weeks to understand that.No adjustments at all. Just keep doing the same thing week after week and the loses will keep adding up. And the owner has made so many bad contract decisions that they can only get garbage players to play because they are always up against the cap. Last how do you let a player get 11 catches for over 170 yards against you and keep letting happen ?

  4. .
    Why wouldn’t the Chargers go for two after every TD? Rivers was red hot throughout. I had a lot more confidence in him than a punter turned placekicker.

  5. But I thought their offense wouldnt get shut down with Tyron smith back in the lineup. . . .

  6. I swear I thought I was looking at ol Air Coryell today. They get a decent kicker n run game they could be intrestin’!

    On the Cowboys: it is not Dak’s fault. They dont have a run game w/o a decent RB. That allowsxdefense to less respect offense. I do think their coaching and front ofc is a joke, though.

  7. Jerry’s so concerned about anthem protests and Goddell’s extension that he doesn’t even noticed the dumpster fire of a football team he put together.

  8. Cowboys are another team if they lose one player they become garbage. Zeke is gone and they haven’t won a game since. Packers lose Rodgers and are now the worst team in the NFL. Lions are next, if Stafford goes down so will they.

  9. Since last Sunday Keenan Allen has 23 catches, 331 yards, and 3 touchdowns. The guy is a stud!

  10. The Cowboys are in deep trouble.

    They no longer have a QB that can win – he is gutless and is not a leader – all he can do is to run. He is no passing threat as all he can do is to complete short passes with an interruption for an occasional downfield toss.

    Without the Bearded Woman Abuser this team has no chance which shows that the QB is not why this team won last year. It is time that the Cowboys look for someone who is not pretending.

  11. I got heavily thumbed down when I warned Boy-fans not to get too carried away by Dak’s first year, but I am not surprised by 5-6. Oh, but you’re without Zeke for a bit?

    Pats are without:
    Their top receiver of 2016 (Edelman) all season.
    The league’s leading TD scorer of 2016 (Blount) out-bid by Eagles.
    Lost their top lineman (Ninkovich) a late retirement in July.
    Lost their other top DE (McClellin) for the season.
    Lost the Captain of their defense (Hightower) for the season.
    Currently without their two top wideouts (Hogan and Mitchell).
    Currently without 5 other starters on D (most notably Valentine and Gilmore).
    Currently without top specialist Matthew Slater
    Currently without starting tackle Cannon
    And missing 4 other supporting guys.

    Good teams have depth and crappy teams have a couple of great guys and play ok when they’re fit/available, but play like a total dumpster when without either one of them.

  12. This is a typical Jerry Jones squad – a lot of stars, but no depth and a coaching staff that is too often outsmarted in the second half of games. Regardless of whether the players in question are as good as Zeke Elliott, Sean Lee, and Dan Bailey or not, a NFL team’s ability to compete should never hinge entirely upon three non-quarterbacks.

    I’ve also defended Dak, even as an Eagles fan, as his OL has been spotty in pass pro and his WRs are average at best. That said, his penchant for holding the ball and relying on sandlot improv to make plays in the passing game become a fatal flaw for the Cowboys w/o the threat of PA.

    Defense is weak up the middle, with LBs, safeties, and DTs who would be backups on most teams.

    Dez is no longer an elite receiver.

    Combine all of those talent deficiencies with a coaching staff that seems incapable of second-half adjustments on either side of the ball and you have a team that looks as awful as any in the NFL at the moment.

  13. But you all don’t understand. They don’t have Zeke! He’s the reason Dez can’t separate from corners and has been mediocre for well over a year. He’s the reason Witten isn’t getting catches. He’s the reason their corners can’t cover anyone. They lost Zeke! No ther team has ever ever lost their starting running back and adjusted! It’s never ever happened!

  14. I guess coach mcdermott’s decision wasnt so bad. The chargers were beating the bills by 20 either way. Tyrod is still better and that was proven, but the Bills problems are: 1: linebackers 2: dline/passrush 3. Oline and 4. Qb.

    And aside from safety, kicker and a few spots here and there this roster will be imploded.

    To think we let nigel bradham and zac brown walk, even ragland, with what we have.

  15. Looked like Jerry was about to have a stroke – but since 90% of his face is plastic we’ll never know.

  16. This wasnt as close as it looks and its doesnt look close. The chargers didnt have a kicker for most of a game and he was hurt when he did kick (No. Punting and Kicking arent the same thing). Dak isnt as good when teams dont have to respect Elliot. Everyone said this last year but apparently it was jealousy saying Dak couldnt carry the team. He cant, the team can still run but they arent playing with any leads. Dak is good not great and they arent going to win with an offense running thru Dak. Hes a younger jacked less talented verison of Alex Smith. He hasnt thrown a TD pass in 3 games without Elliott

  17. For three weeks we have had to hear from the Dallas announcers even though they were suppose to be network announcers cry the blues with excuses because of injuries, for Dallas’s fall from grace. I guess all the other teams that have not injuries bit 15 guys on injured reserved as NY Giants and Washington yet during their games hardly a word is mentioned . Look at the Chargers, had no field goal kicker and Romo and Nance nearly a word about that position being hurt but every other play the Tackle hurt the linebacker hurt whatever, the sun in face more excuses of why Dallas can’t play.

  18. Jerry should get rid of the GM (himself). The receivers canNOT get open. The offense is predictable and unimaginative. The coaching staff is outcoached consistently by their opponents. When the starters are out, the backups are terrible. Other teams have lost players and overcome their absence. The Cowboys don’t seem to able to do that.

  19. Don’t sleep on this team. They may not take it all this year but they are getting very close to getting their act together
    Bolts are legit!
    True dat. I hope they can establish a fan base in LA.

  20. And they need to make a coaching change. Losing a running back shouldn’t cripple your team. Even the Vikings were respectable without Peterson last year, and have been great since Cook went out.

  21. If I didn’t know any better I’d say the team quit on Garrett. It’s obvious that the Garrett and the staff are mentally overwhelmed by the opposition and under prepared the ‘next-man-up’. Something that good teams do.

    Props to the Chargers – a nomadic team led by a real leader. Nobody wants to the face the 9-7 AFC West Champion Chargers. Nobody.

  22. The chargers have been good all year. Yea they started 0-4 but if u remember the missed a go ahead chip shot at the end of there first 2 games. In week 3 they had lead until end, and week 4 they ran into the Philadelphia Eagles buzz saw. They should be 7-4 right now. And they r very close to being 8-3.

  23. Remind me – how many games did Romo play with Zeke?


    I guess he never won a single game in the NFL then. Weird.

  24. Until Dallas get Jerrah and his family right out of ownership the team will remain the Cowpies . . . doan yer just love it!

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