Darrelle Revis excited about what he and Marcus Peters can do

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The Chiefs dropped a Thanksgiving eve bombshell on the NFL with the announcement of a deal with cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has been out of the NFL since being released by the Jets ahead of the start of the 2017 league year.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said the team has been in contact with Revis for a while and that last year’s wrist injury was the reason a deal wasn’t done sooner. Reid said Revis is “ready to go now” and  “looks great physically” while Revis said he has some “water weight” he expects to shed easily once he’s on the field.

That wasn’t the case last year, when Revis said he was “way over” his desired weight after having offseason wrist surgery ahead of a disappointing year with the Jets. Revis suggested that erasing that memory was part of “the fuel I have to continue to play this game at a high level” and also said he’s looking forward to sharing the field with cornerback Marcus Peters.

“He is really awesome — I love the way he plays,” Revis said, via the Kansas City Star. “He has taken the league by storm. He is a very talented player and I am excited about what we can do.”

Reid didn’t rule out Revis playing this weekend because he knows defensive coordinator Bob Sutton’s system from their time together with the Jets. He said he envisions Revis as a starter when he does get up to full speed and the Chiefs are hopeful that his full speed is close enough to his best days that their defense takes a step forward for the stretch run.

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  1. KC’s remaining schedule is incredibly easy and it’s really a great chance for them to take a flyer on Revis. It’s hard to hate this very low risk move. Even if they only play him on 3rd downs, this could work out well for him. It’s noted that they have a game at the Jets next week.

  2. Great move by the Chiefs. There’s no downside here and if he shores up the Chiefs leaky secondary, it will allow the D to get a whole lot better in short order. Excited to see how this plays out.

  3. Revis is not the player he once was and the wrist injury wasn’t the reason no one signed him before. Watch his film over the last few years and there was significant drop off in Revis’s play. He should help KC a little bit but don’t expect miracles.

  4. People are going to test him early and often. They are going to throw away from Peters to the older CB with questions about how much father time has taken from him. We will know quickly if he has anything left. I am betting no. A wrist issue doesn’t prevent you from running or chasing the play when it gets past you. I don’t know about the body, but I suspect he no longer has the heart for the game. But as I said, their opponents will be quick to answer that for us.

  5. Revis is done , he has no speed or quickness and has lost foot speed & that quick twitch ability he once had that he no longer does, this is a bad signing by KC as Revis is going to get waxed especially when he goes up against WR’s with speed and quickness, burners will make him look outright stupid on the field. I mean Revis made Marquise freaking Goodwin who is a one trick pony look like Antonio Brown out there on the field lol, Goodwin has all of 23 receptions this season and 1TD.
    I do not why he is so freaking excited to work with CB Marcus Peters either, Peters is a really good well above average CB but he isnt an Elite CB nor he is among the top 3 best CB’s in the NFL either, which is lead by Elite All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson who is by far the best #1CB in the NFL. Peters gives up wayyy to many yards and receptions and easy touchdowns to be considered elite, he needs to really polish up his technique as right now he relies on just pure talent, he would be so much better if he perfected his technique. Peters needs to work with Pat P in the off-season.

  6. Kind of ironic that Revis should sign the day before Thanksgiving. The Chiefs are going to find out that like today’s turkey Revis is done.

  7. Please. Revis showed in his last season he is nowhere close to where he once was. Cannot do man coverage on a fast receiver any longer. So, I guess the Chiefs are going to be zone or nickel all the time now.

  8. Well, we know he does not want to tackle, he can’t move anymore, so it’s going to be really exciting for opponents to shred this prima donna yet again.

    Mevis just couldn’t stand the fact that people hadn’t been talking about him anymore.

    Plain and simple.

    KC yet again with that big fade and a limp into the postseason for Andy Schottenheimer and Co.

  9. Revis will get burned repeatedly and Peters won’t. They only way Revis will be any good is if he covers the way-underneath, like 10 yards from the LOS, b/c he’ll be gasping for breath, and Peters covers over-the-top and man on man, on the same side of the field.

  10. He was fat, slow, unmotivated by his huge paycheck and didn’t care much last year with the Jets. KC better hope he comes to play with a good attitude or they won’t get much from him.

  11. Everyone saying Revis is done.. that may be and is likely the case.. but for veteran minimum salary and if anyone has watched the CB’s that the chiefs have put out there opposite Peters, it can’t get worse. At least they’re trying something.

  12. I think he is still good enough to play in this league. hell he would instantly be the Raiders best CB. i wish they would of got him instead of playing a rookie safty at CB against Tom Brady of all people!! haha

  13. I assume Revis is going to get burned for a 60, 70 or 80 yard TD and then get attacked by Peters for blowing a basic coverage. That really isn’t something to get excited about, but I assume Revis will demand $$ afterwards.

    nobody was more aggressive in making sure he was paid. And, if you heard him finish with the Jets, nobody was more defensive about the decline in skills/effort and wanting to be treated like he was the old Revis. Sadly, he was not. He was the one that gave up 84 yard TD to Bills Marquise Goodwin. And I think a 71 yard TD to Greg Salas. IN THE SAME GAME!

  14. This move will really make a difference for the Chiefs… especially in the short passing game where the Chiefs defense is weakest. As for the deep passing game they will have to make sure he always has a safety on his side of the field to help him out. Revis didn’t lose anything in his short burst speed, but he surely lost a lot of his top end speed, so going up against the Julio Jones and AJ Green type receiver is long gone for him. That’s where Marcus Peters is going to have to step in. I think this was a great mid-season move by Andy Reid… that’s why he is such a good HC… he’s not shy about making a big move like this.

  15. I liked it better when Revi$ was “Speechless”…didn’t you?

    If you watched the Jets last year, you saw that: He doesn’t tackle. He admitted that he is ‘OLD!!” Couldn’t communicate with his teammates, and had a HUGE cushion on every speedy WR he faced.

    He is hoping to show something on tape, so he can fleece someone else for guaranteed $$$ next year…then tank it like last year.

  16. Everyone here seems to think signing Revis means they must play him every down of every game immediately. Maybe one of the top all time CBs has something to offer off the field and depth on the field to a unit that is struggling.

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