Jalen Collins clears waivers

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Jalen Collins is a talented young cornerback, but NFL teams have apparently decided he’s not worth the trouble.

Collins, who was cut by the Falcons on Tuesday, cleared waivers on Wednesday. Picking Collins up for the last six games of the season would have cost only about $330,000 in salary, but there wasn’t a single team that wanted him even at that cost.

In the 2015 NFL draft, Collins fell to the second round despite having first-round talent after reports that he failed multiple drug tests at LSU. He’s had more problems in the NFL, having been suspended both this year and last year for more failed drug tests.

It’s still possible that Collins will sign as a free agent, but it appears that there’s not a lot of interest around the NFL in giving him a second chance.

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  1. There’s never enough good defensive backs, especially if you can get him cheap. Plenty of teams could use him.

  2. Arizona doesn’t need him this season as the Cardinals have two excellent CB’s with the best #1CB in the NFL in Elite All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson & their #2CB is playing at a borderline elite level in #2CB 6″1 Tramon Williams who ranks as the 16th ranked CB in the NFL of over 100+ ranked with an 85.3 overall grade via Pro Football Focus, and Arizona is loaded with slot corners as well.
    Still though Arizona should sign CB Jalen Collins and bring him on board where he come very cheap and fit in perfectly as Arizona has multiple LSU guys on this roster the most obvious being All Patrick Peterson & All-Pro Tyrann Mathieu. Arizona has a very strong locker room as well and could likely help the guy out, the Cardinals could also get this dirt cheap right now and bring him in for next year, they should go get him and sign him thru next year. When Jalen Collins is healthy and on his game he is an excellent far above average CB and would excel in a #2 role behind a very strong pass rush which Arizona has , hopefully Cardinals GM Steve Keim is looking into this.

  3. He’ll eventually be signed to a very team freindly contract.
    CB is a position every team needs depth at and someone will take a chance with minimum risk to themselves.
    It’s the NFL way.

  4. The Raiders started a rookie safety in his second game at CB against Tom friggin Brady last week. I know this kid is trouble but you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be an upgrade to their sorry excuse of a secondary. A couple of weeks ago the Raiders secondary made Jay Cutler look like an All Pro, this week the Broncos are starting Paxton Lynch and I bet he carves up our secondary with ease. Ten games, TEN GAMES and no interceptions, sign this kid to a team friendly deal today so he can play this weekend. What a disappointing season, when’s the draft??

  5. How stupid can you be 4 chances at making millions of dollars, hope he doesn’t get another chance. Just for being stupid.

  6. sepl12 says:
    November 23, 2017 at 10:31 am
    The real shame here is the NFL’s marijuana policy

    Umm no it is not. Just FYI he was not suspended for marijuana. Even if he was, the shame isn’t the policy FCOL. It is the idiot’s who can’t give up smoking weed for hundreds of thousands of dollars. What a sorry state our country is in… stop deflecting blame people.

  7. I really hate reading stories like this but you can only offer help to someone for so long before they need to take ownership for their behavior. Maybe the humiliation of being ignored by every team in the NFL will send a message to this kid and he’ll finally deal with reality.

  8. Raiders need to sign this guy. The first cb drafted by them was injured and second was an alleged rapist. Only thing left is to sign is a druggy. Funny thing is he would be the best corner they have. Even though I’m a raider fan, they have been a complete disappointment. My belief is Del Rio has lost the team…

  9. His “skill set” could help many teams. Obviously this is another example of players thinking they can use all the drugs they want & it’s ok WELL IT’s NOT

    also to say this is owner collusion is dumb

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