Jerry Jones: Full ownership to discuss Roger Goodell’s contract at December meeting

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While Jerry Jones confirmed he is standing down in his threat to sue his fellow owners, don’t expect the Cowboys owner to go away quietly in his fight over the process for extending Roger Goodell’s contract.

“The business of the standing down there didn’t necessarily mean that you’re not standing up someplace else,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ 28-6 loss to the Chargers on Thursday.

In other words, he expects the full body of owners to discuss an extension for the Commissioner, even though the six-member Compensation Committee received unanimous authorization in May to finalize a deal.

“The [Compensation] Committee is being responsive, and we’re having some real owner participation,” Jones said. “I just want to say that we really have had, are having a lot of owner participation. So that’s a part of it. It doesn’t mean at all that we’re not really pursing what we want to get done, and that is have the owners in a very positive way give input and make everyone, including ourselves, accountable.”

Jones is adamant that all owners will discuss Goodell’s deal in an owners-only session at the December 13 meetings in Irving, Texas.

“That’s for sure,” Jones said of the owners-only session. “And I don’t want to speak for the circumstances are, but it is going to be firm, solid, an owners-only session that was called specifically for these issues.”

PFT reported earlier this week that Jones plans to seek a secret ballot of owners in connection with Goodell’s contract. A majority of 17 owners is required to trigger the process of secret balloting. A 75-percent majority of 24 votes will be needed to rescind or to revise the resolution that owners adopted with a 32-0 vote in May.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones: Full ownership to discuss Roger Goodell’s contract at December meeting

  1. Have not watched a non-Patriot game since week 2. Sat down with relatives full on all sorts of food. Put on the Sunday night game and they pan right away to someone kneeling during the anthem. We changed it to the college football game and everyone was happy.

  2. How Nobel does Kraft look now, for not putting his personal interests in front of the league.

    Karma rewarded Kraft for taking one for the team. And Karma gave Kraft a super bowl.

    Jerry Jones tried to railroad Brady during PSI-gate. And look what happened to Jerry Jones. Karma bit him in his behind.

  3. It is like clockwork. Jerry’s team get’s blown out and embarrassed and then comes a red faced press release on how he’s going to stick it to Goodell.

  4. Goodell told one lie too many. After lying to courts & the public for years, he thought nothing of telling Jones a little lie about the status of the Ezekial case. It’s no accident that he spun this little lie right before the owners voted to empower the Compensation Committee.

    Goodell is finally getting undone by his own web of lies! How sweet it is!

  5. His team just got crushed, again, and the only thing he’s concerned with is Goodell’s contract. I almost feel bad for Cowboys fans. Almost.

  6. The Boy’s will have a new coach next year, count on it.
    Don’t expect JJ to not throw Garrett under the bus. I mean, someone has to take the fall for their terrible season and it certainly won’t be JJ.

  7. As a Cowboys fan, I’ll be glad when our owner can get back to holding the players/coaches/team accountable. Oh wait, he rarely has……..

  8. With each loss since Zeke’s suspension, Jones is getting angrier and angrier. He’s is going to blame Goodell for this and is going to try to use that as leverage. But it will not work.

  9. Ummmmm a new coach doesn’t fix this mess.

    Gooddell will get his new contract (note that no other owner is saying squat about not backing Roger) like it or not, and unless they pull the power they wanted him to have nothing will change but his lifestyle.

    What the NFL really needs:

    Owners who put community first- stop drafting the bad apples.
    Stop signing the vets that are always causing or are in trouble.
    Pay players based upon the on field and off field character.
    For Gods sake get some type of farm league. Not the arena league.
    Expand rosters to 60 so that when a major person goes down you have options.

  10. I think Jerry should be using this time deciding what QB to draft next since Dak is a dud since Zeke has been out for the most part.

  11. All of this because Goodell suspended Jones’s star RB for domestic abuse? Ironic that Jones is upset about Goodell’s abuse of power, for suspending a Cowboy for abuse of a woman. But that’s the Cowboys organization for ya.

  12. All the comedians on here want to make jokes about Jerry Jones, but here’s the deal. A lot sucks about football now; protests in bad taste, inconsistent officiating, inconsistent discipline and suspensions, poor handling of CTE, and simply too much drama that has nothing to do with playing the game. Most of this due to poor leadership and a terrible commissioner era. So I’d suggest everyone put there opinions of Jones in the closet and get on board with supporting his position regardless of how we got here because he’s the only one driving toward change which will make the game better again.

  13. You are the GM of a POS team! Stop wagging the dog and get your own house in order. Anybody who’s buying this act is a rube.

    Also this:

    “Have not watched a non-Patriot game since week 2. Sat down with relatives full on all sorts of food. Put on the Sunday night game and they pan right away to someone kneeling during the anthem. We changed it to the college football game and everyone was happy.”

    That’s cool. An entire family of snowflakes. I assume all of you stood with hand over heart for every anthem you heard today, right? It’s basically like being a veteran but without having to make any effort!

  14. Go get ’em Jerry! And, while you are at it, please fire the “clap-clap, pat ’em on the butt, when they screw up” Garrett!!! Mr. can’t make in-game adjustments and still needs Clock Management 101, after 7 years..
    A Cowboys’ fan…

  15. Dak is playing horribly. Could it be because last year, he was under the tutelage of Tony Romo, and all he has this season is Garret and Wade Wilson, with Garrett being a former q/b??? Pretty sad…..

  16. The Cowboys have zero passing game and that goes well with their zero rushing game. That is one bad and boring offensive football team. Dez Bryant is overrated and it’s apparent they were over relying on Elliott.

  17. “Put on the Sunday night game and they pan right away to someone kneeling during the anthem. We changed to the college football game and everyone was happy”.

    It would be interesting to know which Sunday night college football game you switched to, especially since there were no college games played Sunday night.

  18. As usual, some Patriots fans, making everything that isn’t about their team, everything about their team. Narcissistic to say the least. There is a world outside of New England.

    As for Jerry, I don’t care what his motives are. IMO, it is long past time for Goodell to be replaced. Again, more time is being spent on what is going on off the field, as opposed to what is going on the field.

    I get it, for the most part the AFC is a joke. At best two competitive teams that have a chance to make it on the AFC side to the Super Bowl. I still think it will be the Patriots. The Steelers will find a way to blow it.

    The NFC is much more competitive, but not enough to offset the lackluster AFC.

    Most of the games slated for this weekend are all sorts of horrible.

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