Tom Brady practices on a limited basis

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady popped up on the injury report Wednesday after missing practice with an Achilles injury. Amid reports he’ll play on Sunday despite the injury, Brady returned to practice on Thursday.

He practiced on a limited basis, which is better than not practicing at all. But when it comes to the Achilles tendon, it’s better that it not be in any way impaired. As Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman learned two weeks ago tonight, playing with an Achilles tendon injury can result in a season-ending torn Achilles tendon.

Also returning to practice on Thursday was Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who missed Wednesday’s session due to an illness. Tight end Martellus Bennett (shoulder, hamstring) didn’t practice on Thursday after practicing on a limited basis on Wednesday.

The Patriots host the Dolphins on Sunday, the first time New England will face either Miami or Buffalo this year.

15 responses to “Tom Brady practices on a limited basis

  1. wib22 says:
    November 23, 2017 at 8:52 pm
    The end is coming for brady.

    Dolphins 28

    Patriots 24


    Didn’t the Bucs just beat the dolphins?

    Arn’t the dolphins on a 4 game losing streak?

    Didn’t the dolphins score zero points in two games?

    The end is coming for everyone.

    For some it will be sad and lonely.

    For Brady it will be smothered in Lombardi trophies in many years to come.

  2. wib22 says:

    The end is coming for brady.
    As it is for all of us. And you join the ranks of those simply waiting for him to go away because you’ve given up on trying to beat him.

  3. Well, we all know if Brady doesnt play, Bennett’s shoulder is going to start hurting a whole lot more. It may only be a matter of hours until his agent puts a call in to the Eagles.

  4. The game against Miami is effectively a practice session for TB12. The Dolphins are a complete embarrassment after their expectations were so high. Tom Brady could be rested and the Patriots would still win by over 25 points. Bill Belichick will say the correct thing to show respect but I expect a shutout by New England in Foxboro.

  5. Last year, the dolphins couldn’t beat Tom Brady’s backup’s backup.
    So even if Brady and his backup got injurred, they have proven that they would lose badly.
    Just think about that as you daydream about the days ahead without Brady…

  6. Yawn. I guess we’re just gonna get yet more of these overly dramatic articles about every single little scratch (and even more inaccurate rumors thereof) now he’s 40. We must have had a couple every week since 2014 already. Ration your salt Chippy, we’re all certain he’ll retire before you reach maturity.

  7. As long as Brady isn’t seriously injured, he’s going to be great and continue to torment his haters for at least 2-3 more years. However, Brady isn’t invulnerable and as much as we might not like to contemplate it, yes, it’s possible that he could get injured. How well he can recover from a serious injury will be the true test of everything he has trumpeted about his health and fitness regimen. If Brady get hurt this year and the Pats have to rely on Hoyer well, yikes! That scenario could make the Pats look like idiots for letting Garappolo go before the end of this season, even though they knew they would lose him after it ended.

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