Dak Prescott: We need to find a way out of this funk

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The Cowboys lost their third straight game on Thursday afternoon and they have scored a total of 22 points in those three games, so it’s no surprise that the offense was a major topic of conversation in the locker room.

A common theme emerged when Cowboys players addressed their struggles. Running back Alfred Morris and center Travis Frederick each said they didn’t know what’s wrong while tight end Jason Witten said he wishes “it was as simple as one answer.”

Some would suggest that it is pretty simple. The three games have been played without running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has been at the center of the team’s offensive success in the last two years and is going to miss three more games with a suspension. Defenses are playing the Cowboys differently and asking quarterback Dak Prescott to beat them, something that hasn’t happened as he’s thrown five interceptions the last two weeks while trying for receivers who aren’t getting open.

Prescott rejects that simple notion, however.

“The last thing I am doing is pointing a finger and saying we need this guy or we need that to happen,” Prescott said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We just have to figure out what is going on and get out of this funk.”

One can understand why the Cowboys would prefer to find a fix to their offensive problems that doesn’t include a player who won’t be back for several weeks, but it’s hard not to connect the dots from Elliott’s absence to a drop in scoring of 20 points a game during the losing streak.

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  1. Ha! Good luck. Your owner sunk the ship fighting over his running back. Get used to being whooped, your team stinks and Dez is a washed up mess.

  2. Rember that season when they had DeMarco Murray and they went deep into the playoffs? Me neither. It isn’t Zeke, it’s Jerry Jones.

  3. All Redskins fans loved Alfred Morris, including me. But by the time they let him go to Dallas, he’d lost a bit of his speed. And he was already slow for an NFL running back.
    Plus the Dallas defense is different without Sean Lee, who’s hurt more than he plays.

  4. If ever there was front running heartless team this Cowboys group is it.If your team’s success is based on one player, a RB no less then you got a real problem.

  5. Prescott is being exposed as being a very average quarterback.
    When everyone around him is great he plays well, but he can’t put a team on his back and carry them to wins.

  6. The first thing to acknowledge is that they were 5-3 before things really got bad, matching their loss total from last year. Last year was a once in a lifetime regular season. Absolutely everything went right for them, that was a magical year.

    Teams were playing them differently this year even before Zeke’s suspension and it showed. Then they lose Zeke, Tyron Smith, and Sean Lee. Zeke was arguably the least painful loss because there was good depth behind him. Tyron Smith’s replacements have been turnstiles which was a huge problem the first two games regardless who was at running back.

    The other overlooked part is that Dallas’s defense hasn’t been able to get off the field. It’s easier to stick with the run when you have the lead and are winning time of possession. The Chargers last night had consecutive drives of 70+ and 80+ yards. The chargers defense was well rested for every 3 and out. If the Charger’s kicker hadn’t been hurt the Cowboys would’ve been much worse shape on the scoreboard.

    Lack of depth is the biggest reason the Cowboys are tanking. Sean Lee being the most important as the Cowboys defense can’t stop anyone and the Cowboy’s offense scares no one.

  7. Of course it’s not just Zeke’s absence. Pats are missing half their stars (Edelman, Cannon, Hogan, Mitchell, Slater, Hightower, McClellin, Valentine, Gilmore, plus Ninkovich late preseason retirement & Blount’s departure), so should be 0-11?

    As obvious to any but the most fevered Boys-fans, Dak like many talented young players, can have a great 1st year but once teams figure them out they hit a wall. Will he get over it? Maybe, and having Elliott back should help them to at least .500 – but as with all Cowboy teams since the late 1980s, the biggest problem is GM-owner Jerry Jones.

    The Cowboys had the longest streak of >.500 seasons – 21 from 1965-1985. Jerry bought a great franchise, got rid of legendary Landry and GM Schramm. He enjoyed some early success from all that inhereted greatness and bagging Troy Aikman as the #1 overall pick – and initially with Jimmy Johnson, but Jerrah as GM wanted too much control for Jimmy’s liking. And then in 1994 the highest bankrolled team in the league had to meet Salary Cap rules and Jerrah couldn’t simply throw money at all his problems any more and got horribly exposed. END OF STORY.

  8. Leaders lead…cowboys players get their mindset from their owner…the HC is a puppet and the owner thinks he invented football…they expect not to work..funk my arse, game up…Dak is a leader as much as the owner is…it’s all about excuses.

  9. As a lifetime Cowboy fan i tried to tell the dallas fanboys to curb the enthusiasim a bit but the Dak hype machine and the lousy dallas media built him up to be the next great cowboy QB. Anyone who thinks Prescott is in Romo’s league is either a johnny come lately or a fool

  10. the way to get out of this funk is to fire Garrett and his staff and hire Jon Gruden as a replacement. You can tell the team has quit on Garrett and they need someone to come in who is a real coach that makes adjustments when things don’t go well and who doesn’t clap when the team makes a bad play like Garrett does.

  11. Cowboys lose their star LT, RB, MLB, and K- everyone scrambles to make excuses for them as they get demolished week after week.
    Eagles lose their star LT, RB, MLB and K- they start 9-1.

  12. Here is the solution, get a QB who isn’t going to be exposed when he doesn’t have wins handed to him by the rest of the team. Garrett needs Dak to step up and instead he had bailed. Everyone wants to say the Cowboys are failing because of Zeke being out, their Left Tackle being injured, their Middle LB being injured, and their kicker being banged up. So let’s compare that to the team they are trailing by FOUR GAMES: The Eagles – Game 1 PHI lost their #1 CB Ronald Darby for 8 weeks and their starting K Caleb Sturgis for the rest of the season, Game 3 the lost their best RB Darren Sproles for the rest of the season, they lost their best linebacker in MLB Jordan Hicks and their future Hall of Fame Left Tackle Jason Peters. Along the way they have had substantial other injuries, but 4 of the 5 above represent the exact same injuries/missed games that Cowboy fans and the national media are crying about. The difference, the Eagles QB continues to step up and make playes, while the Cowboys is running, ducking and hiding!

  13. You know what? Romo won a lot of games without Zeke, he also won games with lesser linemen and with guys hurt.

    I don’t think it’s fair to Zeke or an honest assessment to say that what’s going on with the team is due to things like his suspension or injury.

    Reality is – Dak isn’t playing up to his hype. Coaching isn’t scheming or making adjustments.

    Time for some players that have thought they “arrived” to start realizing they are only as good as their last play and to kick it up a notch.

  14. Learn how to read a defense Dak. The bootlegs and play action that cut the field in half for you giving you 1 or 2 reads will only work for so long. This is the NFL.

  15. It is pretty easy, Elliott is not there, so who do defense’s have to worry about ? They know Alfred Morris isn’t going to break a long one. When the Cowboys are in 3rd and long situations, it’s easy for the defense knowing Dak isn’t going to beat them. So, it’s curious why Darren McFadden isn’t even playing because he has the speed to break a long one and was the Cowboys last 1,000 yard runner, not named Elliott. The coaches are at fault at not knowing how to put them in position to win, which means it’s time to move on from Jason Garrett and company.

  16. Adversity builds leaders…or it reveals those who aren’t. No one listened to those of us who said Dak was overrated. Are you listening now? Wentz had his one man show last year and it made him that much better when he got weapons. Dak had the best O line and RB in football and a simplified offense that was run-heavy. Now he’s crumbling under adversity.

  17. Or maybe just maybe Dak isn’t as good as we thought. These were the same non separating receivers that glided us to 13 wins last year… he couldn’t throw the deep ball last year and y’all excused it because we were winning. He had a good run. Unfortunately they pulled the plug on Romo to soon and now they are forced to live with their decision.

  18. I am no scout or GM, but Dak is the worst pocket passer in this league by far. For everyone that wondered why he fell to the fourth round…this is why. Even without Elliott this is a high end offensive line, and Morris is averaging over 4 yards a clip on the ground, but this guy can’t throw a ball more than 10 yards. The defense is pretty bad also, but this guy can not carry a team. Teams will dare him to beat them, and he can’t.

  19. It is a contributing factor, but it isn’t the only one. The team has lost six games, which means that three of those games were lost with him in them. I think the tape is out on these guys, that Dak is the fourth rounder they thought he was when they picked him up there, and that defenses have figured that out. When you start taking out players’ games, teams lose. And that Defense isn’t very good either. Maybe on paper I don’t know, but it isn’t very good.

    Pre-season, before the suspension, some talking heads thought this team would go 8-8. That’s not a Zeke thing. I think Dak is right.

  20. I called Andy Reid and asked for help on how to throw a QB under the bus. Clap, clap…

    Signed, J. Garrett

  21. The first thing that they need to do is to keep JJ out of the everyday business of coaching the team. Let your coaches coach and your players play.

  22. This is just a poorly run, poorly coached team. No team should ever be so reliant on one player (outside of the QB) that they’re completely incapable of competing when that player is out. The problems in Dallas run much deeper than missing their running back.

  23. The folks who are crowing about Dak’s struggle are proving why smarter people are paid to actually evaluate NFL talent. All you can do is lump in your lizard brain thoughts like “Me hate Cowboys” and spew whatever you think sounds clever. It’s entertaining, but not clever.

  24. The best place to start is the coaching staff. They’re unimaginative, predictable and never make adjustments. The defense is usually out of position and can’t get off the field. The offense runs the same five plays and the receivers never get open. Time to get over your ego, Jerry, and clean house.

  25. Remember last year when they were talking about Dak as MVP and saying how he was the next Tom Brady? Lol. WOW. Brady is probably the most consistent QB we have ever seen and has routinely carried the Patriots offense even when they lose starter after starter. Dak just proved he can’t carry the water without spilling it all out.

  26. The Cowboys better find a real QB who is pass first and runs only when he needs to. This clown is a running back who is always looking to run – and he is gutless – he is no leader – and he simply was tossing the ball down the field on five yard passes. At one point in the first half, he was averaging 4 yards per attempt.

    I said last year and I’ll repeat it again, Dak is a gimmick – once the NFL figures him out like it does with every gimmick QB, he’ll have a losing record.

    Right now we know he is not able to win without the bearded woman abuser – so his success is never due to HIS abilities – it is due to the abuser’s.

  27. “Anyone who thinks Prescott is in Romo’s league is either a johnny come lately or a fool” “I miss the h**l out of Romo”. I’m not going to say Romo was a dud, he was a good QB for a long time, but when the air got chilly and the leaves started falling he was mediocre at best which is why he has half the playoff wins as mark “butt fumble” Sancheese.I do wish he was still playing though…so I wouldn’t have to listen to him in the booth.

  28. I was one who didn’t buy into the notion that Dak Prescott is a great QB. Without a running game, he is showing exactly what he is — a tough, good running QB who is not anywhere close to being a good pocket passer. He throws much better when he rolls out and defenses have to be wary of him running the ball.

  29. Always excuses for the Cowboys, maybe look at ownership that wants more headlines than players, maybe all the squabbling you see on the side lines each week from the plyers. Dak was suppose to be the big answer yet in the last three games he had shown zero leadership.

  30. Everyone who wants Garrett fired is dreaming. He doesn’t keep his job on his merits as a coach, it’s not because he’s the best guy they could possibly get for the job. It’s because he’s a spineless yes-man who knows his place in Jerrah World and will let his senile self-obsessed owner undermine him whenever Jerry feels like stroking his own ego.

    Just like everything Jerry’s done since firing Jimmy Johnson, its not about winning or the greater good. It’s about control and ego. That’s why win or lose Garrett will always have his job there: because he’s too spineless to do things his own way like a REAL coach would.

  31. Teams aren’t scared of the Cowboys running game w/out Zeke, so they can disguise more coverages and make Dak beat them, which he can’t. He’s not a good enough passer. Zeke is probably loving this, and can’t wait for his rookie contract to be up so that Jurrah has to open that wallet big time!

  32. it’s pretty simple…it’s a lot easier to play quarterback in the nfl when it’s 2nd and 2 and you have the threat of lining up with the best running back in the game than when it’s 3rd and 8 and you have mediocre guys in the backfield. Nothing really to disect. The special ones (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Wentz) can overcome this. The rest can’t

  33. “The special ones (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Wentz) can overcome this. The rest can’t”

    Wentz? I guess we know who you root for.

  34. People keep acting like Dak just started playing bad. The kid hasnt been good since week 11 in 2016. He only threw for over 175 twice with 1 being 212 and the other 280. Also during that time he only threw more then 1 td once and no tds once.

    He had Elliott Lee and Smith for all those games too.

  35. I remember when I said earlier this year that Elliott is the real heart of the Cowboys offence, and that Prescott wasn’t really all that. I got sneered at and down voted. I wasn’t being a hater: the pattern was there for all to see last season. Whenever the run struggled, so did Prescott. When the run game was solid, so was Prescott. Fact: Prescott does not have Romo’s ability to audible, improvise, or read defenses. It may come in time, but then again, it may not. Either way, Prescott just isn’t the quarterback everyone thought he was.

  36. The problem is the Cowboys need a better QB. With an elite RB giving Dak Prescott an excellent rushing offense that opens up easy 1 read play action passes Prescott significantly struggles, he cannot read the entire field & if his 1st read isnt there he freaks out, which is why he is now throwing into coverages he does not see all of the sudden and turning the ball over. Dak Prescott is playing like the 4th round pick he’s always been, he needs to learn how to go thru his reads/progressions, read a defense and play from the pocket. If Dak cannot do those things, they might want to think about drafting a QB. With multiple other teams who are drafting ahead of Dallas who will be drafting QBs in the NFC like NY, AZ and a handful of other teams in the AFC Dallas won’t be able to draft one of the QBs worth drafting high this year.

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