Janoris Jenkins, Terrance Smith fined for infractions in Chiefs-Giants game

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Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins returned from a one-game suspension to take his place in the starting lineup against the Chiefs in last Sunday’s 12-9 Giants win and he came up with a big play on the way to victory.

Jenkins intercepted a pass intended for Demarcus Robinson and returned it to the Kansas City 23-yard-line in the fourth quarter. Jenkins celebrated the play by throwing the football into the stands and there are multiple reports Friday that Jenkins has been fined $6,076 for that move by the league.

Jenkins returned an interception for a touchdown on Thursday night, but the Giants still lost 20-10 in Washington.

PFT has also confirmed that Chiefs linebacker Terrance Smith has been fined $24,309 for an illegal blind side block on Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie during a punt return.

4 responses to “Janoris Jenkins, Terrance Smith fined for infractions in Chiefs-Giants game

  1. A special teams’ player gets fined and it’s like 10% of his salary.

    Suh gets fined and it’s gas money for his Rolls.

    Why on earth can’t they prorate these fines based on salary? Maybe a cap as per the salary. It’s beyond unfair but the bottom churners of the NFL can’t complain.

    Time to be fair but oh yeah, CBA and ‘givebacks’. How about common sense.

    It’s like a petty thief getting 20 years for murder and vice versa.

  2. Dude that hit Smith put on the punter was totally uncalled for, guy came screaming in from up the field, left his feet and launched into the punter’s helmet. Wiped out a decent return and put the Chiefs at their own 18yd line, from which they totally mailed it in before the half. 24k is probably a good percentage of a 3rd string ST LB’s salary but that was the very definition of unnecessary, dangerous play that warrants a flag and a fine.

  3. fined for throwing the ball in the stands , then theres a player that should be fined for doing that in mexico “i think it was a patriot” ,or don’t the same rules apply in mexico ?

  4. And yet MLB ENCOURAGES baseball players to throw balls in the stand. There’s at least one or two at the end of every half inning, plus with before the game it’s tons! And all the foul balls and home runs! Why is NFL so frickin cheap? The Duke can’t cost that much.

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