Jarvis Landry not backing off preseason talk of sweeping Patriots

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Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry said this offseason that he expected his team to beat the Patriots twice this season and he isn’t backing off of that with the first meeting between the teams on tap of Sunday.

Landry said he wasn’t surprised that his comments grabbed so much notice or that there were questions about them on Thursday while making it clear he feels the same way he did in April.

“Honestly, it’s a pride thing and also, it’s something for us, a mindset,” Landry said, via the Miami Herald. “I spoke about it. They’re a team that I have great respect for always. I know guys over there, Tom. It’s nothing against them. It’s just something that, as a competitor, you want to win. Just like every game, I approach it the same, and that’s the mindset.”

Bookmakers aren’t showing much support for Landry and the Dolphins as the Patriots are favored by more than two touchdowns on Sunday. Landry went the “any given Sunday” route in response to those questions and a Miami win in New England Sunday would qualify for that label given the recent trajectories for the two teams.

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  1. It amazes me, that the AFC east opponents continue to open their mouths instead of just playing the game against NE. After all these years, and I hate NE… They just keep on yappin, and usually losing.

  2. Really dude? How about just worrying about not jumping off sides before the ball is snapped. At this point … that would be a victory.

  3. Phins have given up 40+ points the last 4 weeks on average. I don’t expect that to change this week. So if the 15 point per game offense can triple their average, maybe there’s a chance.

  4. .
    The Patriots may be a little sluggish after being away for more than two weeks on the Goodell inspired Denver to Colorado Springs to Mexico City to Boston circuit. However, Miami has been simply awful in recent weeks. They’re average, or below average at every position.

  5. Just like the Raiders saying Patriots defense allowed 400 yards and that they can attack the Pats on air and everywhere else. Thanks Jarvis. Keep talking.

  6. As a Dolphins fan I don’t mind him saying this. Sure the Patriots are going to roll over the Dolphins, especially with this years struggles and it being in Foxboro. However, would any of you who ever played the game want to share a lockeroom with a teammate who says “we are going to lose against this team”?

  7. Every one is making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you read the ORIGINAL comment he is saying what ANY TRUE competitor would say. What do you expect him to say?? Uhh yea we suck and are gonna get swept by the pats. He is just a competitor that probably will be playing for the Pats next year. I hope not but it would not shock me.

  8. Division games always seem to be tighter than they should be…mostly because they know each other so well after facing each other year after year & let’s face it…ANY TEAM that plays the Pats looks at it like a SuperBowl matchup…..
    Pats will probably give up some yards (mostly in garbage time) but they understand how important EVERY GAME IS & will come prepared to win…..
    Pats 34-20

  9. wib22 says:
    November 24, 2017 at 9:27 am

    fins always play the Pats tough….

    Not really chipwib but you keep telling yourself that. The dollfins only win in the last 5 was when the Pats mailed it in during a week 17 loss. With the exception of that game and when the fish picked up some garbage time points after Garoppolo was hurt last year it’s been 2+ score beat downs. Buffalo and the Jets play NE tough even in defeat but the dollyfins not so much they just get dirty and go belly up just like their fanboys do here. The only real concern in facing them is how dirty they are. Like their fanboys when they are down they mindlessly run around like spoiled children just trying to inflict damage.

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