Jets bring Lucky Whitehead back to practice squad

Getty Images

Lucky Whitehead had a brief stay with the Jets this summer before a broken foot forced him off the field and off the roster.

Whitehead is going to get another shot with the Jets, although his return to the team is not a return to active duty. The Jets announced on Friday that Whitehead has been signed to the team’s practice squad.

Whitehead’s offseason took some strange turns well before his broken foot. He was released by the Cowboys after a warrant for his arrest was issued for failing to appear for a court date regarding an earlier shoplifting arrest. It turned out that Whitehead’s identity was falsely provided to police by the person actually arrested, although that information came to light after Whitehead’s release.

That all happened about a week after Whitehead said his dog had been taken and held for ransom. The dog was returned and now Whitehead will get a chance to return to these pages for on-field matters.