John Pagano on Raiders defense: We need to do simple better


The Raiders made a change at defensive coordinator this week, but there’s only so much that John Pagano is going to be able to change in a few days with the same players who were unsuccessful enough that Ken Norton Jr. lost his job.

Like many other coaches pushed into a new role by an in-season firing, Pagano is talking about taking things off the plate so that players can think less while playing faster. Pagano said he wants his players to “see ball, go get ball” and talked about where they need to improve.

“I talked to these guys this week about we need to do simple better,” Pagano said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “What is simple? It’s fundamentals of covering. It’s tackling. It’s communicating. It’s catching the ball when it comes. We’ve had opportunities. It’s not like we’re out there struggling and straining to dive and layout for the thing. It’s hit us in the hands where we’ve had many, many opportunities.”

Those opportunities have resulted in zero interceptions, which is the first time a team has done that through 10 games, and a league-low six takeaways overall. They are also last in the league with 14 sacks, so it won’t take much for Pagano to show improvement although doing so with the same cast of characters may not be easy.

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  1. If you cant cover and you cant rush the passer, you cant win in this league. Last years 2nd and 3rd round draft selections have been healthy scratches all season. It also helps if you dont swing and miss in the draft as often as Reggie McKenzie has.

  2. They could fix the teams problems by hiring Kaepernick and kneeling during the antherm and flag presentation.
    Anyone else notice that the teams that kneel the most are also losing the most games, with few exceptions?

  3. Ken Norton Jr was never cut out to be a Defensive Coordinator. He had no choice but to make the attempts, but now he can go back to being happy as a linebackers coach.

    None of that makes Pagano any good.

  4. The most disturbing part of the zero interception stat is that guys haven’t even been close to making one. I can count three times when a Raider defender could’ve had a pick: Conley against the Jets when he tried to deflect the ball to a teammate (incomplete pass), Amerson against the Redskins (was in position but the receiver snagged it for a TD) and McGill against the Chiefs (tipped pass that turned into a 60+ years TD). The scheme’s have been trash.

  5. well based on the way things are going, well be more movescoming soon…stay tuned…raiders are approx 10 million under cap next year, and can clear another 20 million or so with nothing going to dead space by releasing Sean Smith, David Amerson, and Bruce Irvin….

    game in oakland- I think this is the longest span in 20+ years the raiders have not had a game at home in Oakland during the season….KC game on Thursday night was over a month ago on Oct 19th….home sweet home hopefully cures what ails you.

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