Preston Smith fined $18,231 for roughing Drew Brees

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Thanksgiving night was a good one for linebacker Preston Smith and the rest of the Redskins as they beat the Giants 20-10 to improve to 5-6 on the season.

That record would be even better had they been able to hold onto a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Saints last Sunday. They couldn’t, however, and Smith’s day turned out to be even worse when he got a fine from the league this week.

PFT has confirmed with the the league that Smith was fined $18,231 for a roughing the passer penalty he picked up while hitting Saints quarterback Drew Brees after Brees had delivered an incomplete pass in the first quarter. The penalty gave the Saints a first down and Mark Ingram ran for a 36-yard touchdown a couple of plays later.

Saints cornerback P.J. Williams also picked up a fine for a hit on a quarterback. Williams was fined $9,115 for hitting Kirk Cousins after Cousins slid at the end of a run.