Vance Joseph on fights in practice: Fun to see players competing

Getty Images

The Broncos were called soft by General Manager John Elway in reference to the way they’ve been competing with their opponents in recent weeks, but there was no backing down on the practice field Thursday.

Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie fought with cornerback Chris Harris, who said that the rookie needs to “always respect the vets.” McKenzie said that it “wasn’t anything too serious, too personal” and that he does respect Harris. Offensive lineman Connor McGovern and defensive lineman Zach Kerr also exchanged the kind of unpleasantries sometimes found around a Thanksgiving table, but coach Vance Joseph said he didn’t mind people failing to get into the spirit of the holiday.

“Just guys competing and wanting to win,” Joseph said, via KUSA. “It was competitive yesterday for a Thanksgiving practice. It was my first time experiencing that kind of practice on Thanksgiving. But that speaks to our guys wanting to win – and how hard they’ve worked. It was fun to see in my opinion, guys competing for the ball and trying to make plays. It gets heated sometimes. That’s OK.”

A little of that fire would serve the Broncos well as they try to snap their six-game losing streak against the Raiders on Sunday.