Four teams are double-digit underdogs on Sunday

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The twelfth Sunday of the 2017 NFL season has more bad games than good games. For four of the games, the betting line has landed in the double digits.

Via, the Patriots are 16-point favorites over the Dolphins, the Steelers are 14-point favorites over the Packers, the Eagles are 13.5-point favorites over the Bears, and the Chiefs are 10-point favorites over the Bills. All four favorites are home teams.

Two other games are close. The Falcons are 9.5 favorites over the Buccaneers, and the Bengals are eight-point favorites over the Browns.

On Thanksgiving, all three favorites covered the spread. The Vikings, favored by three, won by seven. The Chargers, a one-point favorite, won by 22. And Washington won by 10 with a 7.5-point edge.

39 responses to “Four teams are double-digit underdogs on Sunday

  1. Steelers will win by more than 14. If the Ravens shut the cheese out, Pittsburgh will cover the entire weekend spread by themselves with ease.

  2. Personally I would take Miami and the 16 points. Once the patriots get a two score lead they start working on techniques and different plays. They feel they have the game in hand and are willing to keep it at that point. Besides 16 points in huge in the NFL.

  3. If the Packers lose by less than 5 scores tomorrow I’ll be surprised. No offense, no defense, bad special teams. Now I know what Browns fans feel like.

  4. I can smell an upset somewhere in this mix. There is nothing more dangerous than a team when they feel disrespected, There is a lot of talent on some of these squads, they just need to realize it, then play AS a team.

  5. Last time Pats played Phins was with Moore as Phins’ QB in January (wk17 last season), in Miami – a game Pats had to win to secure #1 seed. Phins tried their old Mudgate trick (which Fraudger of course ignored) but Pats still cruised to 35-14. I expect similar in Foxboro, but with Alonso and the rest of Phins’ dirty D launching repeated cheapshots at Brady. Outside of Moore and a few other decent guys the Miami are frankly a very trashy team.

  6. coltluger says:
    November 25, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    Pete Rozelle rolling over in his grave.

    The 3 biggest blowouts of the modern era were in the 70’s. They were a common occurrence in the 70’s and 80’s especially in the playoffs. There may be a lot more have nots now than there were then but thanks to the cap and FA the distance between them and the haves has never been less.

  7. The only things going to be covered by NBC about the packers is Aaron Rodgers collarbone, his dog, and his State Farm commercials.

    Maybe Michelle Tafoya can interview Rodgers Mom and Dad and see if king Aaron called them to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

  8. mnrasslinggovjesse says:
    November 25, 2017 at 5:28 pm
    Just because the Steelers crushed the Vikings doesn’t mean they’ll do the same to the Packers.


    The 73-0 drubbing the Bears put on the Redskins in 1940 is in jeopardy.

  9. The Chiefs shouldn’t be 10 point favorites over anybody. They just lost to a horrible Giants squad and will now go against a pissed off Tyrod Taylor with something to prove and a much better Bills teams. I’ll take Buffalo.

  10. I’m usually the biggest pessimist you’ll find when it comes to my bills but I’d pick them to cover, maybe even upset this week. Yeah they’ve been a mess but…… the chiefs have been too. Losing 4 of last 5 usually does not warrant being a 10 pt fave against any team. Watch bills rally for tyrod who now has something to prove and his teammates have always had his back. No they don’t have kb but tyrod has only played with kb in 1 game anyway. As long as we have good news with our 3 questionable WRs this will be a close game. Plus tyrod and Zay are finally starting to click and you’ll see Zay put up some numbers on Sunday win or lose. Don’t believe me just watch

  11. trainwrecksryan says:
    November 25, 2017 at 6:18 pm
    They need to flex the rest of the Packers’ season to 3am on Wednesdays…

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    You, Sir, are a true friend of the crown. Dilly! Dilly!

  12. artic

    After the Steelers shutout the Packers tomorrow night, the only question will be, will the Buccaneers shut the Packers for the third week in a row.

  13. Much of the double digit is simple that the coaching staff NOT the players suck on the other team, they have sucked all year and now their suckiness comes up a gainst a superior team with superior coaching. It really is about the coaching

  14. The nfc playoffs are gonna be dynamite. Any team including the wildcards can win the NFC, that’s how good the NFC is this year. But I think the vikings get a 1st round bye then play the saints in the 2nd round after the saints beat the falcons in the wildcard round. The vikings beat the saints and play the Eagles in the NFC championship game after the Eagles beat the rams who beat the panthers in the wildcard. The vikings will beat the Eagles with great defense and a hot case keenum.
    The afc playoffs will be garbage and predictable with the Patriots and steelers in the afc title game. The steelers will destroy the Patriots defense and go to the Super Bowl.
    The superbowl will be an epic old school match between the vikings and steelers. the vikings defense will be too mch for rothlesburger and kennum will play lights out winning the superbowl mvp.

  15. Niners upset Seattle, you heard it here first. Seattle shortest ever dynasty and Cheatin’ Pete and the Legion of Bums on their last legs lol

  16. Saw the title of this article and i immediately guessed the Packers.

    Had a hard time figuring out the other double digit underdogs.

  17. waddauknow says:
    November 25, 2017 at 9:04 pm
    Much of the double digit is simple that the coaching staff NOT the players suck on the other team, they have sucked all year and now their suckiness comes up a gainst a superior team with superior coaching. It really is about the coaching

    It’s all coaching and chemistry. The differences in talent team-to-team aren’t that great. There are the bright stars – Moss, Beckham, Payton, etc. – but generally the talent is a pretty level playing field. It’s what talent the GM brings in and what the coaches do to manage it.

  18. I’m a Bills fan but also a realist. Fans are acting like the one half of a football game he was benched for will now turn Tyrod Taylor into Joe Montana. Lets remind ourselves that Taylor was the QB for 2.5 of our current 3 game losing streak. He’s no saviour. McDermott benched him for a reason…he’s not very good. He’ll play the same today…missing wide open targets and throwing 5 yard checkdown passes on 3rd and 10.

    Look for an embarrassed KC team to revitalize itself at home against the Bills porous defense. Hunt and Kelce will be the difference.

  19. gtodriver says:
    November 25, 2017 at 3:11 pm
    Will the Packers score another point this season?
    We do have the browns, so maybe some points there, hopefully.

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